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The Smith Family Heads to the Beach!

We have a long history with the Smith family. It all started with lugging an entire bed frame out into the desert,  piles and piles of feathers, the cops and a threat to go to jail, a very nice golf course, running to catch enough sunlight to shoot in, and finally, a finished photo shoot that you can see here!


Since then, we’ve gotten a little more refined in our shoot planning.

smith_fam0087Mostly, because we now live near the beach which is enough to work with to keep even wedding coordinator Shannon happy enough to forgo any bed shenanigans. Which is excellent because I think Mark would not have been in these family photos if he had to set up and tear down another bed several times in one day again.


This time it was just sunshine, water, and a little sand that made up a great family photo session.


But just so you know, we love you guys enough that we would do the whole “bed in a field” fiasco with you all over again if you asked us to!


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Introducing one year old Ryah!

We (Scottie and Breanna) couldn’t be happier to introduce you to our new little friend, Ryah!0020We’ve loved following along with her mom and dad as we’ve captured so many of their major life events from their engagement, wedding, and first anniversary, to maternity, and now a photo shoot with the little one herself!0029Of course we loved Ryah from the start. Partially because of our history with her parents whom we already love…0071…also because she’s SO photogenic..00310089… in part because her expressions are so fun to photograph…002100150035… but most of all because she’s just so incredibly lovable!!!00550057How could you not adore her?!00560063A big thank you to Ryah’s mom and dad for allowing us to once again be a part of this major milestone in their lives. It’s been so fun watching you two grow and change together since the wedding. All the way from a family of two in Arizona to a family of three in California! Thanks for giving us the honor of being a part of it! We love you guys!0025Click to see the rest of the photos from Ryah’s one year old session!00800065

The Ladd Family’s Vacation Session

One of the best times I can think of to do a family photo session is during a family vacation!ladd_0052ladd_0116I mean, how nice is it that everyone is relaxed and having fun doing things they love together?!ladd_0031ladd_0112ladd_0047What better way to commemorate that time than by having a family photo session to capture the moment?!ladd_0077ladd_0130Apparently the Ladd family agrees with me because that is just what they did when they left their home state of Texas to live it up in California for a bit.ladd_0080And live it up they did!ladd_0108ladd_0037ladd_0038ladd_0040But somehow between all of their packed adventures of Disneyland, baseball games, and playing in the waves, they found time to get together with us for their close ups.ladd_0060ladd_0061ladd_0092And we’re so glad they did because we were more than thrilled to help them remember this amazing trip to the California coast, when they were at the beach all together for the first time!ladd_0137Such a fun time for a family!ladd_0139Ladds, I hope that you enjoyed your trip out here to the fullest and that these photos will help you remember an amazing trip forever! Thanks for letting us be a part of it!ladd_0044ladd_0082Click to see the rest of the Ladd family photo session.ladd_0001ladd_0143

Callum and his new family!

Callum is three months old and ready for his close up!


His parents opted for a three month old session instead of a really early on newborn one, to give him time to settle into his new environment and to give the three of them a chance to settle into their new lives and roles together!


And it was clear from the moment we got there that those three months together had served them well!


It was so fun to see this new little family working as such a synched team already! They had their flow together and their relationships were already formed in a way that only love and quality time combined together could do.


Callum’s parents were very on top of his nap times, feeding times, and most importantly, his moods! So we were able to build the session around when he’d be the most likely to be happy, cuddly, sleepy, or a combo of all three!


Their play times and cuddle times together were absolutely beautiful and you can tell that Cal is already fully in love with his new mommy and daddy!


Congratulations to the three of you! We are so happy we got to take a peek into the wonderful little world you three have already built together. It was fantastic and it made us so excited for you guys in the future! Congrats!


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Aharoni Fun Family Photo Day!

Have you ever heard that the family who plays together stays together?005300010064If that’s true then the Aharoni family is in it for the long haul!00710085This is a family who knows there are some things in life that you need to be serious about…0091…like having fun!006700060163It’s so awesome to see a family who’s fun can’t even be contained! It’s often busting at the seams with crawling, bouncing, running, and rolling around!0022002500470110The fun never stops for them! Ah, to be a kid again!0115Oh wait, apparently it’s possible for grown ups to be kids again too! And the Aharoni family, generation to generation, has managed to figure out how to do just that!0129015501500165Thanks for sharing the joy with us, Aharoni’s! A photo session with you never disappoints!01090113Click to see the rest of the photos from the Aharoni Fun Family Photo Day!014500510098