Ashley & Kevin’s Beautifully Perfect Wedding Day

A beautiful setting, a happy couple, and plenty of family and friends to celebrate. That’s what a dream wedding is made of, right?! 0031 In that case, I’d say that Ashley and Kevin’s wedding had it all! 0012 First of all, the setting was stunning and the colors chosen for the big day complimented it so well! 00010035 I can’t get over how pretty the bridesmaids looked in that aqua color for this marina wedding! 0006

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0004 Then there was the couple themselves. Could they be any more adorable or in love?! 00450040 It was so fun to watch them on this day they’ll remember forever. You could just see the joy and love radiating from them. So beautiful! 00190008 0041 And of course there were the friends and family who were there to celebrate with Ashley and Kevin! 0002000700110003

(She’s definitely the most excited for them!)

Everyone was so happy for this amazing couple, that the celebrating and merriment making just couldn’t be contained! 0020 This wedding was particularly fun for us as Scottie and I (Breanna) had never been to a Croatian wedding before! 002700140054 In case you were wondering what the best part of a Croatian wedding is, I’ll spare you the suspense… it’s the cookies!!!! 0053 It’s tradition at a Croatian wedding for each family to bring a plate of Croatian cookies. However, I did hear that Kevin’s mom baked for five full days straight to provide majority of the cookie love found at this wedding! And these aren’t just any cookies, every single one is decorated differently and tastes amazing in it’s own way! It really is a sight to see them all spread out on tables across half the room, with guests (understandably) clamoring to get as many as they can on their plates before their favorites are gone. 0052

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Once you’ve pulled yourself away from the cookies (if that’s even possible!), you’ll find that Croatians not only know how to bake, but they also know how to party in style with plenty of traditional dances that everyone at the wedding had a blast participating in (along with some typical American favorites as well)! 00560055 So thanks to Ashley and Kevin for letting us be a part of this beautifully perfect wedding day with the two of you! We hope it was all you’ve dreamed of and more…  and judging by your faces and reactions in the photos, I’d say that’s a safe bet! 0026 Congrats to the two of you, enjoy the road ahead together! 0016 Click to see the rest of the photos from Ashley and Kevin’s Beautifully Perfect Wedding Day! 00300036

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