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Need a maternity or newborn session? Radiant photography founders and owners, Scott & Breanna, would love to be a part of it! Here’s some of the work they’ve done!

Callum and his new family!

Callum is three months old and ready for his close up!


His parents opted for a three month old session instead of a really early on newborn one, to give him time to settle into his new environment and to give the three of them a chance to settle into their new lives and roles together!


And it was clear from the moment we got there that those three months together had served them well!


It was so fun to see this new little family working as such a synched team already! They had their flow together and their relationships were already formed in a way that only love and quality time combined together could do.


Callum’s parents were very on top of his nap times, feeding times, and most importantly, his moods! So we were able to build the session around when he’d be the most likely to be happy, cuddly, sleepy, or a combo of all three!


Their play times and cuddle times together were absolutely beautiful and you can tell that Cal is already fully in love with his new mommy and daddy!


Congratulations to the three of you! We are so happy we got to take a peek into the wonderful little world you three have already built together. It was fantastic and it made us so excited for you guys in the future! Congrats!


Click to see the rest of Callum and his family’s photos!


Scott and Ashley’s Beachy Maternity Session

Having good friends just up the road from us is one of Scottie and my (Breanna) favorite things about where we live!varner_maternity0073

(Oh yeah, and this gorgeous beach that we can all walk to together!)

varner_maternity0053So what could be better than adding a new little friend into this whole deal?!varner_maternity0066That’s right, Scott and Ashley are pregnant! And we couldn’t be happier for them!varner_maternity0003We’re looking forward to lots of walks along the canals…varner_maternity0042varner_maternity0015… good laughs…varner_maternity0036varner_maternity0099…beach days…varner_maternity0045varner_maternity0069… and so much more with Scott and Ashley and their new little family member they’re about to welcome into the world!varner_maternity0028But of course before she arrives, we’re making sure we spend some quality time with Scott and Ashley, since from what I hear, they’re about to get very busy!varner_maternity0019So before the baby sessions, comes the maternity session! A chance for us to capture these two lovely people as they are now… pre-baby and so excited for the new things to come!varner_maternity0078varner_maternity0087varner_maternity0093varner_maternity0108Scott and Ashley, we are so excited for you guys and are counting the days until we get to meet your new little girl! We’re all going to have so much fun together… we can’t wait!!!varner_maternity0034varner_maternity0082Click to see the rest of Scott & Ashley’s Beachy Maternity Session.varner_maternity0056varner_maternity0103

Brent and Megan’s Memorable Maternity Session

It is such a special feeling to be awaiting the arrival of a new little one!00540088  That’s why we absolutely LOVE getting to be a part of capturing that moment for people to remember forever when we photograph maternity sessions!0114There’s just something about the anticipation and eagerness that pops right out of the photos and takes people back to that time in their lives.015200130057So of course, it’s always a major honor for us to get to be a part of this time for people. But when we get to capture this moment in the lives of our friends, it’s even more memorable for us!0157011601050136As it was when we got to work with Megan and Brent to get them the maternity pictures they were so excited for!00040032007101900129There’s just nothing like seeing your friends preparing to have their entire lives changed for a child they will care for and love, for the rest of their lives. And we are so thankful we got to be a part of it!002400660042Thank you, Megan and Brent, for letting us be a part of storing this memory in a way that you can one day share it with your son! We are so excited to be with you on this journey and to have played such a special role in it!01950207Congratulations! We can’t wait to meet him!017400890078Click to see the rest of Megan and Brent’s Memorable Maternity Photos.0092023302370180

Caitlin, Willis, and Annabelle’s new family photo session

When our good friends, Caitlin and Willis, announced they were having a baby, Scottie and I (Breanna) were THRILLED for them!!!0048And now that we’ve met the new little Annabelle, we can see we had every reason to be!01500130Just look at that irresistibly adorable face!00240045Before Annabelle’s arrival, Caitlin and Willis had done as much parenthood preparation as is possible.00460122They designed a gorgeous, powder-pink baby room to lay her little baby head in at night…0022001800110020… purchased all the necessary University of Virginia sports wear…0107… set up the perfect sign to welcome baby, that also happens to look fantastic in photos…0083… bought the necessary books for both her and themselves…0147… and of course got all ready to love her, cuddle her, and take the best care of her as they can!007100420127We’ve never seen our friends more happy than when we saw them for the first time with her on our photo day. The prepping was all worth it as I think these two… now three… are as ready as they can be for all the bumps, turns, joys, late nights, poopy diapers, and baby belly laughs that parenthood brings along with it!0047003700720052Caitlin, Willis, and Annabelle, we couldn’t be happier to have the three of you in our lives! And we’re looking forward to the days to come as we’ll have the privilege of watching you all grow together, learn from one another, and find out you love each other even more than you do now or ever thought was possible. Thanks for being in our lives and for brining little Annabelle into them as well!008800410028We love you all! Congratulations on starting this new adventure together!00380087Click to see the rest of Caitlin, Willis, and Annabelle’s new family photo session!00800060

Chloe and her wonderful new family

Little Chloe doesn’t know it yet…0080… but her family is amazing.01120121Sure, she won’t think they’re so amazing when she’s 5 and trying to sneak staying up past her bedtime, or when she’s 10 and doesn’t feel like doing her homework, or when she’s 16 and trying to date (I don’t see her dad being much of a pushover on the boy stuff)… but she’ll be wrong about them.01070067Her parents are the perfect ones for her.01050097And I can already tell that they love her more than she’ll ever be able to understand.0020009900470054Thankfully, she’ll have grandma to let her get away with just a tiny bit more than her parents do and to give her just a wee bit extra leeway on the bedtime and homework… though probably not on the boys issue (sorry, future Chloe!)!0056She’ll also have a large canine friend to back her up when she needs someone to blame for the mess she made in the kitchen, or to cuddle with when she’s had a bad dream and her parents are asleep.0143He’s definitely got her back.0084This little girl is far more blessed than she knows now, or may ever fully comprehend. But that’s of no matter to her family members who love her regardless of how many times she wakes up crying in the night or how many stinky diapers they change.0040They hardly even notice those things, actually.0079Because all they see when they look at Chloe is their perfect little girl who they can’t wait to watch grow up, even when she proves she’s not quite 100% perfect ALL the time. But just as they could care less about that stuff now, I’m sure in the future she’ll be just as perfect and incredible in their eyes as she is now.0139Chloe, you are loved by a wonderful family. We couldn’t be happier for all of you as you grow, change, and get to know one another. Congratulations!00810120Click to see the rest of Chloe and her wonderful new family’s photos.01550104