Davina and her ‘oh so anticipated’ senior session

I made a mistake… a big one.  I (Breanna) am not the biggest sports nut.  As if I needed to prove that further, I went ahead and scheduled Davina’s senior session to take place during the Super Bowl (what can I say?  It’s not on my calendar!).

As I was mapping out in my head the quickest way to the hospital… just in case Scottie went into cardiac arrest when I told him what I’d done… I first decided to check with Davina to see if she was feeling extra graceful that day and was willing to re-schedule.

Luckily Davina is a kind soul and she was willing to be flexible for the sake of saving both my marriage and my husband’s life.  (Thanks Davina!).

So we did re-schedule her session and it ended up falling on an absolutely perfect day with an incredible sunset… I think God blessed her for her kindness! 😉

Being unique is very important to Davina, and as a result, she chose a location that we had never shot at before .

Of course, the risk in choosing a location we’ve never shot at before is that it just won’t mesh as well with our style as other places might.

Davina took that risk as a challenge and boldly chose to go where no Radiant Senior has gone before.

So now we can honestly say that Davina’s senior session is unique because not only was our subject herself unique, but she is the only person in the ENTIRE WORLD who has had a Radiant Senior session shot at The Scottsdale Waterfront!

And I have to say, I think her risk was well worth because we had a lot of fun at this location and we’re loving the results of it!

Davina, can I just say that we absolutely LOVED working with you!

When I first started emailing with you to plan the session, I could tell you were so stoked!

And it was so fun to watch you work your magic in front of the camera, knowing that this was something you’d been waiting for, for a very long time.

You just looked happy to be there and it made me just as happy to be there with you.

Thanks for appreciating what we do so much and for trusting us with something that is so important to you.  We hope you absolutely love the results!

Oh and don’t worry everyone,  it looks like Scottie’s heart will still be beating for a long time to come. In fact,  I’ve noticed that ever since this little boo-boo of mine, every major sporting event that Scottie wants to watch, magically appears on our calendar! Thanks for your concern! 🙂

Click to see the rest of Davina’s waterfront senior pictures here.

******A special note to all 2011 high school seniors:  As you know this is what we’ve deemed “Senior Week” at Radiant Photography!  The reason we are celebrating this brand new made-up holiday is because we are only scheduling senior sessions in AZ for 8 more weeks before we take off to California for the summer! So to all you procrastinators out there… now is the time to act since we are quickly running out of time and open slots for you to schedule your session in!  To book us for your own senior session, click here to schedule one or click here for more info.  We’ll see you soon with our cameras in hand!