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Partying with the Best… Scott & Breanna’s Events with Luna Gardens

Are you surprised we’re posting event photos?

Some of you may not even know that Radiant Photography does non-Wedding events because we don’t typically blog about them. Recently however, we’ve done some events that we’ve absolutely L-O-V-E-D and we thought you might too so we’re dying to show you the photos from them!

Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills Interior photo

The reason our events have been particularly exceptional lately is that we’ve been working with a particularly exceptional event and floral designer, Ricardo Luna from Luna Gardens (partnering with Sarah Z from Sarah Z Events), who gets put in charge of the classiest events in town!  We’ve done a lot together in a short amount of time; everything from a dinner honoring Bruce Springsteen with the Grammy MusiCares Foundation…

Grammy MusiCares person of the year 2013 insider photos

…to the launching of a new event space in one of Beverly Hills’ oldest and most famous mansions that you’ll recognize from movies…

Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills Interior photo

…to Ricardo’s own glittering and glamming birthday party!

Rooftop event Andaz West Hollywood Hotel


Event #1: Open house at Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills.

The first thing we partnered with Luna Gardens on was a luncheon to introduce the newly opened interior event space at the historic Greystone Mansion. Greystone is one of Beverly Hills’ oldest mansions and has been the set for many movies over the years (like Ghostbusters, The Bodyguard, Air Force One, The Big Lebowski, Spiderman, There Will Be Blood, The Social Network and so many more).

Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills Inside photo

Greystone has been available to rent for weddings and events for some time, but the outdoor space there was your only option… until now. To announce their newly opened space to the public, Greystone invited some of Los Angeles’ premier event coordinators to see the interior while dining on some of their fabulous caterers’ dishes, including those of Wolfgang Puck!

Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills Interior photoWolfgang Puck Catering Greystone Mansion Beverly HillsWolfgang Puck Catering Greystone MansionWolfgang Puck Catering photo

Luna Gardens played a major role in this event by setting up a mock dining table in one of the many elegant Greystone rooms in order to showcase what an event could look like in that space.

Greystone Mansion Indoor event

I’m so glad Ricardo was able to cast the vision for the space to the guests, because as is his typical elegant style, the room was beyond impressive with the gorgeous table that he had decked out in marvelousness. Good thing he thought to have us come to take pictures of his work that day because it would’ve been a shame for all that brilliance to go uncaptured!


Event #2: A Grammy Foundation Gala.

The second event we worked with Ricardo on, was one that was very near and dear to Scott and my hearts and that was the Grammy’s “MusiCares Person of the Year Gala” honoring Bruce Springsteen.

Grammy MusiCares person of the year Bruce Springsteen 2013

The additional bonus to this (other than getting to hear private rehearsal performances by Sting, Faith Hill & Tim McGraw, Patti Smith, Tom Morello & Jim James, John Legend, and Neil Young) was that our other photography team, Josh and Kelley, got to be a part of this event with us! It was the weekend of our company retreat so they’d left the Phoenix AZ desert to join us in Los Angeles for a weekend of palm trees, sand, and a chance to stand a foot away from Sting while listening to John Legend perform!

(You can see the telepromter in the above picture and a blurry Sting performing in the picture on the right below!)

Not only was the entertainment during our shoot of the set up stellar, but it was quite an experience in itself to see Ricardo’s masterpiece at this event. He was responsible for all the table decor, as we’ll as furnishing and decorating the dressing room areas in the back.

Grammy MusiCares Person of the year award Bruce Springsteen 2013Grammy MusiCares Person of the year award Bruce Springsteen 2013Grammy MusiCares Person of the year award Bruce Springsteen 2013

And as you can see, they definitely chose him for this important job for a reason!

Grammy MusiCares Person of the year award 2013 Los Angeles


Event #3: Ricardo’s 25 x2 Birthday party at the Andaz West Hollywood Hotel.

