Megan and Mark’s Maui Exploring Unique Session

First things first, if you missed seeing the photos from Mark and Megan’s incredible Hawaii wedding… take a second to check those out.

Now that we’re all caught up, I want to tell you about what happened after the glitz and glam of the wedding day had faded, guests were beginning the trek home, and Megan and Mark had gotten at least a few hours of sleep. We’re talking about the day after the wedding photo session, or what we call a “Unique Session“.

Unique Sessions are a MUST for destination weddings! Once you’ve spent that much money and time planning a wedding in a place you specifically chose for it’s beauty, you want to get as many photos of it as you can!

Which is exactly what we did when we headed out to explore the island of Maui with Megan and Mark all dressed up in their wedding clothes again the day after the wedding.

The Unique Session is a great way to help couples relax more on their wedding day because they know they’re going to have a second chance to get the best photos possible out of us in case things don’t go exactly as planned on the wedding day.

(Not to mention, it gives us more time to get special shots like this one which is a replicate of a photo Mark’s parents have from their wedding!).

 It also frees us up a bit to do our absolute best because it gives us a chance to be a little more in control of the timing, lighting, location, and everything else that goes into making a fabulous magazine style image that is a little bit harder to get on a busy wedding day!

Whenever we have a destination wedding, Scottie and I (Breanna) always arrive a few days early to explore the location and get our bearings around the area so that we can find the killer photo locations that we know are out there!

On this particular trip, we spent 2 full days scouting the entire island before the wedding day, looking for just the right spot for the shoot. We talked to locals, went a little bit off the trails the signs told us to stay on, and put lots and LOTS of miles on our rental car in our search for the perfect spot. And then we found it!

We found a couple of spots actually!

(Over looking the city).

(wide open fields)

(the jungle)

(the beach)

(and of course, the beautiful rolling green hills)

As you can see, Maui has quite a bit to show off! Luckily, Megan and Mark fully trusted us and let us guide their ready and willing selves around with smiles on their faces the entire time. Thanks to their willingness and their choice to do the Unique Session in the first place, we were able to really capture all that Maui has to offer!

Actually they REALLY trusted us, as we found out when Megan told us she was willing to risk ruining her wedding dress because she was confident we could get some amazing photos that would make the destruction all worth it! So that’s what we did! Little bit, by little bit, Mark took her out further into the deep blue ocean.

They had soooo much fun out there! They took some time to savor the moment, squeeze in a few kisses, and had a couple of surprise waves make their way over to them as well!

Once they were out of the water, it was fair game for us in the sand!

We took the opportunity to get a few more of the kind of photos you can only get with a dirty wedding dress and a bride who is actually happy about it!

It was so wonderful to feel like we really got to tap into the full beauty potential Maui brings and to get to spend even more time with this amazing couple now that the wedding was over and the honeymoon relaxation was starting to kick in for them!

In fact, we did a few “off to the honeymoon” sort of photos to finish off the session!

Thanks for giving us that extra day guys, I know you had to be exhausted, but it looks like you had fun and we absolutely LOVE the pictures so I hope you feel it was all worth it! Congratulations again, we’re so excited for you two!

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