Bryce is ready for his Close up!

Oh a newborn baby! Is there anything sweeter?! hodes_family0001hodes_family0012hodes_family0031 I’m going to bet that Bryce’s parents would say no. hodes_family0025 Since they know for a fact that their new baby boy is the absolute sweetest thing in the whole world! hodes_family0014 While we could’ve shot this little cutie for days on end, we had to pause to capture a few other important parts of this moment in their lives, like the nursery and the family dog! hodes_family0041hodes_family0035hodes_family0004 But of course soon after that, our attention was automatically drawn in to the adorable baby boy in front of us! hodes_family0074 Along with his parents, who were willing to let Bryce steal the show from them in their photos… hodes_family0018hodes_family0049   … as he will from now on I’m guessing! hodes_family0073 Such an awesome new little family! hodes_family0046 Congrats to all three of you as begin on this new adventure with a new family! We’re so excited for you and can’t wait to see if it’s actually possible for this little cutie to get even cuter as he grows! hodes_family0063 Click to see the rest of the photos from Bryce’s newborn session here! hodes_family0039hodes_family0076

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