Ashley and Don: engaged and hanging out in the desert

Ashley and Don were very excited to do their engagement pictures with us… because they almost didn’t get them!


In fact, they almost didn’t get us as their photographers at all!


We received 2 calls for the same wedding date within literally 30 seconds of each other!  Fortunately for Ashley, she called us first.


And she was not about to risk losing us for her big day, so she booked us asap without even meeting first.  When we did first meet (after she had booked us) we were excited to be able to skip all the normal meeting stuff and just jump right on in to talking about the details of their wedding and planning their engagement session!


The only real request they had for their session (other than just fitting in with their busy work schedules and being within decent driving distance from their house) was a little bit of desert landscape.


Considering we live in the Arizona, that seemed like a pretty simple request!  So we found some saguaros and a bit of wide open sky, framed by a couple of mountains and had the happy couple stand and smile in front of it all!  You can’t go wrong with such a beautiful background and a fantastic looking couple like this one! 😉


Here are some more of our favorites from the day!


Thanks for choosing Radiant, guys.  We’re very happy that you booked us and that we get to shoot your wedding!  We’re SO looking forward to the big day!  Good luck pulling it all together! 🙂


Click to see/purchase the rest of Ashley and Don’s Phoenix, AZ engagement session photos.

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