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    We are the Chansons! We are Scott and Breanna Chanson and we live and breathe to tell stories…. We were married in 2005, and as we stood saying our vows at the altar, neither of us could've predicted the incredible story our life together would develop into. Since we began shooting weddings in 2006, we've had a whirlwind of unforgettable experiences. We've shot all over the U.S. as well as internationally. We've gained an invaluable following of loyal fans who have encouraged us to continue on… even through the rough times. We've developed ourselves into teachers and mentors for other photographers and small businesses. We've expanded Radiant by adding a new photography team and creating a home base in both Los Angeles, CA and Phoenix, AZ. Through all this, we've discovered that the two most important things to us are people and their stories. Radiant Photography exists to help us meet amazing people and allows us to tell their stories. We hope you enjoy this shared experience into one another's worlds.

Old friends reunited and celebrating Maureen & Matt’s engagement!

As I waved goodbye to Maureen on graduation day, I knew I would see her again.

What I didn’t know was what circumstances it would be under!

Maureen and I (Breanna) were friends all through high school.  We ate lunch together every day, walked to classes together, and watched each other stress out over tests, boys (all in vain of course since neither of us ended up with any of the boys we knew in high school) and all the normal high school stuff.

We lost touch for awhile after high school since there was once a time (though I know it’s hard to remember what it was like) when Facebook wasn’t around.  Of course after Facebook’s world take over, Maureen and I found each other and Maureen also found Radiant Photography’s Facebook page (take a second to like our page if you haven’t already!).

She quickly became one of our biggest fans, commenting on new sessions we put up and sending every one of her engaged friends our way.  So when the time came for Maureen to be the one with the ring on her finger she called us before she even set the date just so she could pick a day that we were available!

We met with her and Matt (and we loved him by the way!) and then we headed up to Matt’s family cabin in Payson for the weekend to do their engagement session in the cool mountain air!

Matt and Maureen treated us to a fabulous weekend in the pines, complete with elaborate home cooked meals and a very plush room for us to stay in!

We had a fantastic time relaxing and exploring with them.  Not to mention Maureen and I took full advantage of our time together to catch up on all the “who’s doing what now” stuff from our high school (our men were both patient with us while we threw names of people they didn’t know back and forth).

To kick off our photo session, we shot a couple of photos around the cabin and then headed up to the rim.

As always the rim was stunning, and the post-rain feel made it even more beautiful than usual.

We took our time up there and shot photos until our trigger fingers couldn’t trigger anymore.

Then we headed over to Willow Springs lake to capture a little sunset reflecting in the lake.

Everywhere on the rim looks amazing after it rains and the lake was no exception.

The clouds were fantastic and the sun would peak out at just the right moments.

Not to mention the sunset looked more like a forest fire that day than just regular color in the sky.

This is one of those sessions where we’re just dying to take all the credit, but secretly we know it was all just our luck with the weather and the beautiful sky it brought.

Not to mention, Maureen and Matt were perfect together.  We have so many great photos of them interacting together and having fun.  Again, we can’t pat ourselves on the back for that one… it was all them.  They just chose to relax and be normal in front of the camera, and it worked out in their favor for sure!

Thanks so much to you both for giving us such a fabulous weekend, you treated us like royalty and we milked every minute of it!  We’re so so so SO excited to shoot your wedding!  I can’t believe I get to not only see my old high school friend walk down the aisle, but actually be a part of the event as well.  Thanks for connecting us, Facebook, I love you too!

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August 10, 2010 - 5:26 am

Nancy Gilloon - Fun, fun, fun! I love all these pics! My favs are when you both are closing your eyes and touching foreheads, and the one with clouds in the water-a bright spot [like the H.S.] is there too.[that one got me all teary-eyed]. can’t pic just one…Super shoot!

August 10, 2010 - 9:53 am

Nicholas Leong - Maureen is lucky to have known you! Now why couldn’t I have gone to the same school? :P

I think you must be tired of me saying awesome shots all the time.

August 11, 2010 - 9:34 pm

Jen Brown - Congrats, Maureen and Matt! Your pics are AMAZING…I can’t stop looking at them :) GORGEOUS!

Jinny and Paul take a stroll down memory lane

When we asked where they wanted to go for their engagement session, Jinny and Paul knew the spot right away.

It is where they had their first date, where Paul proposed, and now where they had their engagement pictures taken!

This magical place where memories are made is a look out spot up on the rim in Northern AZ.

A place that Jinny has affectionately named “Turtle Rock” because it does indeed look like a little turtle!:-)

As the tradition goes, Jinny and Paul stopped at Subway to grab their picnic lunch before heading up that way.

