Chris and Jillian’s night on the town… and engagement session!

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love, LOVE this session!

Chris and Jillian took us seriously when we told them we really wanted to do something creative with their engagement session.

Jillian is hooked on all kinds of bridal blogs and she’s seen a lifetime’s worth of engagement sessions since she’s been engaged. When you’ve been looking at that many sessions, it becomes very difficult to think up something you haven’t seen before (or 10 times before even)!

Jillian had been seeing a lot of bohemian type of sessions out in natural looking fields so she went rebel (as I sense is her natural bent anyways) and did the opposite.  A fancy night out on the town was their final decision.

We were a little nervous at first because we’ve never done 90% of a session in the dark, outdoors.  Even weddings usually have some day light before the reception.  Not to mention at a wedding, we can set up some lighting equipment since our location is a little more permanent than it is when we’re wandering the streets, following people around on an engagement session.

Lucky me though, I happen to be married to a lighting master!  I joke with Scottie at least once a week about how he’s a lighting guru.  So this session was his time to shine!

Armed with a MacGyver (I’d say McGruber but he always blows himself up) type of set up including umbrellas, rubber bands, and a human light stand (that would be me), Scottie had a recipe for success!  And succeed he did!

Although I’m really loving this Urban Outfitters-esque photo I took during the same time period…

Chris and Jillian met at Rula Bula on Mill and they had their first kiss there too!  So we headed over there to reenact their first meeting…

…and their first kiss…

… on location!

We kept telling Chris and Jillian that the more creative they got with their session, the more creative they push us to be (which is one reason we hopped on the lightrail)!

And the more you challenge our norms, the more likely you are to see us have a break through and find something new that we’ve never tried before!  And that’s exactly what happened!

(As proof of what I just said, this is one of my favorite pics that I, Breanna, have ever taken!)

(Oh while I’m at it, I’ll keep bragging and show you a few more of my favorites of all time that I’ve taken… since so many of them happen to be from this session!)

So take note that if you show up to a session with us and we look a little nervous… it’s probably a good sign!

And if we show up to your session and see you wearing cool Ray Bans like these, we’ll know it’s a good sign as well!

Thanks Jillian and Chris, I don’t know what to say other than you guys rock. Period.

Click to see the rest of Chris and Jillian’s freaking cool engagement session!

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