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Need a senior session? Radiant photography founders and owners, Scott & Breanna, would love to be a part of it! Here’s some of the work they’ve done with families!

Erin and Alex were with us from the beginning (by Scott & Breanna)

When Breanna and I started Radiant Photography all of those years ago I knew it was such an honor to be a part of the beginning of peoples lives together. What I didn’t know was what a blessing it would be to watch the marriages grow into families. This is never more apparent to me than when one of our past wedding couples call us to do a family photo session. A few weekends ago we got to do just that with Erin and Alex who’s wedding is one of the very first that we photographed as Radiant Photography.

Their wedding day was so much fun, here is their wedding blog to prove it …and the fun continues with the addition of their beautiful daughter, Kami!!!


One of my favorite parts of editing sessions like this is to see all of the different expressions we can get out of these kids and Kami did not disappoint!

Thank you Erin and Alex for allowing us to be a part of your lives and your family’s story.

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The Van Hofwegen’s Family Legacy Photos (by Scott & Breanna)

How do you tell the story of a family?

I mean, really tell it. How do you contain and explain all the memories, moments, and magic that comes with a group of people who are connected in such an intricate way?

You can try to write down all you remember, you can do your best to pass on the stories, but does that really capture it?

That’s a difficult question with a challenging answer. But there’s one thing I do know- photos definitely help fill in the gaps to the story.

Which is especially true when it comes to a family with as strong of a legacy as the Van Hofwegens have. Theirs is a family consisting of two parents and their four boys who began visiting Mission Beach in San Diego each summer when the kids were younger.

They continue that tradition to this day with the addition of the boys’ own new family members whom they have brought into the picture (both figuratively and literally!).

So they decided they needed some photos to help tell the story of their family and their many shared memories on Mission Beach. So Scottie and I took on the difficult task of spending a couple of hours with them in an attempt to tell the story of a couple of decades!

After spending even a tiny bit of time with them, there are a few things we saw that seem to be consistent parts in this family’s story from year to year. For one, I’m guessing that every year there are some epic cousin playtimes that happen.

I think you could also say that there will be some inevitable cuddly moments.

Of course, there are plenty of memories made when the grown ups get in on the action as well!

Then there’s the beach…

…and bike time…

… and playground time!

It’s these small pieces, combined with what happens when 18 people share a house, that leads to some intense, joyful, momentous, and wonderful moments that build on each other over the years.

If you had talked to Scottie and myself before the shoot, you would have found that we were a little nervous about not only capturing such an incredible family legacy, but also about working with that many people at once… including 8 kids who are under the age of 8!

However, it wasn’t long before we fully forgot our fears and enjoyed our playtime!

I can’t even begin to tell you how fun it was to run around the playground and do whatever we could to push the kids to have as much fun as was humanly possible!

(The photo above is a picture of “as much fun as is humanly possible”).

Having so much fun with kids that their smiles turn to belly laughs, is what I’d call a good day at the office!

So thanks to the Van Hofwegen family for trusting us with such an important job as capturing your family memories and telling your story. I hope you had as much fun doing it as we did!

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Jon, Doris, Jaime, and their new wonderful addition (by Scott & Breanna)

Remember when you were a little kid and old ladies would pinch your cheeks and rave about how much you’ve grown? Well I, Breanna, am officially an old lady now. You’d be one too if you’d spent time with this adorable itty witty face!

I mean, you see this little baby being carried around in a Baby Bjorn or whatever those things are called, and the next day they’re three! How can you NOT start freaking out about how big they’ve gotten when the first thing that crosses your mind is that this kid MUST have been eating magic beans to make her grow, because there’s no WAY you’ve aged as many years as this kid has in the past 3 years!

That’s how I’ve been with poor Jaime. I’ve tried to keep it to myself in order to spare her cheeks, but I still REALLY can’t believe that she’s gotten so big since I first met her as a tiny little baby at the Hawaii wedding we were photographing that her dad, Jon, was a groomsman in!

It didn’t take us long after getting re-acquainted with Jaime to realize that the years that have passed have been 3 very active and energetic years for this family!

The scrape on her chin says it all. She is just an adorable ball of fiery energy to say the least.

Luckily, she has some amazing parents who have no problem being as crazy and childlike as they need to be in order to really enjoy this precious and quickly moving time they have with their little girl at this very energetic stage in her life.

We first re-united with this incredible family to do photos of a very pregnant Doris. And Doris, I have to say, I was VERY impressed with how well you kept up with your little girl, even when you were carrying around an entire additional child in you! You didn’t miss a beat.

And neither did Jon, who apparently has been trained in the ancient art of holding the attention of a 3 year old, because he can hold on to that valuable resource with the best of them!

