Courtney and David’s Flagstaff Engagement Session (by Josh & Kelley)

Josh and I (Kelley) were excited about Courtney and David’s plan for a Flagstaff wedding from the get-go.

Pine trees, cool weather, and scenic views? Yes please! We were on board!

So, when they told us they wanted to have their engagement session in Flagstaff as well, we were DOUBLE excited!

Seriously friends, any chance to get out of Phoenix and escape the heat, and we’re game!

It does of course help when we know we’re going to get the chance to work with super awesome people like David and Courtney.

True story: Despite Courtney having almost no voice on the day of their engagement session (the poor gal was getting over a cold), the four of us talked almost non-stop all the way to and from their photo location… And it was about a 90 minute round-trip drive. Obviously we enjoyed each other’s company  🙂

These two have spent so much time together in Flagstaff; it’s only natural that they want these extra special events (their engagement and wedding) to take place there as well.

Unlike Phoenix, Flagstaff is an area of Arizona that actually undergoes multiple seasons throughout the year.

Luckily for Courtney and David, this means they get to experience a beautifully warm and floral filled Flagstaff for their wedding, and they got to use the fantastic colors of Flagstaff in the fall for their engagement session backdrop.

Beautiful surroundings aside, could these two look anymore perfect for each other? They’re such a great match!

David and Courtney, Josh and I are so happy, that we not only get to be a part of your engagement and wedding day plans, but that we also get multiple chances to hang out with the two of you!

You’re so wonderful together, and we know that your upcoming marriage is going to be a GREAT one!

See the rest of Courtney and David’s Flagstaff Engagement Session HERE.


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