Chloe and her wonderful new family

Little Chloe doesn’t know it yet… 0080 … but her family is amazing. 01120121 Sure, she won’t think they’re so amazing when she’s 5 and trying to sneak staying up past her bedtime, or when she’s 10 and doesn’t feel like doing her homework, or when she’s 16 and trying to date (I don’t see her dad being much of a pushover on the boy stuff)… but she’ll be wrong about them. 01070067 Her parents are the perfect ones for her. 01050097 And I can already tell that they love her more than she’ll ever be able to understand. 0020009900470054 Thankfully, she’ll have grandma to let her get away with just a tiny bit more than her parents do and to give her just a wee bit extra leeway on the bedtime and homework… though probably not on the boys issue (sorry, future Chloe!)! 0056 She’ll also have a large canine friend to back her up when she needs someone to blame for the mess she made in the kitchen, or to cuddle with when she’s had a bad dream and her parents are asleep. 0143 He’s definitely got her back. 0084 This little girl is far more blessed than she knows now, or may ever fully comprehend. But that’s of no matter to her family members who love her regardless of how many times she wakes up crying in the night or how many stinky diapers they change. 0040 They hardly even notice those things, actually. 0079 Because all they see when they look at Chloe is their perfect little girl who they can’t wait to watch grow up, even when she proves she’s not quite 100% perfect ALL the time. But just as they could care less about that stuff now, I’m sure in the future she’ll be just as perfect and incredible in their eyes as she is now. 0139 Chloe, you are loved by a wonderful family. We couldn’t be happier for all of you as you grow, change, and get to know one another. Congratulations! 00810120 Click to see the rest of Chloe and her wonderful new family’s photos. 01550104

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