Christine and Tom’s Old California Wedding (by Scott & Breanna)

When we (Scott & Breanna) booked Christine and Tom’s wedding at Condor’s Nest Ranch, we couldn’t have been more excited!


Not only were we going to get to work with two amazing people, but we were going to get to do it at one amazing venue!


Condor’s Nest Ranch is one of our all time favorite places to shoot weddings in Southern California.  Not only are there more unique and wonderful locations to shoot at than we could ever fully utilize in one wedding day….



….but the people who work there are some of the most laid-back wedding vendors ’round these here parts. Not only do the people at Condor’s Nest do a great job on your wedding, but they do it with a gen-u-ine country-folk kinda smile.


This chill atmosphere was an absolutely perfect match for Christine and Tom’s personalities. They wanted a wedding day that was beautiful, but not too stressful to enjoy. So they lucked out when they found Condor’s Nest. Not just because of the attitude there, but because of the style as well.


Christine and Tom were so inspired by the atmosphere around them that they decided to fully go with it and throw an “Old California” styled wedding. Think Gold Rush era with saloons where men dressed like this…


…and with ladies who wore intricate boots that look like these.


That was the atmosphere that Christine and Tom sought to capture, and capture it they did!


Of course there were a few areas where they veered away from their theme in order to incorporate their personalities.


For example, I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that belly dancing wasn’t a super common past time in Old California. However, it IS a common past time for Christine, so it earned itself a place in her wedding!


Overall, I think they did a great job using their theme in a very subtle and classy way.


They styled it enough to make their incredibly cool details noticable (like all the bridesmaids’ borrowed vintage jewelry), but not so much that guests felt like they had to ride up on horses or refrain from using electricity!


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Great job throwing a beautiful, relaxed, and incredibly fun wedding you guys! I hope it was all you dreamed of and more! You were amazing people to work with and we truly enjoyed being a part of such a wonderful day to remember.




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November 10, 2013 - 6:12 am

Talia - Beautiful couple in a beautiful place! What a magical day!! These photos captured it perfectly!

Will’s 6 month Family Shoot (by Scott & Breanna)

You may recognize this little boy named Vincent.


Because if you’ve been following Radiant Photography for very long, you’ve basically watched him grow up through his newborn session, 6 month session, and 1 year session!


But with his photo sessions now, just like with everything else in his life, Vincent is learning to share. That’s because his 6 month old brother Will is the star of this session!


At least that was the plan since it WAS Will’s 6 month session, but as Vincent and Will’s parents know, when you have two kids, things don’t always go as planned!


But sometimes that’s because things turn out even BETTER than you expected!


We quickly found that this session required some double teaming to keep up with all who were involved, both by Scottie and myself with our cameras, and by Will and Vincent’s parents with their quick legs to follow Vincent and slick bottle skills to keep Will happy.


The two man teams we had going worked. We were able to get a few of those happy family photos with everyone all together…


… as well as one with ALMOST everyone all together.


We were able to get some great shots of each kid alone….


….and of each kid having a ball with their parents.


But best of all, we got some shots of Vincent being so very sweet to his little brother, Will.


Overall, we couldn’t have asked for a more fun family photo session! We all had a great time and we have the pictures to prove it! See you all on your next major milestone!


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November 9, 2013 - 2:06 pm

Bethany Juarez - These are so cute! After having a six month old and a toddler…you guys are super talented to get that many cute pictures of the 2 of them together! 🙂

Courtney and David’s Flagstaff Engagement Session (by Josh & Kelley)

Josh and I (Kelley) were excited about Courtney and David’s plan for a Flagstaff wedding from the get-go.

Pine trees, cool weather, and scenic views? Yes please! We were on board!

So, when they told us they wanted to have their engagement session in Flagstaff as well, we were DOUBLE excited!

Seriously friends, any chance to get out of Phoenix and escape the heat, and we’re game!

It does of course help when we know we’re going to get the chance to work with super awesome people like David and Courtney.

True story: Despite Courtney having almost no voice on the day of their engagement session (the poor gal was getting over a cold), the four of us talked almost non-stop all the way to and from their photo location… And it was about a 90 minute round-trip drive. Obviously we enjoyed each other’s company  🙂

These two have spent so much time together in Flagstaff; it’s only natural that they want these extra special events (their engagement and wedding) to take place there as well.

Unlike Phoenix, Flagstaff is an area of Arizona that actually undergoes multiple seasons throughout the year.

