Tonia and Jay’s Unique Session… Jerome style!

Red rocks are totally and utterly amazing and all, but when you have 2 sets of photos in front of them that have both been taken within the past 6 months, you hardly need a third set.

This is the reason that the day after Tonia and Jay’s Sedona wedding, we took them to Jerome, AZ for their Unique Session.

We thought it would be cool to get something different since we did both their engagement session and their wedding in Sedona.

Jerome is an old ghost town that’s been turned into a sort of haven for artists and very “eclectic” people, for lack of a better term.  Which means, this town is incredibly interesting looking!

(We call this our “Where’s Waldo” picture).

Not only does it have all the history and character, but it’s also sliding down the side of a mountain, which I’m sure is very problematic from a logistical standpoint…

…but it does look really cool!

Jerome has all kinds of crazy characters in it. The lady who owned the candy shop said that we could take photos in there as long as we didn’t take pictures of a certain section of art on the wall… which happened to be cartoons drawn by a 14 year old with a magic marker… very valuable I’m sure.

We also had a homeless guy giving us direction.  The picture below was his best idea, I actually like it!

Then their was the lady who pulled up right next to us while we were shooting who had a giant sticker covering the back of her car that read, “Best Photography in Arizona”… um, awkward!

So amidst the tumbling buildings and the friends we met along the way, we fully enjoyed all the culture that Jerome, AZ has to offer.

We got some great shots and were happy to send Tonia and Jay back to Indiana knowing we’d given them a true Arizona ghost town experience!

Thanks for being willing to go on an adventure with us you guys!  Maybe we’ll come visit you someday and you can show us around in all the odd ball places that exist in your neck of the woods!

Click to see the rest of Tonia and Jay’s Jerome, AZ Unique Session.

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