Margaret’s Two Sided Senior Session (by Scott & Breanna)

So is Margaret a gorgeous, feminine girl?

Or a hardcore, in your face athlete?

I know, it’s amazing how much she can transform isn’t it?! If I (Breanna) were the captain of her softball team, she would totally be my secret weapon!

I can just see it now, a sweet and innocent girl who looks like she could hardly hurt a fly gets off the bus, giving the opponents the idea that they can totally take this team….

…and then BAM! She comes out of the locker room a transformed girl and cleans up on the field!

So of course for her senior session we had to capture both sides of this talented girl’s personalities. But you can only look through so many photos of an intimidating face before it stops being fun because you immediately feel like you’re losing a game you’re not even playing, so for most of the session we focused on Margaret’s daily, non-game personality!

And Margaret chose just the location to help show off her relaxed and stylish self! The Venue at the Grove is one of those places that non-desert fans love because it just doesn’t quite look like Phoenix with the pecan grove, the white picket fence, and the green grass. In other words, there are no cactus in site!

Only awesome old trucks…

…a grungy shed…

…and on this particular day, a beautiful girl with stunning eyes and a shining smile who was excitedly posing for the senior pictures she’s been looking forward to for so long!

Margaret, thanks for choosing us as your senior photo photographers! We know that’s a huge deal and we loved working with you as we attempted to show off both sides of your personality!

I hope you love the photos as much as we do! Enjoy the rest of your senior year and we hope you rock it at graduation!

Click to see the rest of Margaret’s two sided senior session!

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