They pile it all into this awesome picnic basket and then sit around enjoying the view, laughing, and sneaking in a little kiss every now and then!;-)

We deviated from their norm some because instead of heading to a quaint little Italian restaurant for dessert afterwards, we headed to woods canyon lake to continue with the picture taking festivities.

Jinny and Paul met at church in Phoenix, but didn’t have their first date until after Paul moved to Payson.

Hence, the dating traditions that center around places in Payson!

They are now back in the same city planning their wedding and making sporadic trips to Payson together to reminisce and escape the Phoenix summer heat.  Which is also one of the reasons we made the trek for picture day.  Everyone looks better when they DON’T have sweat dripping down their faces!

(Look, they’re laughing at the lame joke I just made! Ha!).

As you can see, Woods Canyon Lake did not disappoint!

It was absolutely beautiful!  It had been raining and there was a nice  fog setting over the lake… something you don’t really get to see a whole lot amidst the scorching pavement in Phoenix.

We were mesmerized and we couldn’t stop taking pictures of it!

Thank you Jinny and Paul for giving us a little tour of your beautiful memory lane!  We had a great time hanging out with you guys and we can’t wait for your wedding!

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August 8, 2010 - 7:55 pm

Amy - As always you guys do beautiful work! In my home town ;)

Thats the best place for camping too…not just dates!
Nice work guys!

Dave and Sarah forever!

The only thing better than shooting a friend’s wedding is knowing that your friend is marrying the love of his life.

That’s how we felt when we shot Dave and Sarah’s wedding.

Watching Dave and Sarah together was like watching happiness being defined.

They just love each other and there is no doubt about it!

It didn’t take long for Sarah to win the hearts of all Dave’s family and friends…

…we know because we fall into that “we love Sarah” friend category.

(Like our page on Facebook to tag yourself in some of the photos!).

Did we mention how cute some of Dave’s a fore mentioned family members are?!

(You might recognize the little flower girl from one of my favorite family sessions we’ve ever done!).

I think it’s safe to say that Sarah’s friends love Dave as well!

Dave got to be a part of our wedding so we were so excited to be a part of his!

Looking at this studly man in his fantastic tux, you would never guess that he wore a powder blue suit to our wedding, complete with top hat and cane of course!

Don’t worry, he asked our permission first and we thought it was fitting for our funny friend who we’d chosen to be the master of ceremonies at our wedding reception!

(They had some rocking dance moves out there!).

Realizing that we could never out do the Dumb and Dumber-esque ensemble, Scottie and I opted for our regular wedding photographer attire that is meant to help us blend in with guests… not quite the same goal as a blue tuxedo.

Of course being the fun guy that he is… this wedding included as much laughter and celebration as we expected.

Since Dave sparks smiles from everyone around him, I’m so glad that he married a girl with such a spectacular one!;-)

Sarah’s cute, fun loving spirit is part of what helps her fit right in with Dave and his family.

During the ceremony, her laughter was overflowing as Dave’s dad who was officiating made jokes that only major trekkies would understand!

I can’t end this post without adding in a few more of my favorite photos from the day!

You are both headed for so many great things in your life together and we are so glad we got to be there for the big kickoff that’s getting it all started.  Congratulations!

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August 4, 2010 - 6:18 pm

Nicholas Leong - The best part of the photos you both take is that you translate the atmosphere and feeling of the wedding so well.

Just looking at the pictures, I can already hear the laughter in my head :) It definitely looked like one helluva fun wedding :)

Jennie and John: a pair that would make even Derek Zoolander jealous!

So I guess you could say that Jennie and John made a liar out of me!

I (Breanna) started our their engagement session by telling them that they’d be uncomfortable in the beginning, but then it would slowly get easier the longer we went on.

The words were hardly out of my mouth before they struck a completely natural pose that made them look like they’d been modeling all their lives.

So much for being uncomfortable!

They looked totally relaxed the entire time and I hardly even had to think about posing them!

I’d start to pose them and then I’d look at them, step back a little, look at them again and surprise myself by saying “never mind, what you’re doing is perfect”.

(The closest we got to posing was here when Scottie told them to look “epic”.  Without even a second of hesitation, they just went into perfect epic mode!  Really?!  Who actually knows how to do that!?)

Now for those of you who have had photo sessions before and are feeling bad because you weren’t 100% comfortable right away… never fear because Jennie and John are apparently freaks of nature who’s coolness overrides any awkwardness that might try to creep through. 

Most of us people with average Joe levels of coolness (or less) couldn’t pull off this modelesque photo shoot if we’d trained for years for it!

It was like style was just seeping out of their pores.

Since a good part of what we do is work with people to help relax them and feel comfortable enough with us that they feel free to be themselves in the photos… we can’t take much credit for most of the good parts in these photos! It was all them!

The pictures are what they are because Jennie and John were just who they are without any level of coercion from us!