And finally, we ended our speedy stream of recent Luna Garden events with a party for the man himself! It was Ricardo’s 50th… excuse me, I mean “25 x 2”, birthday party!!!!

Event Photos Andaz West Hollywood

After seeing the works of art Ricardo had done for others, we could only imagine what he could dream up when he was allowed to do every little thing he’d ever wanted to! So what came out of Ricardo’s creative freedom for his once in a lifetime 25X2 party?!?! Why GLITTER of course!!!

Rooftop event Andaz West Hollywood HotelRooftop event Andaz West Hollywood HotelRooftop event Andaz West Hollywood Hotel

This room was so diamond-esque blingy that it would’ve put Liz Taylor herself to shame! It was gorrrrrrgeous and definitely fulfilled my lifelong fantasy of what every room should ALWAYS look like forever! If there was a place for shine… it was shimmering. If there was a place that had a hint of matte, bling was immediately added.

Rooftop event Andaz West Hollywood HotelRooftop event Andaz West Hollywood HotelEvening event Andaz West Hollywood HotelEvening event Andaz West Hollywood Hotel

Everything from the reflective linens covering the walls to the mirrored dance floor… every aspect of the penthouse suite in the Andaz West Hollywood Boutique hotel that night was decked out to make everyone present stand up and take notice!

Evening event Andaz West Hollywood HotelEvening Rooftop event Andaz West Hollywood Hotel

Even Ricardo himself had a fabulous sheen to match the incredible decor! The guests all loved it of course and were so happy to watch the friend they love have the kind of real shining moment that was so incredibly fitting for him and that he really deserved.

Event Photos Andaz West Hollywood

Congratulations Ricardo…. not just on hosting an incredible birthday party but for uncovering the incredible talent in yourself and finding ways to pursue it. Congratulations on working with such prestigious people, locations, and events, as well as on maintaining such a wonderful group of people who love you and can celebrate your success along with you.

Event Photos Andaz West Hollywood

This post wouldn’t be complete without also thanking the wonderful Sarah Z from Sarah Z Events who not only is to thank for introducing us to Ricardo, but who is also the backbone to all these events we did with Luna Gardens and who helps do what it takes to pull them off!

Thank you Sarah for being such a lovely person, who also does such a good job, and who we are always happy to see whenever your smiling face appears! We’ve loved working with you!!!!

You can see more of Ricardo’s events on his Luna Gardens site and keep an eye out to see more of it on our site in the future as well!

Luna Gardens Los Angeles photos

Madison’s Sweet Sixteen Masquerade (by Josh & Kelley)

Josh and I think it’s safe to say that Madison and her family know how to throw a party.

A few years back, Scottie and Breanna were lucky enough to photograph one of their previous parties, a sweet sixteen bash for their oldest daughter, Morgan.

Now, two years later, Josh and I got to hang out with their family for the night. It was Madison’s big day, and they were going ALL OUT!  We’re talking beautiful decorations to match the masquerade theme, a tower of cupcakes, a fountain of chocolate, a Radiant photobooth for some laugh-out-loud entertainment, a DJ, a dance floor perfectly positioned for busting some moves, and SO much more!

 When you meet Madison, it’s hard to believe that she’s sixteen.  She’s what I would call an “old soul” who is “young at heart”.

(How sweet is this photo of Madison kissing her dad on the cheek?!)

She’s kind, caring, and thoughtful.  In fact, rather than begging for gifts, she asked her friends and family to donate to a charity!

(Can I take a moment and point out that Madison’s mom MADE that skirt she’s wearing?  I LOVE it!)

Madison obviously knows how to pick great friends as well.  Josh and I set up a photobooth during her party, and I swear EVERY teenager I took a photo of in the photobooth that night said “thank you” afterwards.  I’m not even kidding, they took the time to thank me for taking their pictures.  How awesome is that?!

Still, don’t be fooled, while this bash may have had some of the world’s most polite and caring teenagers on the guest list, nobody could accuse them of not knowing how to party!

