Courtney and Jesse’s perfect wedding day!

Courtney and Jesse hold a special place in our hearts because they are the kind of people that just do that to you!

They are both very warm, down to earth people who make you feel cared about from the get go.

Are there any kind of people you’d rather work with?!

We consider ourselves lucky to have been chosen to be a part of their special day.

And special it was!  Both Courtney and Jesse strike me as the sentimental type….

…so their wedding was filled with little details that meant the world to them.

(Don’t worry guys, we took good care to not get any stickiness on the rings for this picture!)

Courtney couldn’t stop talking about how the choir from their church was going to sing at their wedding. And every time she mentioned it, she had to work hard at not getting choked up!

Many of the choir members (and others in the church congregation) have watched Courtney grow up over the years. So when they threw out the invitation to the choir members to come sing at their wedding, Courtney and her family were shocked and touched by how many people volunteered to be a part of it.  It was obvious by the great response (and by watching their interaction with Courtney on the big day) that these old family friends were very honored to be able to watch this woman who they once knew as a little girl, grow up and get married.

The entire ceremony and interactions between people on this day were incredibly meaningful and emotion for both Courtney and Jesse.

It was just beautiful. Everyone from the choir members, to their bridal party, to Courtney’s long time church family, to their actual family and good friends…. were moved by the emotion of their wedding.

But if you think that this day was all about tears and intense emotion… you are mistaken!  This day was also about a P-A-R-T-Y!  Their bridal party was a ridiculously fun group!  How you even meet so many people in your life who are THAT hilarious is beyond me!

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Speaking of those fantastic groomsmen, they kicked off the reception with a line dance to “Men in Black” and they followed it up throughout the night with another line dance as well!

Definitely a great way to start a party! From then on, the floor was hopping!

Everyone from the kids, to the older family members… were dancing the night away!

Seriously, it was an amazing party! And with that many amazing dancers in one group, how could it not be?!

When I think of a wedding, I think of tears, love,  joy, memories, and fun.

And it just so happens that those are the exact words I would use to describe Courtney and Jesse’s wedding.  Oh and with a “perfect” added in there as well.

It couldn’t have been a better day and again, we want to thank Courtney and Jesse for letting us be a part of it!  Both of you were super appreciative of all the work we put into your wedding and I really hope you both are indescribably happy with the results!  Congratulations you two!!

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