Maureen and Matt’s cute, classy, clever, Catholic Wedding.

Maureen, I can’t believe you’re married now!!!!

During our days of stressing about tests, traveling around the country with choir, and spending lunch breaks at that ghetto Mexican food place with the crazy loud mariachi music…. the idea of you getting married seemed so far off.

And now it’s here! Not only is it here, but it’s already happened!

Maureen and I (Breanna) were friends in High School.  We met our first week of Freshman year and saw each other almost every day after that for the next four years.  We experienced so much of life and growing up together during those times, so to be a part of another major milestone in her life was something I was so thrilled to do!

When Maureen called me and asked if we would photograph her wedding, I think I spent at least the next hour telling Scottie all about how amazing she is. Not only was I excited because Maureen’s amazing and I was getting to shoot a good friend’s wedding, but I was also psyched because Maureen is a HUGE Radiant fan as well!

She is constantly spreading our name all over Facebook and gushing over her favorite sessions that we’ve shot.

(Unbelievable color choices, Maureen… it’s absolutely stunning!).

So when you combine all those factors together, you could see why I was so excited for this wedding that I could barely contain myself!

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Once Maureen and Matt did hire us for their wedding we got spend a little more time with the two of them up at Matt’s parents cabin where we shot their engagement photos.  I am very happy to say that I ended up deeming him very worthy of the marvelous Maureen!

So now you add a great groom onto this great event and my excitement grows even MORE!

(Here he is during their reveal moment, getting prepared to turn around and see his beautiful bride for the first time on their wedding day!).

So the big day finally arrived and it was so totally beautiful and so totally fitting for Maureen and Matt.  The ceremony took place at Maureen’s church…

…which was a very important factor to her and which I know made the entire wedding all the more special to her.

The reception was at Regency Gardens in Mesa and it was such a Unique place!  It was very “Disney, meets greenery, meets weddings”!

It had the perfect combination of being welcoming and mysterious, adorable and elegant.

It had white lights everywhere so it had me for sure!

It has also had plenty of the ladies to go around so it got this kid for sure too!  Ha ha!

(Ha ha ha, I’m still laughing about that photo above!)

(I love this shot of the longest married couple in the room with the shortest married couple in the room standing in the background).

Maureen and Matt added their own personal touches to the already very magical place.  Their reception was focused around the thing that they love doing together the most, and the thing that brought them together one memorable day…. traveling!

My mom makes fun of me for saying the word “amazing” too much, but can I just say that their wedding cake was AMAZING!!!!

It was the cutest thing ever with the little people and the little pieces of their travel memories together! So cute I could cry!

They also had travel post cards so their guests could write them personal messages on the back. So fitting for this couple!

Maureen and Matt, Scottie and I both loved being a part of this wedding with you guys and we are so grateful to have people as amazing as you in our lives.

I’m so glad that your wedding was so wonderful for you and we wish you all the best together and hope to see you lots from here on out!


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  • BrandiApril 19, 2011 - 11:31 am

    Beautiful photos of a gorgeous, model-like couple!ReplyCancel

  • Regency GardenApril 22, 2011 - 10:38 pm

    Hi guys,
    I just wanted to say how amazing your shots are of our venue and the lucky couple. I really enjoyed meeting you at the show and just wanted to say how nice it has been speaking with you both each time we had a chance for conversation. You both have my up-most respect both as photographers and business owners. Great job and beautiful pictures. This was one of my favorite couples to work with and you guys captured their day beautifully. Thanks again for the wonderful display of our venue as we have built it with our blood, sweat and tears for all to enjoy! You guys are great and I am sure we will cross paths many times in the future.
    Chris Nagy
    Owner, Regency Garden Inc.ReplyCancel

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