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    We are the Chansons! We are Scott and Breanna Chanson and we live and breathe to tell stories…. We were married in 2005, and as we stood saying our vows at the altar, neither of us could've predicted the incredible story our life together would develop into. Since we began shooting weddings in 2006, we've had a whirlwind of unforgettable experiences. We've shot all over the U.S. as well as internationally. We've gained an invaluable following of loyal fans who have encouraged us to continue on… even through the rough times. We've developed ourselves into teachers and mentors for other photographers and small businesses. We've expanded Radiant by adding a new photography team and creating a home base in both Los Angeles, CA and Phoenix, AZ. Through all this, we've discovered that the two most important things to us are people and their stories. Radiant Photography exists to help us meet amazing people and allows us to tell their stories. We hope you enjoy this shared experience into one another's worlds.

Diana and Hector’s musical and poetic engagement session

It only took about half a second after we explained how we do “creative” engagement sessions, for Diana and Hector to know exactly what they wanted.

There are two things that were integral in bringing them together… music…

…and poetry…

…so they knew that having a session centered on those two things was a must!

We started out by checking out the poetry and music at a bookstore.

They got to flip through their favorite books and albums, while enjoying their day together… while we just happened to be taking pictures the whole time!

OK, we did bother them enough to grab a few poses in the bookstore!

When we left the bookstore, we took some time to get a few photos of them flipping through their CD’s.

They said that when they thought about what they do together… sitting in the car, deciding what CD to play consumes a lot of their time!  So of course we couldn’t miss that special moment!:-)

Next we moved onto Mesa Arts Center where we took a few more standard engagement session type of shots.

We also took a minute while we were there for them to read each other poems they had picked out just for the session!

Such a cool idea on their part!

Once we felt like we had what we needed from the arts center, we moved on to one of our favorite walls… the music wall!

When I heard they wanted a session centered around music, this wall was the first thing that popped into my head.

Diana and Hector…

…thank you both so much for putting the energy into planning a creative session… it was a ton of fun for us!

We hope you love the resulting product from your engagement session imaginations!

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Danine’s Urban Outfitters Senior Session

At my very first glimpse of Danine, I knew I liked her.

… even though the first time I saw her it was just on Facebook!

How could I not like her, she was gushing over the senior photos we’d taken of one of her friends.  Anyone who loves what we do that much, is a friend in my book!;-)

Danine couldn’t get over how much her friend’s pics looked like an Urban Outfitters catalog, which is awesome considering that is a catalog we subscribe to for inspiration and that we love some of the work we see in there!

She contacted us for her own session shortly after publicly raving about us to the world via Facebook, and of course we were more than excited to do a session for her!

Someone who really understands and appreciates our style the way she does… is someone we’re dying to work with! So we set out to plan her own senior session with an Urban Outfitters feel to it!

The more I got to know Danine the more I felt like I (Breanna) not only understood her style, but really clicked with her on a personal level.

Whenever there’s that kind of artistic connection with a client, I feel a lot more free to be myself in my processing of the photos… and I love that!

Of course, this time was no different… I had so much fun working on Danine’s pictures!

The processing wasn’t the only fun part in all of this, actually working with Danine was the best!  Talk about a bubbly, fun, confident girl!

It’s awesome to see someone who has “success” written all over them, getting ready to head off to college!

(She’s going to the University of Arizona if you can’t tell by the U of A shirt she’s wearing in a bunch of the pictures!)

Thanks Danine, for being a joy to work with and for appreciating our work so much!  Good luck with all your future endeavors!

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Stacia and Mike’s wedding with style

If you spend X amount of hours watching TLC wedding shows, plus another X amount of hours reading wedding magazines, and you want your wedding to equal Y amount of uniqueness, how do you make that happen when you feel like everything’s already been done?  Well if you really want an answer to this question, I think you should ask Stacia and Mike.

However I don’t think their answer will help you much because really it has everything to do with their sense of style and it’s something that just can’t be taught.

If you’re like me, you’ve met people in your life that make you say “wow, I wish I could pull things off like them”.  Well Stacia and Mike are those people… everything they touch turns to cool.

So you take all that cool…

…add in a gorgeous venue

… a really fun bridal party…

(Fan us on Facebook to tag yourself in some of these photos!)

….a freaking beautiful bride…

(right before he saw her for the first time).

…a studly groom…

(Right after he saw her for the first time).

…and the cutest kid you’ve ever seen…

…you have Stacia and Mike’s wedding (I’ll spare the word problem analogy for this one… no x’s and y’s to confuse us all).

Seriously, you couldn’t find a better threesome anywhere!  And lucky us, we get to be the ones who have the job of communicating who they are to the world!  I hate to brag, but we have such a fun job!  And people like this remind us of that constantly!

So now if you’re wondering about all this coolness that I speak of, try this on for size…

His ring is from Russel Simmons’ jewelry collection…

Everyone in the bridal party wore Converse…

(and Stacia’s polka dot socks definitely topped it off!)

