From New York to the wild, wild west!

When you move to Phoenix from New York, as Melissa and Josh did…

…you’re in for quite a few changes!  Not the least of which is the landscape!

Going from green to brown, from fall leaves to brown, and from snow to brown… is not always easy!

Fortunately, Melissa and Josh see past the brown to the real beauty of Arizona!

The mountains, the cactus, the baby quails and rabbits… all of it makes up the desert out in the wild, wild west and Melissa and Josh are happy to have the opportunity to witness it all first hand!

When they first moved out here, one of the first places they went to visit was Saguaro Lake… which is why it was on their minds when we started asking about places they go together that we could incorporate into their engagement session.

With their water bottle in hand, Melissa and Josh headed out with us for a photo session in the heat of July.

They turned out to be real troopers as they didn’t even complain about the heat once!

I (Breanna) am an Arizona native and even I still whine about the heat on a regular basis!  Lucky for us, the day we planned for their session turned out to be not nearly as hot as it could’ve been as we went treading through the desert landscape to find some of the real gems of the Southwest!

And find them we did… the lake was as stunning as the mountains were astounding, as we placed Melissa and Josh strategically in front of them in hopes of capturing that “perfect shot”.

I think they turned out pretty perfect and I hope Melissa and Josh would agree!

Thanks you two for being so bold and for sweating so much for the sake of your pictures!  We appreciate you dedication and we can’t wait to see what kinds of photos we get when we shoot your wedding during the cool of October!

Click to see the rest of Melissa and Josh’s beautiful AZ photo session!

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