Color and confidence collide for Rachel’s senior session

It only took a couple of emails from Rachel to figure out that she LOVES color!

Unfortunately for her, it’s winter time and the dead vegetation (if you can ever call it “vegetation” in Phoenix) doesn’t really provide a lot of vibrant color right now.

She was OK with that though and she just decided to make up for it by wearing lots of bright colors.  She rotated around between her flowing green skirt….

…her bright yellow shirt….

….and her pretty purple shirt.

Aside from her colorful attire, the other thing that really stood out about Rachel that comes across very strong in her pictures is her confidence!

From the moment we met her, we could tell that Rachel was very comfortable in her own skin.

She definitely had a unique, sparky little personality and she was confident enough that she wasn’t afraid to show it!

That bodes very well for photographers whose goal it is to communicate who you really are through pictures!

Cameras tend to freeze people up and change their personality, so we definitely rejoice when we meet someone who seems the same on camera as off!

You wouldn’t think that would show up in a frozen frame, but it really does!

Unfortunately for many people, confidence isn’t the only thing that guides the feel of your pictures, insecurity rears its ugly head pretty well too!  So the moral of this story is that if you are not a confident person naturally, try to at least fake it on picture day!

Here are some of our other favorites from the day (click to see ALL the photos from Rachel’s Arizona senior photo session).

Thanks Rachel for being comfortable enough to be yourself around us and for not being afraid to express your opinion (mainly about the high importance of color)!  We had a great time with you and we hope you love your pictures!!  Click to see the rest of Rachel’s Tempe, AZ senior photography session!

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