(This is them attempting a very dramatic, full on leaping into the air shot. Up next on their agenda… auditions for “So you think you can dance”.  Just kidding).

And lucky for them, who they are happens to be people who are really cool with a large lump of ridiculously good looking (to quote Zoolander) added on top of that!

Perfect candidates for an outstanding photo session I’d say!

(This porch stoop is exactly where they met at a First Fridays years ago! In case you’re confused, First Fridays is a monthly art walk in Phoenix).

I guess what we can all learn from Jennie and John is to just do what you do with confidence because being yourself makes you look your best both on camera and off (I think Tyra Banks just took over my computer… motivational speech ends here).

(More dance practice… I tell ya, there gonna go pro soon!).

Of course looks and style aren’t all that Jennie and John have going for them!  They are a lot of fun to hang out with too!

We went to Carly’s Bistro for a late night snack after their session (despite the fact that they had gone there for dinner before the session) and we stayed there into the even later night because we were having such a good time with them!

So not only are they the perfect people to do a  photo session for, but also the perfect people to work with!

Fun, charming, and kind people… who wouldn’t want to work with them?!

(And they let us take pictures of them in front of giant religious skeletons… like I said, they’re easy to work with!).

So thanks Jennie and John for making our job so easy and so much fun!  We had a great time with you and we’re so glad that we’re the ones you chose to be there alongside you on your big day!  Ciao for now!

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July 27, 2010 - 6:58 pm

Nicholas Leong - I guess as long as you relax, and stop worrying about that pimple, or that wrinkle, or how your arms look, then everyone can be the next Jennie and John!

That sounded like a reality show right there :D

Although it probably helped that they had “ridiculously amount of good looking”

July 28, 2010 - 8:30 am

Jill - That’s why we call him Super John!

Watching true beauty happen at the “Arizona Princess Program”

If you are a girl (and I’m assuming some of you are), you probably have experienced those glorious moments in your life where you get dressed up, look your best, and actually feel… dare I say it?…. pretty.

I’m not sure if we always realize the significance of those “pretty” moments, until we don’t have any for awhile… especially when it’s been a LONG while!

I (Breanna) recently got to spend time with a group of girls that have quite possibly never, ever had a “pretty moment” before.

These girls are all foster children between the ages of 12-15 and some of them have never even worn a dress before.

(I love this one of a girl in her fancy dress getting ready to trade in her Nike’s for a pair of heels).

I met this bunch at a camp called Teen Reach Adventure Camp or TRAC (sponsored by the amazing group Hope & a Future). Scottie and I were headed up there to take pictures for their special event called The Princess Program.

The goal of the Princess Program is to help these girls feel beautiful both inside and out.

The Princess Program happens on a special night of camp when the girls get all dolled up just like they would for prom (which most of these girls will never get to go to) …

…then they head over to eat a fancy meal prepared just for them…

…followed by a night of carefree dancing and fun (definitely not the norm for any of these girls).

(Aside from volunteers, we can’t legally show the faces of any of the girls involved.  It was quite a challenge to tell the story without using faces!).

Dolce Salon and Spa collects used prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses at various points throughout the year to save up quite a selection for these girls to choose from when their special night comes.

When the time comes, they put on the dress…

…get their hair and make up done courtesy of Dolce…

(or courtesy of the camp counselors if there’s a mudslide that shuts down the highway so that most of the Dolce crew isn’t able to make it… as was the case this year!).

(If you happen to be one of the people helping out in some of these photos, you can tag yourself in them on our Facebook page).

…add in some accessories…

…and prepare to be treated like royalty for the rest of night!

When I say royalty, I mean it!  I’m talking red carpet, paparazzi, and glittering everything!

Not to mention a group of studs who volunteer to escort the girls down the carpet and spend the rest of the night serving them!

They’re older guys of course, because lets face it, they’re the hottest (ha ha I’m just saying that because I always joke with Scottie about being 6 years older than me)!

In the past, we have promoted the dress drive so that all of our brides know where to send their bridesmaids to donate their dresses once the wedding’s over.  However, this year we were asked to volunteer our time to take photos for the actual Princess dinner and we couldn’t have been more honored.

Since it was our first time at this camp, we didn’t quite know what to expect so we were a little nervous.  And when we showed up at the camp, we found we weren’t the only ones who were nervous.

The girls there were dressed in old jeans, sweats, and tennis shoes and were struggling to balance both their excitement and their nerves as they anticipated the events that were to come that night!

For a girl who is more used to rejection than loving affection, it can be a very scary thing to have that much positive attention thrust on her all at once!

It was so fun to watch them go through their big transformation. They’d get their hair done and would feign indifference by saying “yeah, it looks OK I guess”, then as they put on their necklaces on they’d try to hide the smiles that were creeping out, and by the time the entire process was done, they were absolutely beaming.

