Martin and Emily’s Lovely and Loving Wedding

Martin and Emily’s wedding was one of my (Breanna’s) favorite kinds. 0047 0054 No, not just because of the wonderfully fun people… 0019 0012

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0013 … the stunning flowers (courtesy of Veronica Peters at Table Tops Etc) … 00170014 … or the adorable flower girls… 0032 … though those were all great reasons to love it as well! 0056 00240050 005200220062 No, the reason I truly loved Emily and Martin’s wedding was because it was all about the relationships that were present on this big day. 002900310040 Not just about the relationship between Martin and Emily, though that of course was one of the main features that made me smile. 0003

(About to see one another on their wedding day for the first time!)


(In case these pictures don’t say it enough, you can read more about why Martin and Emily wanted to see one another before the ceremony here).

0008 But it was also about their friends and family who, as you can see, love them dearly and couldn’t have been happier for the two of them. 00660067 You know it’s a major celebration for all, when almost every single picture you’re looking through has at least one person who’s smiling, dancing, laughing, or clapping! 006500300015 That’s just how Martin and Emily’s wedding was and I hope they can remember it for all time exactly as it was… as a beautiful and joyful celebration in it’s full glory. 0016004200430044 Thank you Martin and Emily, for including us in such a special occasion that made so many people so happy… it did the same for us! I can’t think of a better way we could have spent the day than by being at a place so full of smiles and love. 0057 Thanks to the both of you for including us in that and making us feel a part of it all. Count us in as more of the many people who are so incredibly happy for the two of you. Congratulations! 00590060 Click to see the rest of Martin and Emily’s Lovely and Loving Wedding photos here. 00580064 0061

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