Jinny and Paul’s Big Day!

Ever been to Encanterra, a Trilogy Country Club?

Yeah, I had never heard of it either before Jinny and Paul’s wedding.

Though it’s quite a drive to get to Encanterra, as soon as we arrived we found out that it was definitely worth the trip!

Encanterra is not only a beautiful golf course, but it’s also a course with all kinds of unique features that make it stand out above others.

The stone features, waterfalls, and bridges all make it absolutely stunning!

Not to mention, the dust that’s in the air on the edge of town out there makes for AMAZING sunsets!!

Not only were we excited to have this stunning backdrop to take pictures of, but the people who were going to stand between us and the background (Jinny and Paul) are such a cute and happy couple that we couldn’t wait to see their shining faces on this big day!

It was so fun to do their reveal moment and watch how as soon as they saw one another their nerves, fears, and worries melted away as they suddenly remembered the reason behind the whole day.

Once they felt like the stress had evaporated…

…they began to become their normal selves again and they were ready to handle this momentous day together.

They were a team and they were ready for action!

We took some time to take a few photos of them, their bridal party, and their family before we went back to wait behind the scenes for the main event to begin!

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The ceremony went great and was as beautiful as you’d expect at Encanterra!

And after that, it was time to start the party!

During dinner, to the surprise of Paul, one of their friends stood next to a mike with her guitar and began to explain that she was about to sing a song that consisted of her music and Jinny’s words.  Together, they wrote a song as a special surprise to Paul!  The song was beautiful and it was one of my favorite moments of the whole day.

The details at the reception were really cute as well.  They had a candy bar… not like a snickers bar, more like a trip to the candy store where you scoop various kinds of candy into a bag to take home as a wedding favor!  The cool part about the candy bar (besides the fact that it was made up of delicious sugar) was that all the candy fit their color theme!  It was all brown and green… and there are more green candies out there than I ever knew! This was quite a tasty and pretty little feature at their wedding!

So Jinny and Paul tied the knot and I’d say the whole event was quite a success!  It was beautiful, the couple was happy, and all the guests had a fantastic time!

Congratulations Jinny and Paul and the best of luck to you both!!

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