(Seriously, that’s one committed dad!)

Is there anything that can make a family as precious as this one, even more wonderful?!

Well I do know of one thing….

When baby boy Alton made his appearance into this world, this family went from great to greater.

I mean, look at this guy! He’s already using his awesome expressions to communicate his little personality to his family!

Doris, Jon, Jaime, and Alton…. we are so happy we got to spend so much time with you all over the past couple of months and we are so excited to see how you guys settle into your new roles with one another to create an even more amazing family than you’ve already been over the past years.

Congratulations on this major event, we are so happy we got to be a part of it!

P.S. Good luck at being the great big sister we know you can be, Jaime!

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Vincent is 1! (by Scott & Breanna)

So for those of you who have watched Vincent grow up through his Baby Story Video, his 6 month pictures, and his playgroup pictures. You’re going to be amazed to hear that he’s 1 year old already!!!

(Look, he’s got teeth and everything!!)

That’s right, the big zero one! You made it, buddy! And both Scottie, myself, and all our loyal fans have been so happy to be along for the ride!

So where did Vincent’s parents decide to go to capture this momentous occasion?! LONDON!

No not really, that’s just the Santa Monica pier in a crazy cloud of fog that makes it look like London! Now that you’ve got a little feel how cool London would look though guys, you really should considering taking all of us over there for his 2 year old pictures! 😉

We had planned on some sunny beach pictures but when the day for the session rolled around and the fog rolled in with it, we ended up with quite a different feel than what we’d originally talked about!

But that was cool because Vincent’s parents are flexible and we had beautiful light to work with!

So when we headed down to the pier not knowing what to expect, we quickly found out that even in a pretty solid fog we had plenty to work with!

As if Vincent’s variety of facial expressions weren’t enough material for us! OK, well maybe it’s not quite a VARIETY. Last time his new thing was putting his hands on his head, now he’s got the “ooooh” face.

(We seriously got way more “oooh” faces than that! I couldn’t fit them all in here!)

When he wasn’t being startled every few minutes by the roller coaster taking off, Vincent was quite content posing for the camera, practicing that whole walking thing, making strangers feel special by smiling at them, and playing in the sand.

As you can see, it was a busy day for him. He even had his first ride on a Merry Go Round! Of course he got stuck on the little kid horse that didn’t go up and down, but he didn’t care because the hundreds of lights to stare at were worth the ticket price to him.

Thanks to Vincent and his parents for playing London with us, as well as all the other fun activities little V always gets us caught up in (this time he was partial to swinging his hips and shoulders when we’d sing to him).

Congrats on making it a full year, Vincent. Hopefully year 2 will have less stress from so many new experiences, along with more tasty solid foods to try!

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Paige and Josh celebrate the wonderful Robotron (By Scott and Breanna)

I have to admit, when Paige and Josh called us to do a photo session with them and their dog Robotron, I wasn’t too happy about it.

I know, that’s weird right!? Usually I (Breanna) start off a post by saying something like “When Paige and Josh called us to do a photo session with them, I was so excited that I actually squealed out loud and had to run to the bathroom because I was going to pee my pants!”.

Well you have to understand, this session was not a normal session. The reason Paige and Josh wanted to have the session is because they’ve recently received some bad news about Robotron’s health so they wanted to capture these last moments with their family all together while they could.

Now you know why I wasn’t super excited to get this call from them. It was different than the normal celebratory photo sessions we typically do to commemorate important times in people’s lives.

Actually, maybe this session wasn’t different at all! We were in fact commemorating their lives and time together, which is a very celebratory thing!

Robotron was still feeling great so we were able to get some great shots of him and Paige playing together as they’ve been doing since he was a puppy…

… as well as some photos and of the whole family cuddling as they’ve so often done together since Josh entered into their duo and made them a fully unstoppable team.

So really, we’re celebrating…. we’re celebrating all the time these 3 have gotten to spend together.

And we’re celebrating Robotron’s awesomeness. Because not only is his name freaking cool, but he is as well.

He was definitely one of the easiest dogs we’ve ever shot. He gave us some cute and playful moments to work with, as well as some posed times where he patiently sat still while we found just the perfect angle after we’d placed him in just the right lighting.

Believe it or not, most dogs don’t really value the significance of what we’re trying to do or respect the fact that we’re working really hard to make them look their best! But Robotron seemed to sense our desperation to get the money shots, so he kindly obliged and bowed to our whims. Thanks dude.

We truly felt honored to get to be involved in such a special moment in Paige, Josh, and Robotron’s lives. This is a beautiful family and we’re so happy we were able to capture them just as they are now. Thanks Robotron, I hope you know that you’re loved and you’ll be missed. You’re one of the great ones. Good boy.

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