Lots of laughs at Dave and Sarah’s engagement session

When you live with someone you get to know them REALLY well.  Well enough to know how crazy they’re willing to get in a photo session.

So when Scottie’s old roommate Dave, called us to shoot pics of his wedding for him and his soon to be wife, Sarah, we were psyched (do people still say “psyched”?  Oh my gosh I feel like I’m turning 90 tomorrow)!

Not only were we excited to get to work with a friend and meet this girl who’s special enough to be “the one” but we were also excited because we knew we’d have a blast together on picture day!

Knowing that Dave is a ridiculously fun guy, we weren’t going to let him escape with standard “smile at the camera” type of pictures… we decided to force him to show his true colors in his pictures!

Dave has done quite a bit of acting in his day and he has some great faces that he’s perfected for his craft.  We asked him to give us a special performance that included a couple of special faces.  He obliged and he even let us take pictures of the faces! The one I’m going to show here is the face he used to give when rude customers approached him while he worked in a fancy retail chain.

(I really like Sarah’s face in this pic too! ha ha!)

True story!  He would actually make this face at snotty old ladies and they would quickly decide they could figure it out on their own!  (He gave me permission to share that story by the way!).

Turns out… Dave is not the only one who likes to laugh….Sarah is just as fun!

(We always joke about people riding the mountain lion, but not many people actually do it!)

So we worked to capture her craziness right alongside his in these photos!

(This was her spinning her way into a kiss… so cute!)

Okay, okay, I’m sure their families will want to see at least a couple normal pictures of them!

And at this point, Dave and Sarah might be at their max of embarrassment and are ready to see some “lookin’ good with a capital G” kind of shots as well!

They do have other fantastic qualities aside from being so much fun… we just decided to focus the most of the fun part since that works well for pictures!  So here are a few other sides to them…

….here they are smiling big as the happy couple…

… here they are being in love…

… and of course, here are a few more of them having fun together as they so often do! (OK, so they have even more sides to their personalities than that!  But you’ll just have to check out the rest of the photos to see some of those!).

Thank you Dave and Sarah for being such fun loving, happy people who also happen to look great in pictures!

We are so SO very glad we get to work with friends (by the way Sarah we love you and are so happy you’re marrying Dave!) and we can’t wait to live it up and have a great time while snapping away at your wedding!

Congratulations to you both on finding each other!!!

Click to see the rest of the photos from this Scottsdale, AZ engagement session!

May 22, 2010 - 3:35 pm

Jonathan Cottrell - You go bro and future sis-in-law! These turned out amazing. (And I know there are more of those faces you’ll have to pry from him, Sarah.)

I’m so excited for you two!

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