While the living room was full of people putting on crazy props and coming up with hilarious poses for the photobooth, the backyard was similarly overflowing with fun while Madison and her friends showed off their moves on the dance floor.

Not only are Madison and her friends fantastic, but Madison is lucky enough to have an amazing family as well.

With all of the stress that can go into planning a party with your family, it would be understandable if a few unkind words slipped out now and then.  But that was not at all the case with Madison’s family.  Every single family member, from her grandparents to her youngest sister, seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves and they were all happy to be celebrating Madison’s big day.

You can tell that these girls really love each other!

Madison, you are for sure one of the best sixteen-year-olds we know!  Thank you so much for letting Josh and me be a part of your big day!

Click to see the rest of Madison’s Sweet Sixteen Masquerade.

The Radiant team is growing… meet our newest photographers!

Kids grow up so fast these days! We know this to be true now that we’ve watched our little baby, Radiant, double in size over the past couple of years!  We’ve gone from a brand new company, to a fully booked wedding calendar, to destination wedding photographers, to having too much work to handle, to our newest announcement…. Radiant Photography is adding on a second team of photographers!  Josh and Kelley Johnson are now officially a part of Radiant!!!

I KNOW!!!  It’s a big deal and for us it’s a dream come true!  I’m not kidding when I said we’ve had more work than we can handle.  We’ve been on overload since day one of Radiant and while we’ve loved the ride, we are also excited to bring in some help to handle all this goodness!

So what does this mean for you? Well maybe not all that much, but hey, you can be excited for us right?!  For our fans, it basically means that you’ll eventually have twice the amount of photos coming your way and that we’ll need twice the amount of love from you so we can all spread it around amongst ourselves!

And if you are a future bride or groom who couldn’t quite afford Radiant in the past, it means a glimmer of hope for you!  Josh and Kelley have not only learned from us through their constant Radiant stalking, but also through the actual training we’ve given them, so their style is quite similar to ours. The biggest difference between us and them is that we have been doing this whole photography thing longer so our experience brings in a higher price for us.  So basically, Josh and Kelley are going to give you fantabulous photography for a steal!  Book them soon before they get TOO MUCH experience and become high rollers themselves… it won’t be long the way they’re going!

Enough about the logistics, lets talk about the people!  We’ve shown you a little bit of their work when they helped us out with Jeff & Laura’s and Dash & Morgan’s weddings.  Now you get to hear a little more about Josh and Kelley… interview style!

Breanna:  I’ve heard the jokes about how young you guys look… so how old are you REALLY?!

Josh: I’m 25.

Kelley: And I’m 23.

B: So NOT 17, right?

Josh and Kelley: (just laugh and shake their heads).

B: So where are you guys from?

Josh: I’m from Silex, Missouri, a tiny speck on the map about an hour north of St. Louis.

Kelley: I’m from Monroe, Washington, a small town about an hour north of Seattle.

B: Tell me a little about your professional lives outside of photography.

Josh: I’m currently a freelance graphic designer and the editor of Design Shack, a website devoted to teaching and discussing web design. I also write regularly for PhotoTuts, a popular photography tutorial site.

Kelley: Before deciding to pursue photography professionally, I was a fourth grade teacher.

B: Just so we’re clear on that everyone, Josh is already an expert in the photography world, OK?!  Just believe everything he says from now on and that will save us all some time. Oh and Kelley is a rockstar.  She put aside all her fears and quit her full time job to jump into photography full force.  See, I told you… rockstar.

B: Do you guys like, care about stuff and stuff?

Josh: We both love music. In fact, when we’re not working, we’re volunteering in the worship band at the church we’ve attended for a number of years. I play guitar and Kelley sings.


B: How did you guys meet?

Kelley: I became close friends with Josh’s cousin Jessica while in high school. I even stayed with their family for a little while. Josh worked with Jessica’s dad and was always hanging around the house where I was staying. One year for Christmas we all took a road trip to Missouri to visit Josh and Jessica’s family. A couple of twenty-five hour car rides can help two people become quite close! We have been together ever since.