Their lighting and draping was unbelievable (talk to Carrie at Stonecreek Golf Club for details on that and then talk to her about everything else in the world because she’s fun to talk to!)…

And there’s just some things about them that must have been sprinkled with magical cool glitter because you just can’t explain it.  Like, how do you say “cool” with just your mere stance and presence in a room?  I don’t know, but both Stacia and Mike have that down.

(Even during a time when most people would look ridiculous… um, guess what… Mike still looks cool!! I don’t know anyone else who can pull of a frosting glob like that.)

Alright I’m swearing off the word “cool” for the rest of this blog… more like for the rest of this week!  I’ll go for some other adjectives to describe them.  How about… “happy”?!

Yeah, that one works.

I’d say that’s a pretty good description considering their faces in so many of these pictures!

When you see so many photos of two people looking so happy on their wedding day, I think you can safely call the day a success! Thanks Stacia and Mike for letting us be a part of your awesome (like my substitute for the “C” word there?) wedding.

We seriously loved getting to hang out with you, you’re both so much fun to be around.  Thanks for being so considerate of us on a day that was supposed to be all about you.  You made us feel like we were taking pictures at a friends wedding and hanging out at the same time.  We loved it.  The best to you both!

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June 11, 2010 - 10:35 am

Carrie - LOVE LOVE LOVE These Pictures. Radiant you never cease to amaze me!!!


June 11, 2010 - 10:46 am

Dawn Candrea - LOVE IT! LOVE THE PHOTOS, LOVE THE VENUE, LOVE RADIANT, & LOVE CARRIE!!! I am so proud of you both and jealous….can’t wait to have Scottie & Breanna shoot Arrowhead!!!!!!! D.

July 3, 2010 - 4:28 pm

Stacia Wolfe - Thank you both so much for making our wedding awesome. The pictures are gorgeous. We want to get our family pictures done by you guys. Thank you again, it was blast hanging out with you both!


Stacia, Mike and Kason

Laura and Matt’s Emotional Wedding Day

If I had to describe Laura and Matt’s wedding in one word it would be… emotional.

From the first time they saw each other… …to all their interactions with family and friends…

…to their private moments together…

…all of it was full of beautiful, genuine emotion.  I can sit here and try to describe the many variations of feeling I saw that day, but I think the pictures say it best.

Before I go too far, I have to take the time to mention how stunning the bride looked!!  Again, I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

And who could forget the fantastic bridal party?!

(Fan us on Facebook so you can tag yourself in some of these photos).

I can’t even tell you what it was like to watch a couple like this who was so obviously in love.

People always ask us if going to weddings makes us think about our own marriage often.

The answer is that weddings like this one, can’t help but make you reflect on your own relationship!

I mean, you’re sitting there for hours watching two people who are completely enraptured with each other and who don’t want to be apart for one second…

…there’s no way Scottie and I could’ve left there without a good kiss at the end of the night!

Don’t let a lot of the serious emotions fool you, they had their share of overwhelming joy as well!

Not to mention, quite a bit of sillyness as well!

So thank you Laura and Matt for being open and honest with your feelings enough to allow us to freeze them forever in time.

You had a beautiful ceremony…

…a fun group of friends…

…a fantastic party (thanks to lots of help from Margie at Party Presentations)

….and a killer exit!  You guys rock and we are so very, VERY excited for you!:-)

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June 11, 2010 - 1:03 am

Nicholas Leong - Shots like these make me look forward to my own wedding this year! :)

Beautiful as always. I think it is possible to run out superlatives to describe the work you do.

June 11, 2010 - 1:09 am

Breanna - Wow Nicholas, your kind words mean more than you know. Thanks for taking the time to say them! And congratulations on your engagement! That’s great news! :-)

Everyone’s all together… time for Kugle family photos!

After doing pictures for their baby

…we were thrilled when the Kugle Family called us to do pictures of the rest of the family as well!

Of course we couldn’t resist taking pictures of the baby again because as in any family, the baby steals the show without any effort at all!

This time was especially fun because he had a bunch of new expressions in his repertoire that we were happy to witness!

Especially because some of those faces were absolutely hysterical!

(Although this is probably my favorite picture of the day, we decided to get a normal one during this very sweet family moment!)

The rest of the family did get their time to shine too…

…both as couples…

…and as an entire family.

When you have a family as photogenic as this one, you can’t help but take way too many pictures of them!

We were very happy they were staying at the JW Desert Ridge Marriott while they were in town because it gave us full access to the stunning grounds there!

We couldn’t ask for a better place to take pictures, every where you go is beautiful!

In fact, if we had any problem, it was that there were too many places to go and we were overwhelmed with options!  Not a bad problem to have!

We want to give a special thanks to the Kugle family for working with us.

You really are a beautiful family… and a photographers dream I might add!

We hope you returned home from your vacation well rested and that you’re having fun back in normal life!:-)

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June 11, 2010 - 12:50 am

Jennifer Anderson - Seriously gorgeous people. They look very happy!