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Need a senior session? Radiant photography founders and owners, Scott & Breanna, would love to be a part of it! Here’s some of the work they’ve done with families!

Fun with the Marcus Family

The best part of our job is definitely the amount of time we get to spend with amazing people.  And it is so fun when those people like us so much that they tell their friends about us!  That’s how we got connected with the Marcus family here (thanks Tracy!), and it was really fun to meet friends of a friend and get to spend the day hanging out with them!


We met up with mom and dad and the three girls at the community park in Anthem, AZ.  Once they got comfortable with the camera, the 3 girls did a great job smiling and posing for us… with little interjections of playing together between poses (which is great because it’s my job to catch those moments in between Scottie taking the posed shots, so I loved it).  Click here to see the full family photo session which showcases a lot more of the silliness of the day.




The girls did a great job interacting together.  They were skipping, playing ring around the rosie, tickling, and doing gymnastics.  SO fun!  I wish I was a little girl again!


Can you believe those eyes?!  They’re all so beautiful!  I love sister pictures… such great memories (like I would know, I didn’t even have sisters… but shots like these make me wish I did!).

After awhile of doing a great job following our directions, the girls started to get tired (understandably so) and they were eying the playground longingly.  So of course we jumped at the opportunity to get some shots of them having some REAL fun!  It was a good chance for us to get creative with our environment as well, since the playground isn’t our normal backdrop… though I’m sure it will be when we have kids of our own one day, so I guess in some ways you could call these practice shots. 😉 Click to see some of the playground shots  (and all the rest from this Arizona family portrait session).


Actually Scottie followed around the two younger girls while I took the older one over to get some more “model” type shots since we could tell she wasn’t really digging the playground.  She totally surprised me with her modeling ability by the way, I didn’t have to really pose her at all, she just changed her positioning on her own every once in awhile and did it perfectly! Her beauty combined with posing abilities made my job more than easy! Click to see some of her portrait photos (and all the rest from this session).


So we want to say a big thank you to the Marcus family for letting us be the ones to capture your family during this season of your lives.  We consider it a privilege. 🙂

Click to see the full session of the Marcus’ family portrait session.

Radiant Love Honors Kiara, Andy, and family

Do you ever see those people who just make you think, “wow, they deserve some kind of reward”.  Well, we do.  That’s why we accept nominations (from anyone!) for our once a month, Radiant Love Honors award!  This award is for anyone you know who is showing Radiant Love to the community around them.

Kiara and Andy were nominated by Kiara’s brother and sister-in-law for the love they show to the abuse victims they work with and to the children they open up their home to. Click to see all the photos from Kiara and Andy’s free family photo session.  Here’s their story (and of course photos to go along with it!)….


1.  Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family.
Our family doesn’t have the option of blending into a crowd, and we have come to see that as a blessing. God has taken us down a road less traveled as we grow our family, and that has provided many opportunities to bring glory to Him and serve Him in our daily life. What a privilege!

Andy is a licensed architect. His eye for design, creativity, and ability to imagine a project from start to finish makes him a natural in the field. Andy has been unemployed since November, and although that has been challenging for us, God never ceases to amaze us through the ways He provides.

I  (Kiara) am blessed to be a stay-at-home mom right now, and find that I thrive on the flexibility in my schedule, even if the demands of raising our children, homeschooling, and keeping up with the various ministries God brings our way keeps me very busy!

Lucas is six, and he is enjoying Kindergarten at home. He loves to study bugs, plants, and animals, and would spend the whole day outdoors if we let him! He is a very creative little boy.

Destany is four, and she is our sweet little social butterfly. She loves to work in the sandbox with her brothers, play dress-up, and take her friends on pretend journeys to California.

Keandre, ever the class clown, just turned two. He is out-going and cuddly, and takes life in stride whether we are having a quiet afternoon, or the house is teeming with noisy children. He thinks life is just one big adventure!

Until very recently, we were also fostering two of Keandre’s biological siblings, Niko and Mya. Niko is seven years old, and he lived with us for one year. Mya is four and was here for nine months. They just moved in with their foster-adoptive family, and we are very thankful that they will continue to be a part of our lives.




2. Please share a few of your favorite ways to show Radiant love to the people and community around you.

We love children, and I suppose there is a side of us that must like chaos, too. We seem to have enough of it in our lives, anyway! Life is always an adventure, and usually that adventure includes welcoming extra children into our home.

In the last few months we have had as many as 8 children staying with us, ages 20 months to 7 years old. We are thankful we can be available to care for these little ones, and we love seeing our children learning to share their blessings as well.

Our passion for adoption began long before we were married. I learned early in life that not all children have parents who are able to care for them, and that grew in me a desire to be available as an adoptive parent. Andy, brave man that he is, agreed even before we were married that he was open to wherever God would lead us. Growing our family through adoption does not seem unusual to us. God adopted each of us into His family, and calls us His own. It only feels natural to love in that same way.

We adopted Destany through Christian Family Care Agency when she was just 3 days old, and it was a wonderful, if bittersweet experience. Our hearts broke for Destany’s birthmother, who loves her very much but was not in the position to parent her. We have been very thankful for the opportunity to maintain contact with her, and she and her two sons have become our extended family and a special part of our lives.

After we adopted Destany, we felt the need to connect with other adoptive families. This led us to start a local group for adoptive and foster families, called Arizona Transracial Adoptive Families. Over 130 local families are involved, all who have adopted their children domestically, from Haiti, or from various parts of Africa. We love to sit back and watch the children run and play together, relaxing in the knowledge that in this community they will never feel alone in their life experiences.

Another passion of ours is abuse recovery ministry. I had some very difficult experiences as a young teen that propelled me into a dark and painful time in life. When I was 17, one of my abusers was arrested and I had the opportunity to begin my journey to healing with a wonderful Christian counselor. Through her I learned what God has to say about abuse, betrayal, and brokenness, and it was a relief to know God wants me to come to Him with my pain and anger. Today I am involved with Mending the Soul Ministries, and lead abuse recovery groups for women. It is a blessing to walk alongside women who are courageously facing their painful pasts and discovering hope and healing.

Click to see the rest of the photos from this family portrait session.


Destany actually took this one of her mom and Keandre.  I held the camera and she pushed the button (so technically she owns this picture!).




Click to find out more about our Radiant Love program or to nominate someone for a Radiant Love Honor.

And I had to add this pic of Scottie teaching Destany how to use the camera!!  She did a pretty good job too!


The cute Johnson family

One day on Facebook, I saw that an old friend of mine from high school had fanned our page.  I shot her a message about it and she wrote back that she had no idea it was my page, she just found it and liked our work!  Random connection there (I love Facebook!).  Lucky for her, she still lived in Arizona and that happened right around the time we had our Christmas portrait special, so she got in on the fun and booked a photography session for her family.

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a photo session with a kid involved and we forgot how much fun it could be!  It was so much easier to get natural shots because he was not at all inhibited by the cameras as most adults are!  He was just having a grand old time playing with mom and dad.  We loved it!  My favorite part was when he was going up the stairs and I thought he said, “wow, I almost biffed it!”  And I thought, that’s an awesome (and very random) sentence to teach to a kid that small.  And then of course I found out that was not at all what he said.  🙂

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Scottsdale Family Picture

Scottsdale Family Picture

Scottsdale Family Picture