The Smith Family Heads to the Beach!

We have a long history with the Smith family. It all started with lugging an entire bed frame out into the desert,  piles and piles of feathers, the cops and a threat to go to jail, a very nice golf course, running to catch enough sunlight to shoot in, and finally, a finished photo shoot that you can see here!


Since then, we’ve gotten a little more refined in our shoot planning.

smith_fam0087Mostly, because we now live near the beach which is enough to work with to keep even wedding coordinator Shannon happy enough to forgo any bed shenanigans. Which is excellent because I think Mark would not have been in these family photos if he had to set up and tear down another bed several times in one day again.


This time it was just sunshine, water, and a little sand that made up a great family photo session.


But just so you know, we love you guys enough that we would do the whole “bed in a field” fiasco with you all over again if you asked us to!


Click to see the rest of the Smith Family Photo Session.


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