Dear Mr. Technology… please forgive me

Dear Mr. Technology,

I know we’ve never been the best of friends.  That computer curse you put on me (the one where every time I come within 10 feet of a computer, it breaks) surely didn’t help our relationship.  But I can’t say I’m not partially to blame as well.  I know I probably hurt your feelings when I hurled my phone across the room in anger and  said that I wished you were never born.  I hope you know that I didn’t mean it, you mean a lot to me.

I am ready to put the past behind us.  I would like for you to accept my apology so we can move forward on a good note.  I know that most of the problems I’ve had with you have just been misunderstandings on my part and I am fully aware of all that you’ve done for me.
For one you allowed me to have a husband who is capable enough with computers to remedy my curse (that’s how I know you felt bad about giving it to me).  Even beyond that I know I wouldn’t have my beloved ipod if it weren’t for you (in fact I would still be sitting around listening to someone not-so-talented playing piano in the parlor to get my music fix if it weren’t for you).
Without you I would probably be out lifting boulders or some kind of other manual labor rather than sitting in my nice air conditioned (thanks for that one too) home office working on my super cute Macbook Pro.

I know my life is as comfy cozy as it is because of you and I’m sorry I haven’t been more appreciative.

I realized we were due for this conversation when I was standing on the stadium floor, waiting for one of my favorite bands to take stage, and my husband leaned over and handed me his iphone.  As I stared at the screen I was filled with awe and wonder as I discovered that while we were there doing one of our favorite things in the world…. we booked a wedding!  While we were out having fun, you were hard at work for us!  Now that is a true friend.

So can we call our battle a wash and start again as friends?  I sincerely hope so.

Thanks for all the good times.

your friend (hopefully)

img_7543Soundtrack for this moment provided by: Mr. Technology (oh and also Apple)!

P.S.  And a special thanks to Shoot Q…. the specific means by which Mr. Technology worked his magic while we were at the concert!

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