Kazoos, Ninja Turtles, pinwheels, and goblins… Meg and Mark’s wedding story

We knew as soon as Meg and Mark booked us, that this was not going to be an ordinary wedding.  Meg and Mark both have very unique styles that they show off proudly so we couldn’t wait to see what their big day was going to look like!

For starters, they didn’t rent a very typical wedding venue.  They had the entire event at The Paisley Violin Cafe in downtown Phoenix.

This is not your average cafe’, it has a few distinct features that bring a unique charm to it…. mainly their beautiful back porch, which is where the ceremony was held.

Meg and Mark added to the cafe’s quirky charm by bringing in somewhere between 50-100 handmade (by Meg) pinwheels that were all individually crafted to each look a little bit different.  They were beautiful!

So beautiful in fact that I was dreaming about decorating my house with them right when Meg told me I should take all the left over ones home!

My other favorite detail from their wedding was the STUNNING bouquet that Meg’s mom made her.

It was a combination of tons of antique jewelry and oh WOW, did it shine!!  It was such a perfect fit for Meg!

Meg and Mark went nontraditional for their actual ceremony as well.  Meg’s cousin, Monica, said a few words, prayed, and read a few passages from the Bible before she gracefully stepped down and let Meg and Mark run the rest of their ceremony themselves.

They each asked if the other was willing to devote their life to love, handed one another some rings, kissed, and promptly put kazoos in their mouths to provide their own exit music (with the help of the groomsmen)!

One of the groomsmen, Mike, got himself ordained so that the could sign the paperwork that night to make it all official.

The ceremony ended exactly at 10:10am on 10/10/10.  So I took a picture of the time and date (all 10’s in a row) on the back of Scottie’s camera.

After a brunch reception, Meg and Mark took a break and went over to check into their hotel and prepare to head back over to their “Costume Party Wedding Reception Extravaganza-a-a-a-a” later that night!  That’s right…. reception #2 was a costume party.  How awesome is that?!  Scottie and I went home for a little R&R ourselves before heading over to meet Meg and Mark for a little photo session before the reception.

As luck would have it, just as we began picture time, an ice cream truck drove by!  So yet again, Meg and Mark found a creative way to make their wedding pictures unique.

(This is definitely our first wedding photo that we can attach the words “teenage mutant ninja turtle” to in anyway… let alone to say that the groom was eating one!)

We also had the good fortune of being in Downtown Phoenix where there are interesting features all around!  A little spray paint here… a few bums there (no, we didn’t take any pictures with them!)… it’s Phoenix, dressed in it’s wedding day best!

I don’t even think I need to mention how spectacular the costume party was… but of course I will anyways!  People were ALL decked out!  I’m not sure if their friends are really dedicated to Meg and Mark or just really loyal to Halloween itself, but either way they were in the spirit!

We brought The Radiant Photobooth along with our normal props (and a bunch of Meg’s mixed in) but in this situation, props are hardly even needed!

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The food was great, the band (What Laura Says) was amazing…

…and all the people were very VERY happy…

…a perfect party.

Meg and Mark, I’m so glad you guys put the time and energy into finding creative ways to showcase your personalities on your wedding day. It was all sooo you!

I loved watching who you are as a couple, take shape in such an experiential way… the location, decorations, music, activities, food, people… all of it felt like it morphed itself into a walking picture of who Meg and Mark are together…. so cool!

Thanks for inviting us to be there… as guests and as photographers… you couldn’t have been easier for us to work with and we couldn’t have been happier to do it for you. 🙂

Congratulations on your new statuses as married people… we love you both!

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