B: So how long as that been?

Josh: We just celebrated our four year wedding anniversary.

B: And about that… tell us a little about YOUR wedding!

Kelley: The best part about our wedding was the “hair in the wind” glamor shots that were taken during a sand storm that hit right at picture time (hooray for desert weddings)! I am pretty sure there is still sand in my wedding dress.

Josh: It seems like the whole day went by so fast.  We were so excited to be married that we almost forgot about everything else that was happening that day.  Being from almost opposite sides of the U.S. and having our wedding in Phoenix, it was one of the first and only times that most of our friends and family were all in the same place.  So if we could do it again, I think we would try to take in every moment and really enjoy celebrating and having fun with all of our friends and family.

B: If the photos were the best part of your day, I’m assuming your photographer was pretty good!

Josh: My aunt and uncle are photographers so they shot our wedding as well as helped out with just about every other aspect of the day.

B: Did they play a part in you becoming a photographer?

Josh: Yes! They’ve always been a huge inspiration to me and are the reason I became a graphic designer and a photographer! My uncle taught me a lot about how cameras work and let me borrow his equipment.  I’ve always been fascinated by quality photography and instantly fell in love not only with the art but the technical aspects as well. I’m a complete nerd so the realization that photography was such a deep subject with so much to learn was a pleasant one for me.

Kelley: I’ve always loved photography and knew that there was something in it for me. Sadly, whenever I would take a step towards learning more about photography it seemed that there was always a more “realistic” option that I should take.  When it came down to it, being a photographer seemed like fun, and as far as I knew grown-ups should have real jobs, not fun ones.  So, while I considered studying photography while in college, I ultimately decided to pursue a profession in education instead. Throughout that time I always had a camera in my hand and enjoyed capturing important moments throughout our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Various recent opportunities have allowed me to pursue my dream job!  It seems I am living the dream. I get a real job and it is fun!

B: Rockstar.  I’m glad you got over that whole “being a real grown up with a real job thing”… it’s totally a myth.

B: How would you describe your photography style? Aside from “almost as cool as Scottie and Breanna’s” of course! 😉

Kelley: Intimate, but fun and upbeat. We want to get to know the people we work with because that relationship and level of comfort translates so well to the camera, especially if we can get them to relax and just have a great time!

B: Awesome.  I love hearing you guys talk about developing great relationship with your clients… showing love to the people we work with is what we’ve built Radiant on.  It just makes me excited to hear someone else talking about it too!  Especially when that someone is working with Radiant!

B: Bragging time.  What are your special photography ninja skillz?

Josh: We each have skills that really seem to perfectly complement each other. I am into all of the technical jargon and theory, Scottie and I can talk about photography equipment, settings, and light rigs for hours.

Kelley: I lean a little more away from the techy side and much more towards the artistic side.

Josh: I can spend five minutes thinking through and planning the perfect shot but I know Kelley is going to walk up and instantly take an amazing (and often better) photo without a second thought!

B: It’s a little freaky how I sometimes feel like we’re looking in a mirror when we talk to you guys. *Ahem* artists rule, geeks drool! *Ahem*


B: What are you guys focusing on when you’re at a wedding?

Kelley: We are both very keen on capturing those little moments that no one else sees. A groom whispering into his bride’s ear, the flower girl spinning her dress when her mom isn’t looking, the groomsmen horsing around; these little pieces of reality help define the day much better than the standard posed photos that follow.

Josh: Weddings are emotional roller coasters for the participants and when you look at our photos we want you to feel what the people were feeling at that time.

B: FYI everyone, this is the stuff that Josh and Kelley are AMAZING at!!!!  They’ve capture stuff at weddings that I didn’t even see happening… despite the fact that I was standing right next to them the entire time!

B: So why did you guys choose Radiant?

Josh: The ever-expanding portfolio of work from Radiant speaks for itself. I’ve always been a fan of good photography and Radiant was hands down the best local photography team I could find.