Luckily for Courtney and David, this means they get to experience a beautifully warm and floral filled Flagstaff for their wedding, and they got to use the fantastic colors of Flagstaff in the fall for their engagement session backdrop.

Beautiful surroundings aside, could these two look anymore perfect for each other? They’re such a great match!

David and Courtney, Josh and I are so happy, that we not only get to be a part of your engagement and wedding day plans, but that we also get multiple chances to hang out with the two of you!

You’re so wonderful together, and we know that your upcoming marriage is going to be a GREAT one!

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Tina and Martin’s Classy Engagement Session (by Scott & Breanna)

You don’t have to know Tina and Martin for very long to realize that they are a classy sort of couple.




So it only made sense to do an engagement session that could at least TRY to be as classy as Tina and Martin themselves are! I say “try” because really, who or what could out sophisticate these two??


The only way to even attempt to have an environment as classically classy as these two are, was to go to a couple of Martin’s friend’s houses to capture some of the timeless beauty that Los Angeles has to offer.


So we started off at an estate in Bel Air where we captured the couple in their more casual moments as they strolled through the garden (while pretending that it WASN’T raining!)….


… as they cuddled up on an awesome stair case that reminded me of something from the jungles of an Indian Jones movie….


… and posed for a moment to capture the beautiful cloudy sky that loomed over us as it continuously threatened to put a quick end to our session!


Luckily the clouds were just joking and they kept off long enough for us to head over to our second location. We went to the home of one of Martin’s other friends who lives in the Hollywood Hills and has THE most gorgeous view of Los Angeles that either Scottie or myself (Breanna) have seen since we moved here.


This was the ultimate moment for Tina and Martin’s sophistication to shine.


Or not.


As you’ve seen, Tina and Martin can class it up with the best of them, but they won’t ever let their fabulous style get in the way of having a little bit of fun!


Since we are in the business of communicating who people are through photos, we couldn’t let this session go by without showing a bit of the goofy side that these two have when they’re together!


Martin and Tina, you guys are such a perfect couple! We love that you can look drop dead amazing and also throw in some hearty laughs at the same time so you don’t take yourselves too seriously. It’s the perfect balance and you guys seem to bring that out in one another.


I’m sure your wedding will be an amazing balance of both fun and sophistication, showing off how you perfectly balance one another. I think it’s going to be an fantastic day!



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Jackie and Anthony’s Emotional Wedding Day (by Scott & Breanna)

Have you ever been to one of those weddings where everyone is super emotional the whole time and it’s unlikely you’ll get through any part of the day without at least a few happy tears being shed?


I’ve been to some like that too, but I can say for a fact that none of them even hold a candle to the amount of tears that were shed at Jackie and Anthony’s wedding at The Crossings at Carlsbad!


Out of all the weddings we (Scottie & Breanna) have photographed, none have provided us with as many tearful or joyful shots as this one did! And as you can see, we ate it up!



If there was a laugh, we were there with camera in hand, if we heard a sniffle behind us, we were quick to twirl around to capture the accompanying tender expression.


(I LOVE the one above with Jackie’s brand new husband and her younger brother!!!)


It made us feel like we were amazing photographers to capture so many candid emotional moments, but the truth is, that’s just what the entire wedding was and it’s not our photography that made these pictures special, it’s the people in them and the love they feel for one another that did the trick.


Jackie and Anthony’s family and bridal party weren’t the only one who were right there with them in emotional solidarity that day…


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…the entire room at the reception was filled with all sorts of people from different areas of their lives who were all laughing boisterously while trying to wipe their tear smudged makeup before we could capture it!


You would only have to be at this wedding for 5 seconds to be able to see that Jackie and Anthony are truly amazing people who’s lives have affected many others very deeply.


That was my (Breanna’s) favorite part about this wedding… the fact that so many spontaneous loving moments were happening constantly all night, purely because Jackie and Anthony are so loved, and extend so much love to everyone around them.

This wedding was a celebration of not only Jackie and Anthony’s love for each other, but of that of everyone around them.


It was like a “this is your life” kind of night where everyone whom you’ve touched and who’s been changed by your mere presence on this earth comes to tell you what you’ve done for them.


Needless to say, this was a truly special kind of wedding. And Jackie and Anthony were blessed enough to experience it because they are such a blessing to others.


Special thanks to Jackie and Anthony for letting us be a part of such an incredibly special day for the two of you. You made us feel like we were your guests, not just your hired photographers, and that says so much about who you are and how you treat people.


If your effect on the world has been this powerful separately, we can’t wait to see what happens now that you’re a team! Congratulations!


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