Brenna and Nate’s wedding had it all… and then some!

Somehow Brenna and Nate found a way to squeeze in every single thing they wanted into their big day.

That whole “have your cake and eat it too” thing… well I’d say they conquered that phrase.  This wedding had it all!  They have a church with a special place in their heart (where Nate’s dad was a pastor for many years) so they wanted to have their ceremony there.

But they also wanted a reception venue that was able to capture their style and give off the overall feel that they wanted… so they found Tre Bella!

Which is perfect because Tre Bella definitely has a stylized, urban setting that looks great in photos!

So they had their modern venue, but they also wanted some sunset shots.

So we took pictures around Tre Bella and then headed over to some railroad tracks with wide open sky behind it so that they got both!  You see what I mean?  This wedding had it all… and then some!

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Their ceremony in the church was so fitting for them because they found ways to incorporate so many of their loved ones into it.

Nate has a band in town (Seconds to Breathe)…

(with this guy)

…and is really into the music scene, so obviously music was an important part of the wedding to him.

Luckily he has quite a few talented friends and when it came time to choose who was going to play the music while they walked down the aisle, he knew the perfect person… his childhood friend, Matt Weddle, who now plays with Obadiah Parker (Scottie has been into his music for awhile so he was excited).

Nate is not the only one with talented friends… Brenna was crowned Miss Arizona USA in 2006…

…so through her pageants, she has met all kinds of talented girls who were able to incorporate some of their gifts into her wedding (we LOVED working with the pageant girls by the way, they’re definitely comfortable in front of the camera, which makes our job easy!).

Brenna had 2 of her bridesmaids perform a song during their communion time in the ceremony (one played piano while the other sang) and it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

Here are a few more shots of this incredibly talented bridal party!

Friends aren’t the only ones who got to be involved in Brenna and Nate’s ceremony, but Nate’s dad had the great privilege of marrying them.  I can’t imagine what that’s like (since I’ve never done it myself!) but I can imagine it’s everything from emotional to challenging, to very very fun… and Nate’s dad pulled it all together into a fantastic ceremony.

Great job to everyone involved in the ceremony part of Brenna and Nate’s wedding… we thought it was perfect!

After the ceremony we headed back to Tre Bella… with a little stop at the railroad tracks at sunset in between!

Shooting weddings at Tre Bella is so much fun!  They have a totally different look than most of the venues around town and it really forces us to think differently about how we shoot and get creative… which is a good thing!

I’ve been in Tre Bella several times and every time I step into it’s white walled glory, I’m stunned.

I mean, that room is just perfect… every single little thing fits in with the decor and it is so well done.  Everything from the hardwood floors to the chandelier on the ceiling comes together in just the right way to create a really modern/elegant effect.

So of course we made sure to get not only the railroad shots around that area… … but to spend a good deal of time inside Tre Bella itself!

Really though, when working with Nate and Brenna it doesn’t matter where you’re shooting.  Those 2 are so much fun!  I would call them goofy but… well, yeah I’d just call them goofy! 😉

It’s pretty impressive when a girl can make a ton of funny faces at her groom and still look beautiful!  Brenna’s got the beauty pageant look, but she’s also an actress… so she’s got a fun personality that’s big enough to hold up her massive amounts of beauty as well!

Of course Nate loves to have fun as much as Brenna does, but he’s also mastered the cool band guy look… so which ever direction they decide to go for a photo, it’s always going to look great!

After we ran out of time for photos (we weren’t about to stop early since we were having so much fun with the two of them!), we headed over to release Brenna and Nate into the arms of all their family and friends at their party… and the real fun began!

Brenna and Nate, thank you so much for letting us be a part of this great event in your life.  We really did love working with you, not just because you’re easy to photograph, but because you are both such great people!

You guys deserve the best of everything and we wish you luck in all that you do!  Congratulations!

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November 9, 2010 - 4:43 am

Nicholas Leong - Awesome, awesome photos 😀 Loved every single one of it 🙂

November 9, 2010 - 10:03 am

Uncle Wayne - The most creative wedding pictures I have ever seen! I see nothing but a very beautiful future for this couple and am proud to be a part of this family.

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