Kelley: We were huge fans of Radiant long before we were offered a position with them and continue to have a lot of respect for what Scottie and Breanna have built. We couldn’t be more thrilled and honored to be joining the team.

B: What are you the most excited about?

Josh: Honestly, the best part so far has just been working with and getting to know Scottie and Breanna. We’ve really only known each other for a short time but have become fast friends. Kelley and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from them and just hanging out!


B: And the feeling is mutual.

Click to see some of Josh and Kelley’s recent favorite work… and then like our Facebook page to follow along with where this new path takes us all!

Some links that might be helpful:


Helping Foster Girls Find Value… The Arizona Princess Program

The word “prom” evokes all kinds of emotions for all kinds of people.

The range falls somewhere between nostalgia, sadness, fondness, mixed in with fear and nervous, sweaty palms!

For the girls I am about to tell you about, the word “prom” has recently taken on a whole new meaning.  That’s because until recently, a prom wasn’t likely to be in their future.

Even if the chance to go did present itself, the fact that some of these girls haven’t worn a dress since the age of 6 (if even then) would pose quite a hindrance to the whole prom thing.

If you remember my blog about The Princess Program last summer, than you’ve already guessed who these girls are.  Yes, it’s them again.  This is a group of teenage girls who are in the foster system.  The Foster system…  is another set of words that evokes a whole gamete of emotion.  But for these girls it means (among other things) not having a lot of the same experiences that a typical American teenager has… prom being one of them.

Hope & A Future is a non-profit organization that works with foster youth and they well understand the many self-esteem issues that plague many foster teens.

(The girls had a few activities in the beginning of the day to help ease them into things… and a whole set of very girly arts and crafts- like making lip gloss and bath salts- was a great way to get the day started).

And the Princess Program is one way they have begun to address this important issue.  When a girl arrives at the princess program, she is treated to a day of pampering.  She has her hair and makeup done, gets to pick out a dress that makes her say “wow” when she looks at herself in the mirror (not a common occurrence for these girls), and of course pick out all the perfect accessories to match all that fanciness she’s got going on!

(All this was done at Dolce Salon and Spa’s Arrowhead location, which is probably the coolest salon I’ve ever seen! It was glam enough that we actually had the entire dinner/dance in their building!).

(The dress shopping part all happened inside a local church that was kind enough to let us use their facilities).

And after the primping, she gets shuffled off for a full night of glamor where she gets to be treated like a princess.

And when I say “shuffled off” I actually mean, “whisked away in a hummer limo”!

The limos were a huge surprise to them and they were PSYCHED!!!

But the best part about the Princess Program is that there is so much more to it than just getting girls dressed up.  The people at Hope & A Future are very aware that telling girls they are more valuable when they are pretty, is not a very healthy message.  Of course it is true that helping a girl to look her best so that she suddenly sees beauty in herself that she never knew she had, is a very important piece to a girl’s self-esteem (if you are a girl, you know what I’m talking about).

But when the message regarding a girl’s value and identity stops there, we have a problem.  So at the Princess Program, they are very careful to communicate the intrinsic value that each girl has as a created human being and how with that value comes a certain perspective of love and respect that you can have for yourself and the world around you.  This message is communicated both overtly and inadvertently through the words and behavior of all the people that dedicate their time and energy to making The Princess Program happen.

(This girl totally cracked up laughing when the guy pushed her chair in!).

For a girl who is used to being a number in a system more than a member of a family, it is a huge deal to have such a significant amount of attention paid to her and to have people care and ask about her thoughts and opinions (even if it’s only regarding the color of a dress or to ask how she wants her hair styled).

Many of these girls have no idea how to respond this attention and their emotions go a little haywire. Luckily, Hope & A Future has a system in place to help the girls deal with the sometimes pretty severe dramas that play out in their heads as they’re going through an experience so new for them and so central to the way they view themselves and the world around them.   I mean we are talking about a massive worldview shift that can be occurring through just this one afternoon!

