Francesca’s colorful desert senior session

Francesca is no stranger to Radiant Senior Sessions.

She actually came along with Davina on her session awhile back for moral support and to help her relax and have fun.  Well Francesca was great moral support and as it turns out, she’s a great model too!

When the day came for her to be the one to shine in front of the camera, she pulled it off without a hitch!  She brought her sisters along for moral support and to get a few fun sister pics.

They also served the purpose of getting her to laugh for us!

Sisters just have that magical touch I guess!

Since Scottie and I had arrived early to the session, we spent a little time scoping the place out and trying to find new spots to shoot. As soon as I saw the yellow tree in the parking lot, I freaked out… it was going to be sooo perfect for Francesca!

When I saw her red dress, I realized it was going to look even more amazing than I had originally predicted.

Seriously, it doesn’t get any better than this!

It’s like all the color in the entire surrounding desert landscape all got sucked up into this single tree… so beautiful!

Throughout the session, we had fun hearing about Francesca’s upcoming college experience.

The thing is, she’s not only going off to college, but she’s leaving America to do so!  She got accepted into Oxford University in England!!!

(She wanted to get some pics in her uniform since that represents her high school years very well!).

She said the first time she will ever be in the area, will be the day she moves there… that’s definitely an adventure!

Francesca, I totally admire your bravery for doing something so outside the box and so unfamiliar, I think it will pay off big time and you will love it there!

Thanks for being both a supportive friend and a great model for the two different sessions you’ve been at.  We’ve had a great time working with you and we are so excited to hear about your freshman year.  Congrats and have fun! 🙂

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