Nick’s musical senior session

You don’t have to spend much time with Nick to realize that he’s in love.

I mean, he’s in love with music (sorry, was that misleading?!).

And as it turns out, his guitar itself is very dear to him (he bought it in a special place in London),  so it only made sense for him to bring it along to his senior session to get a few photos with his love.

Okay Nick, don’t worry, I’ll stop with the love analogies!

Nick also brought some of his favorite vinyl (which happened to be a collection that Scottie was jealous of) to include that in the pictures as well.

From what I know about Nick, I’d say this set up was probably very representative of what he spent a good amount of his time doing during his senior year!

Well, he probably didn’t do it sitting on steps and in tunnels of public parks… but we have to embellish a little bit for the photo time!

After we had a good amount of guitar photos we wandered around a bit to see if we found any great spots of inspiration.

We wandered through the desert (it wasn’t 40 years or anything, just like a few minutes), caught a few sunset shots, and then we ended up back at one of our favorite walls EVER where we were once again reminded of why we love it so much!

So we got a nice amount of walking in that day as well as a great variety of looks and shots for Nick and his mom to look through.

Nick, thanks for being so flexible and willing to just go with the flow, we hope you love how the pics came out!  Congrats on graduating and good luck next year!

Click to see the rest of Nick’s senior photos.

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