Caitlin, Willis, and Annabelle’s new family photo session

When our good friends, Caitlin and Willis, announced they were having a baby, Scottie and I (Breanna) were THRILLED for them!!! 0048 And now that we’ve met the new little Annabelle, we can see we had every reason to be! 0150 0130 Just look at that irresistibly adorable face! 00240045 Before Annabelle’s arrival, Caitlin and Willis had done as much parenthood preparation as is possible. 00460122 They designed a gorgeous, powder-pink baby room to lay her little baby head in at night… 0022001800110020 … purchased all the necessary University of Virginia sports wear… 0107 … set up the perfect sign to welcome baby, that also happens to look fantastic in photos… 0083 … bought the necessary books for both her and themselves… 0147 … and of course got all ready to love her, cuddle her, and take the best care of her as they can! 0071 0042 0127 We’ve never seen our friends more happy than when we saw them for the first time with her on our photo day. The prepping was all worth it as I think these two… now three… are as ready as they can be for all the bumps, turns, joys, late nights, poopy diapers, and baby belly laughs that parenthood brings along with it! 0047 003700720052 Caitlin, Willis, and Annabelle, we couldn’t be happier to have the three of you in our lives! And we’re looking forward to the days to come as we’ll have the privilege of watching you all grow together, learn from one another, and find out you love each other even more than you do now or ever thought was possible. Thanks for being in our lives and for brining little Annabelle into them as well! 008800410028 We love you all! Congratulations on starting this new adventure together! 00380087 Click to see the rest of Caitlin, Willis, and Annabelle’s new family photo session! 00800060

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