I think it’s safe to say that their average every day lives don’t even contain quite the same amount of the “pretty” that was around this place!

(This is in the etiquette class they took.  I was actually jealous I didn’t get to stay for longer because I think I could use a few etiquette lessons myself!).

So they have a hierarchy system of volunteers with particulars ones designated to helping with different aspects of the program (some set up, some clean up, some wash dishes, some take pictures…).  And among those groups of volunteers they have what they call “personal shoppers” who are women who have been trained by Hope & A Future and who have participated in other programs sponsored by them.

(Volunteers from the day can like our Facebook page to tag themselves in some of the photos!).

These personal shoppers have the most direct contact with the princesses throughout the day and they are equipped to handle the emotional roller coaster that sometimes hits the girls as they go through this experience.

These shoppers are also the ones who will do whatever it takes to befriend these girls and to help them loosen up and have fun.  So they sacrifice not only their time, but sometimes their dignity! If, for example, being silly and ridiculous was the one thing that would make these girls feel less silly and ridiculous themselves and enable them to relax, the personal shoppers were quick to accommodate! 🙂

I was blown away watching some of these shoppers work, the compassion they demonstrated was beyond words and their talent and abilities when it comes to working with people, just amazed me.

These girls are not always the easiest people in the world to talk to and not all of them are very excited to be there (in fact most are very afraid when they first arrive) and the shoppers seem to almost magically bring them out of their shell and get them interacting and having fun like any teenager should be allowed to do every once in awhile.

It was really cool to come back to the Princess Program a second time because it gave us a new perspective on it.  This time we recognized some of the girls from last time… and I couldn’t believe the difference in them in less than a year!  Last time they were awkward, scared, and so very insecure and this time they were laughing and having a blast with the friends they had made.

I was seriously wondering if personality transplants were possible because they just did not seem like the same girls at all.  You have to remember that consistency is practically non-existent in some of these girls’ lives and they now have a group of friends and volunteers who get to know them, care for them, and will be around on a regular basis… and that alone can make all the difference in the world for them!

There was still a very noticeable change even in the girls who had never been to the program before.  By the end of the night, even the toughest, most anti-enjoying themselves girls were laughing and twirling around the dance floor like all the rest!

And now I’ve arrived to my favorite part of this past program.  Last time, I (Breanna) enjoyed the beautification process the most and watching the girls’ expressions when they saw themselves all dressed up for the first time.  This time the dancing was my favorite.  I’m tearing up again just thinking about it.  OK, try as might to explain this, there really is no way to fully describe what I saw that night.  Utter, sincere, complete joy and abandon is the best is the closest description I can give to what I saw.

Seeing these girls who came in with the word “PAIN” practically stamped all over their bodies, demeanors, and attitudes, now dancing around with a completely transformed look in their eyes to go with the biggest smile EVER on their faces…. was just almost too much for me to take in.  Every time I held my camera away from my face to fully observe the scene before me, I was just in awe of how every single person in one room could be having so much fun all at once!

No one in there was standing around tapping their foot with a slight smile…. every single person was seriously twirling, spinning, and sort of flailing (that’s the complete abandon part) and belly laughing the entire time!  It was just insane… and so very beautiful!  The volunteers were out there cutting a rug, as well as the guys who volunteered to be the girls escorts/food servers for the night.

Everyone involved was participating to the fullest and doing an amazing job of making sure these girls were having the time of their lives!

(I love the photos like this one that remind you these aren’t the kind of princesses you’re used to seeing… and these princesses kick off their painful glass slippers long before midnight!).

The rest of the night was perfect as well of course because Hope & A Future never does anything half way… everything they do is always done very well.

The food, decor, location, and the service (courtesy of the male volunteers who made the girls swoon) was just exceptional.

We were so excited that we got to be a part of it all.

