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These weddings were photographed by the founders and owners of Radiant Photography, Scott & Breanna Chanson

Chrissie and Matt’s Old West Wedding

I can’t really think of a better way to spend a Saturday than by joining two friends who are joining to each other…chrissie_matt0045… in the old west.chrissie_matt0051Yes, I did say the old west. If I hadn’t seen the iPhone flashes lighting up the night as guests crammed to get their instas of this fabulous couple, I almost wouldn’t have known we were in present day times at this wedding!chrissie_matt0551IMG_3668chrissie_matt0258chrissie_matt0070First of all there’s the bride, Chrissie, who is one of our dearly loved friends. I always knew she was beautiful. But I have to admit that I had no idea just how classically stunning and radiant she could be, until I saw her on this day!chrissie_matt0001chrissie_matt0007When she transformed into what I imagine her great, great, great grandma might have looked like once upon a time on her wedding day, I (Breanna) was completely blown away by her timeless beauty!chrissie_matt0015Seriously Chrissie, mind blowing. I’m sure her dashing and dapper groom agreed! He happened to be looking quite debonaire himself with his bow tie and pocket watch, combined with a little old west swagger.chrissie_matt0003chrissie_matt0005The ceremony backdrop was of course just as lovely as the rest of this wedding, and was within walking distance of the reception taking place in Old Town San Diego.chrissie_matt0024chrissie_matt0030chrissie_matt0033chrissie_matt0034chrissie_matt0036chrissie_matt0037The ceremony and reception were close enough in fact, that they had a mariachi led parade of the bride and groom and all their guests as they all happily danced and spun their way over to the cocktail hour and reception that was happening at the time period appropriate, Cosmopolitan Hotel.chrissie_matt0021chrissie_matt0018

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chrissie_matt0041This parade wouldn’t have been complete without the paparazzi they inevitably drew, who I think truly believed Chrissie and Matt were celebrities. Which is appropriate, since on this day, they pretty much were. As it should be.chrissie_matt0042At this point the guests were all ready to head in for a continuation of their merry making, but found that their plans were foiled by GUNFIRE!chrissie_matt0055chrissie_matt0058Yes, gunfire! But no worries, it was all taken care of by the heroes of the day, Chrissie and Matt, as their smoking guns lit up the town square not just once, but twice, with two fantastic Old West gun fight re-enactment shows.chrissie_matt0057It was an idea that Chrissie and Matt concocted themselves, and just in time too as the whole gunfight show thing was just about to be outlawed in Old Town San Diego. In fact, Chrissie was the last one to ever legally fire a fake gun there! And it’s important to note that she highly recommends that every bride fires a fake gun on her wedding day, as she felt all the stress and tension of the day burst out of her fingertips as she pulled that trigger!chrissie_matt0063Once the gun had fired, leaving them care free and ready to party, that is just what they did! And we celebrated right alongside them into the night. And it was sweet.chrissie_matt0040Chrissie and Matt, thank you so much for being so loyal and encouraging to us over the years. Especially as we moved to a new city and found ourselves immediately embraced by Chrissie as a fast friend, as well as supported by her as we moved our business with us to this new and scary place!chrissie_matt0053As much as we enjoyed hearing Chrissie’s interesting tales of romance woes during those first couple of years, I have to say that we MUCH prefer hearing her laugh and have a good time now that Matt has joined our threesome and turned our nights out into double dates.chrissie_matt0032We are so very happy you’ve found each other! We’re very excited for you guys and can’t wait to see how your life together unfolds in the years to come! Thanks for bringing us into your lives, and into this amazing day in particular that we are happy to know we’ve now been able to help you remember for years to come.chrissie_matt0048We love you both! Congratulations!chrissie_matt0050chrissie_matt0038chrissie_matt0044Click to see the rest of Chrissie and Matt’s Old West wedding photos here.chrissie_matt0066chrissie_matt0067

Kelsey and Steven’s Happily Ever After Wedding

Have you ever been to a wedding where you just can’t help but think, “wow, those two are just SO happy together!”?00430019Hopefully you can say that about all of the weddings you’ve been to!0056But still, there are some where the couple’s joy just stands out far above and beyond any of the other wonderfully beautiful aspects of the day.00610037Beyond the gorgeous dresses and decor…00150064… beyond the fun their bridal party is having…001400130016… beyond the beautiful relationships you see thriving all over the place…00650066… and beyond the stunning setting it’s all happening in.00440038That’s how Kelsey and Steven’s wedding was…0057… the wedding where their joy trumped it all!0040It was apparent that they couldn’t wait for this day to come and when it finally did, they soaked it all in and didn’t miss a second of the emotions that accompanied it.00340033003500110049001000230068Kelsey and Steven, your relationship together and the wedding you had to celebrate it all, was the kind of stuff that little girls dream about! It was a fairytale wedding if there ever was one and I know that you two will live happily ever after!003000310036Congratulations!00580045Click to see the rest of the photos from Kelsey and Steven’s Happily Ever After Wedding!0060

Addie and Dan’s Game Changing Wedding

Addie and Dan are the kind of people who make everything they touch better.0027005300540082Take cactus for example.0059Hopefully they didn’t actually TOUCH any cacti, but they definitely did something to them because as a child of the desert with many malicious cactus experiences… they were never my (Breanna’s) favorite things.0060