I saw one girl who hadn’t even begun the hair and makeup process, but as soon as she saw herself in the dress she broke down crying.

Of course she had her “cousin” (camp counselors) right there next to her to hold her and encourage the experience she was going through as she finally felt beautiful for the first time ever.

I really loved watching the girls walking down the red carpet arm in arm with their male escorts.

As girls will do, they were all giggly about the guys who were all dressed up and about to… touch their arm (gasp)!!  It’s funny how teenage girls never change! ;-)  Aside from the shy smiles and darting glances up at the guys’ faces, my favorite part about watching this was how the guys treated them.

I know they had some coaching, but man, the guys took this and ran with it!  They only had a runways length to talk to the girl on their arm and in that time they managed to help the girls forget the awkwardness of so many eyes on them and start laughing and… well, feeling beautiful.

You could just see it happening, if there was a confidence meter that you could actually see that day, it would have started at the bottom, climbed slowly up with each “beauty station” the girls passed through, and then shot through the top as they walked down that red carpet with the guys.  SO awesome!

After their grand entrances, the girls sat down to a fabulous meal, at an equally stunning table.

I have to say, my jaw completely dropped when I saw the “ballroom”.  I mean, they had this place decked out!

I’d be surprised if there was a single piece of hot pink anything left in the state of Arizona that was not in that room once they were done decorating.

No bling, no expense, and definitely no pink was spared as this Princess dinner was created.  Just as it should be for a princess.

Props to Margie at Party Presentations for making all the shinyness happen!

The girls proceeded to sit through what was probably the first fancy meal they’ve ever had in their lives, complete with place cards, corsages, crabcakes, and cute waitors who filled up their glasses before they even got half empty.

They were living the high life… and loving every second of it.  After dinner came the dancing.  The girls learned a few dances and then got to let loose and have a little fun.

I can’t even imagine what a night like this would mean to girls who are so used to being treated the exact opposite of a princess.  I know that they will absolutely never forget it.

The best part is that this was just the first night of the TRAC camp!  When we left, they still had a couple more days to go where they had people all around them loving on them and trying to reinforce in everyway that they are each just as special as a princess.

P.S. Since one of our goals with our Radiant Love program is to spread the word about different ways to help others in your community, I couldn’t possibly end this without telling you how to get involved (fan us on Facebook to stay updated with our Radiant Love activities along with all our recent photo sessions)! There are so many ways for you to help out with this!  You can donate money (and get tax credits!), volunteer time, give your old dresses, etc, etc.  And the Princess Program is only one piece of the puzzle.  They also have TRAC camps for boys where they have an “All-Star Program“.  If you’re looking for a place to invest your time, money, or heart, I highly recommend you check out Hope & a Future because after doing it personally, I’d say it’s a VERY worthwhile investment!

July 20, 2010 - 12:51 pm

Ashley Gain - Scottie & Breanna!!! These pictures are making me tear up. I can’t begin to tell you how great it was to meet you at the event! I wish you could have seen the transformations that took place from that Sunday through the rest of the program. You are such a blessing! Let’s get together a talk events soon! xoxo

July 20, 2010 - 4:20 pm

Jenny Mertes - I am so proud of my friends Ken and Jenny W. for being part of this camp as counselors and facilitators – in their “off time” from another camp they help to run. Wonderful people!

July 20, 2010 - 4:39 pm

Connie Hawkinson - Thanks for posting these pictures in a blog. My daughter and son-in-law were there as counselors and it is neat to see what they have told us about. Blessings to everyone who worked so hard to make it happen. Awesome!!

July 21, 2010 - 7:28 pm

Nicholas Leong - I think both of you did a fantastic job telling the story without faces.

You are getting me teary eyed!

July 23, 2010 - 12:58 am

Gina Meola - Love this!!! And you!! ;) What a fantastic project. Beautiful, beautiful!

July 31, 2010 - 6:09 pm

Jan Brewer - You are all to be commended for all you do! These pictures are just breathtaking and really give me Goosebumps. I’m proud to know so many of you. You’re leaving your footprints and really making a difference in these girls life’s

January 18, 2011 - 5:13 pm

Alexandra Hunt - I love this – so much. I support ethical giving for women and children in Third World Countries in my work (I donate supplies and intangibles – like home birthing kits, baby blankets, literacy training – for every session and wedding I book), and I love LOVE seeing other photographers making a difference, too. One day, I’d love to run something like this Princess Program. What a blessing! You guys rock!

January 11, 2012 - 3:07 am

A true story about Extraordinary Living (Kelli Freeman: Part 2) | Rare Existence - [...] is.  That moment to me, said so much about what you do. (I want to encourage everyone to go read the blog post I wrote about our first experience with the Princess Program because the pictures in it really help tell [...]