So excited in fact, that we decided to get involved further with Hope & A Future as a whole.  If you are an old school fan of ours, you know about our “Radiant Love” program.  But for all you newbies out there, the main feature of this program is that we donate 10% of all our shooting profits (on weddings, portraits, and events) to different non-profit programs of our choosing.  And because we absolutely love all the things that this organization does as a whole, we are choosing them to the be the current recipients of this donation.  So if you book a senior session, family session, or your wedding with us in the next few months, just know that 10% of that is going towards this beautiful, wonderful, amazing organization who will take your money and use it to completely transform the lives of the kids they work with!

They do so much more than just The Princess Program by the way! They have camps for both younger foster children as well as teenagers (not just for girls either, they have a program called the All-Star Program for boys that is kind of the male version of the princess program). They have scholarship funds to help foster kids go to college, a life skills mentoring programs for foster kids 15 and older, and they are constantly finding new ways to help and benefit these kids and their surrounding community.  See more about Hope and A Future’s programs on their website. Make sure you also check out my blog on the last Princess Program we volunteered to do pictures for to see more photos and to read about some of the different aspects I featured in there that I didn’t mention here.

Thanks to all of our Radiant Photography fans out there who give your time and attention to reading about and caring about the things that we do!  Thanks for reading this and be sure to tell others about Hope & A Future!

Top 25 Radiant Photos of 2010: Family/ Senior Sessions

You have been patient, and here they are! The results of our “Best of 2010: Family and Senior Sessions” contest are in! (If you missed seeing the winners in the Weddings/ Unique Session category, make sure you check that one out as well)!

Out of 80 photos in the album on Facebook, these are the photos that received the most votes (click here if you want to see all the runners up). The winners are divided into categories so you can see which ones had the most votes, but within each category they are listed in a random order.

So please sit back and enjoy….

“The Top 25 Radiant Photos of 2010: Family/ Senior Sessions”

39 votes

OK, so there was no way around giving this one it’s own category.  It had so many more votes than the rest that it stands alone!  Good job little caped crusaders!

10-20 votes

This photo received one of our most insightful comments: “The shadow is like her inner self. LIKE!” – Britney Corbitt .  It makes me think of Peter Pan or something!

I can’t even tell you how many people told me that this girl is beautiful!  Whether it was people looking at photos over my shoulder, or comments on the album… everyone agrees, she is absolutely stunning!!

I (Breanna) picked out those hats myself at Michaels and saved them for just the right photo session….I chose the right one because these boys loved them!

I think this picture is going to be a staple.  We’ve already done another session for this family and they wanted to duplicate the shot with her pink converse on instead!  You can’t beat the leg rolls in this one though!!

One of my favorite comments ever: “Nate votes for this one “cause there’s six of us” and the other boys are giggling – “that’s me, hee hee” “lots of Nates and Andrews, ha ha!”- Molly Ellison (the mom of these 3 sweet boys).

6-9 votes

Whether they spelled it “color” or “colour” people just couldn’t get enough of it in this picture!

These boys were so excited to wear their cool hats! 🙂

This is another pose that we’ve duplicated!  This is actually round 2 of it!  The first one was taken at her Trash the Dress session after her wedding where she was surrounded by mud and fall leaves…and here we are at her maternity session re-living the moment!  I promise, there’s a legit baby bump there, this pose just happens to hide it well! 🙂

She’s a budding photographer, so we let her borrow a camera for this shot!

This is one of my personal favorites so I’m glad it won fair and square so that I didn’t have to consider fixing the contest!

You can’t beat a mother/daughter tea party… how could it not have won?!

By the way, we don’t have many spots left for 2011 senior sessions, so if you like what you see here send us a message to book yours soon!  Be sure to check out our seniors site if you’ve never been there before!

And that’s the end of our Best of 2010 photo contest! Congratulations to all our winners… we already knew you deserved to win!

If you missed the winners in the Weddings/ Unique Session category, make sure you click here to see it… it has some of my favorite stuff we’d done yet!  Make sure you like our page on Facebook to follow along with us and see what new things we come up with for 2011.