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0058But once Addie and Dan got involved, suddenly the cacti at the Desert Botanical Gardens turned into some of the most majestic and stunning things I’ve ever seen!00260010And I KNOW the cactus didn’t look like that before they got there, because I had several photography field trips there in High School and none of my pictures then looked like these do now!00800093And then there are these old beards.0033Had I seen them in the store, I would’ve thought, “yeah those are gross, I’m not touching them”. But when Addie and Dan put them on, suddenly they had a new level of hilarity that I never would’ve thought possible! I was even willing to touch them! Like, a little bit. With the tip of my finger.00910090Of course pretty much everything that one might consider normal and typically (or evil and gross for that matter- in the case of cactus and the beard), Addie and Dan can make outrageous and hysterical.0034Like posing for photo time. That seems like a pretty run of the mill process that people do at their weddings all the time around the world. But put Addie and Dan into it and suddenly there’s nothing standard about it!00660070Not only is a photo time that’s been touched by Addie and Dan’s magical fingers more fun than anyone has ever thought possible, but it also produces some of the most gorgeous photos than anyone ever thought possible!003000850061Then there are the lucky people who come into contact with Addie and Dan over the course of their lives (including us now!).  It was more than apparent on the wedding day, that those people’s lives have been taken to a whole new level with these two beautiful people in them.00380049Addie and Dan were the bright spot at this wedding- and not JUST because they happened to be the bride and groom- but also because all of the people there were so excited to see two people as wonderful as these, commit to one another for life. All ranges of emotions were thick on this day!0071007200770086Which brings me to the most important thing that Addie and Dan’s mere presence changes for the better… and that is one another. I may be incapable of phrasing that in a non-cheesy way, but don’t let that hinder my point here, because it’s the big one.0016

(Getting ready to head down the aisle and face the big moment together).

Granted, I didn’t know Addie and Dan apart, but it is absolutely clear to me after spending just a few days with them that these two are meant to be. I can’t even imagine how they ever lived before finding one another because it seems that they are necessary to the other’s existence.0040

(About to see one another for the first time on the wedding day!)

000400440006If you don’t believe in the idea of soulmates, you probably haven’t met Addie and Dan. They are meant for each other like two ratty beards are meant for them.00500051Addie and Dan, thank you SO MUCH for including us in one of the most important days of your lives. You renewed my faith in cacti and simultaneously reminded us of why weddings are so incredible and why we are so lucky to be a part of them.0014000700170015003700200023Seriously, I can’t think of anything more special than to witness two people being joined together who are so obviously meant to be.0025003500680092Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for inviting us into your world. Now run off and enjoy that crazy adventure that I know you’re going to have in your lives together. I can’t wait to see what comes from it, because I know that with the two of you using your powers for good as a team together, the result can be nothing short of game changing! Congratulations!0089Click to see the rest of the photos from Addie and Dan’s Game Changing Wedding.0011

Kevin and Carrie’s Emotional Wedding

We all know that there are some pretty incredible aspects involved in a wedding day.002300330037There’s the gorgeous location and all it has to offer…0018

(In this case the location was the ever amazing Condor’s Nest Ranch, one of our all time favorite places to shoot at… and you can see why!)



… there’s the amazing dresses…00010016… okay, okay, the tuxes are pretty stylin’ as well!0013

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There’s the stunning flowers…

00110062… of course, the adorable little ones…00030026… oh, and let’s not forget the bling!0069There are so many amazing reasons to love a wedding, that it’s hard to name just one that stands out. Well, at least in most weddings it may be hard to name one that stands out. But in Kevin and Carrie’s wedding there was a very clear part that stood out to me (Breanna) as being my favorite.0021The best thing about Kevin and Carrie’s wedding to me was the emotion involved in it.003900410040There were tears, smiles, laughs, and plenty of hugs to go around.004400630061It was so beautiful to watch Kevin and Carrie’s reveal moment as both tried unsuccessfully to keep it together.00060007

(Read more about why Kevin and Carrie chose to see one another before the ceremony here).


And I can’t even describe how wonderful it was watching them committing their lives to one another during the ceremony.00460053Not to mention laughing along with them as they fully enjoyed every second alone during the picture time after the ceremony.00290032It truly was such a beautiful and special day for everyone. Including for us as photographers. Kevin and Carrie, thank you so much for choosing us to be a part of this special moment in your lives, it truly was an honor to witness it and we couldn’t be happier for the two of you. Congratulations!!!003000650027Click to see the rest of Kevin and Carrie’s Emotional Wedding Day photos here.00590058

Martin and Emily’s Lovely and Loving Wedding

Martin and Emily’s wedding was one of my (Breanna’s) favorite kinds.00470054No, not just because of the wonderfully fun people…00190012

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0013… the stunning flowers (courtesy of Veronica Peters at Table Tops Etc) …00170014… or the adorable flower girls…0032… though those were all great reasons to love it as well!005600240050005200220062No, the reason I truly loved Emily and Martin’s wedding was because it was all about the relationships that were present on this big day.002900310040Not just about the relationship between Martin and Emily, though that of course was one of the main features that made me smile.0003

(About to see one another on their wedding day for the first time!)


(In case these pictures don’t say it enough, you can read more about why Martin and Emily wanted to see one another before the ceremony here).

0008But it was also about their friends and family who, as you can see, love them dearly and couldn’t have been happier for the two of them.00660067You know it’s a major celebration for all, when almost every single picture you’re looking through has at least one person who’s smiling, dancing, laughing, or clapping!006500300015That’s just how Martin and Emily’s wedding was and I hope they can remember it for all time exactly as it was… as a beautiful and joyful celebration in it’s full glory.0016004200430044Thank you Martin and Emily, for including us in such a special occasion that made so many people so happy… it did the same for us! I can’t think of a better way we could have spent the day than by being at a place so full of smiles and love.0057Thanks to the both of you for including us in that and making us feel a part of it all. Count us in as more of the many people who are so incredibly happy for the two of you. Congratulations!00590060Click to see the rest of Martin and Emily’s Lovely and Loving Wedding photos here.005800640061