Ali, Nick, and Blake… a normal day in the life of a beautiful family!

How could you not love doing a session for a family as cute as this one?!

We drove out to their Awatukee home in hopes of capturing just a few beautiful moments between the members of this family, and we were happy to find that we were able to witness more than just a few!

As is usual for kids his age, Blake was a little quiet at first but warmed up very well by the end of the session!

By the time we finished shooting at their home, we headed over to the golf course park where Blake just came alive!

Before we left, we asked Ali and Nick if we were going to need some toys to keep his attention and they both shook their heads and assured us that as soon as we was outside he’d be happier than any toy could make him.

And they were right!  He didn’t have much experience with grass yet (it was fun to watch him experiment with it!) and it turns out that he loves it!

I (Breanna) took Ali and Nick away for a romantic photo moment…

…while Scottie stayed and played in the grass with Blake and got to see more of his real personality come out!

He’s just a happy boy in the great outdoors!

Thanks to all 3 of you for calling us to capture this special season in your lives, we’re happy to be a part of it!

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