Already married? Want a chance to re-live your wedding? Try a Unique Session!

So what happens when you give Radiant Photographers the perfect location, perfect lighting, perfect timing, and the perfect level of creative freedom?  Well…let us show you because that’s basically the definition of our Unique Sessions!  A Unique Session can be added to our wedding packages… OR if you are already married but couldn’t afford the kind of wedding photography you wanted, you loathe that frizzy perm you got the day before your wedding, your photographer didn’t get certain photos, or if you just REALLY miss your wedding dress… the Unique Session might be a solution for you!

Unique Sessions are a chance to get your wedding dress on (your hubby can just wear a nice suit or something), and  go to whatever location you want to give us a chance to get some of the best photos possible!  On the wedding day, we are really out of control of the situation and this often gets in the way of us being able to do everything we’d like to with your photos so the Unique Session hands the control back to us so we can let our creativity really shine!

Unique Sessions can be done like Abigail’s session which was more of a “trash the dress” kind of idea.


Abigail wanted to capture the beauty of Pine, AZ where she lived and she was all about showcasing every aspect… even the kinds that put her dress at risk!  She figured that she had already used it and now it was just going to be shoved away in a closet forever (there’s maybe a 1% chance her daughter would want to wear it when she got married), so she might as well get the coolest pictures possible to remember it by!  And as a side note, her dress did end up being fine after a post session dry cleaning! Click to see more from Abigail’s Unique Session!

You can also do a Unique Session like Tracy and Paul who got married over a year ago and just wanted to get some more snazzy photos to add to their collection of wedding photos!

tracy_paul_sc0407We shot Tracy and Paul’s wedding in Sedona, but they live in LA and like Abigail, they LOVE where they live!  So they wanted to get some photos of them hanging out in the city they affectionately call home. And of course we were all too happy to take a trip to hang out with them in California! There’s nothing better than making friends as a result of art, love, and the shared emotional experience of a wedding day, so we are always so excited when we get to work with a great couple like Tracy and Paul and then get a chance to stay friends even after their wedding! Click to see more from Tracy and Paul’s Unique Session!

One of the most stressful aspects of a wedding day is a rushed, crammed, schedule.  We feel like we are always dashing around trying to beat out the sunset, hoping no one is running behind, and attempting to make the cocktail hour as short as possible on the wedding day, all the while trying to calm down brides who are worried their schedule is too far behind we won’t have time to get the kind of photos they want.

If you book our “Unique Package” (which includes the Unique Session) then we get some photos on your wedding day, but we also know we’re going to get a second chance to spend more time with you to get the kind of stuff we REALLY want.  So if the schedule doesn’t go exactly as planned on your big day, you can relax and know that we’ll have plenty of time later for photos and that much less stress can make a huge difference in how much you enjoy your day!

This is what Mike and Emily chose to do for their wedding in La Jolla, California!

unique0123It was a perfect option for them because they traveled from Arizona to California for their wedding just to be able to get married in such a beautiful place.  So having the chance to take the time to actually drive around and get pictures in all different stunning CA locations, was something they were thrilled to do!  Click to see more from Emily and Mike’s Unique Session!

As you can see, when we say “Unique Session” really do mean unique! We work to design your session with the perfect blend between your personal style and our artistic abilities.  You can be an engaged couple planning a low-budget wedding who just want to get some amazing photos after your wedding at your favorite look out point.  Or you can be a couple who’s been married for 5 years, who want to re-connect with one another and feel like you’re getting married again!  Since they are so unique, they are for anyone with a wedding dress, who wants some more photos in it!

Contact us and we’ll help you dream up your own perfect Unique Session!!

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