Jon, Doris, Jaime, and their new wonderful addition (by Scott & Breanna)

Remember when you were a little kid and old ladies would pinch your cheeks and rave about how much you’ve grown? Well I, Breanna, am officially an old lady now. You’d be one too if you’d spent time with this adorable itty witty face!

I mean, you see this little baby being carried around in a Baby Bjorn or whatever those things are called, and the next day they’re three! How can you NOT start freaking out about how big they’ve gotten when the first thing that crosses your mind is that this kid MUST have been eating magic beans to make her grow, because there’s no WAY you’ve aged as many years as this kid has in the past 3 years!

That’s how I’ve been with poor Jaime. I’ve tried to keep it to myself in order to spare her cheeks, but I still REALLY can’t believe that she’s gotten so big since I first met her as a tiny little baby at the Hawaii wedding we were photographing that her dad, Jon, was a groomsman in!

It didn’t take us long after getting re-acquainted with Jaime to realize that the years that have passed have been 3 very active and energetic years for this family!

The scrape on her chin says it all. She is just an adorable ball of fiery energy to say the least.

Luckily, she has some amazing parents who have no problem being as crazy and childlike as they need to be in order to really enjoy this precious and quickly moving time they have with their little girl at this very energetic stage in her life.

We first re-united with this incredible family to do photos of a very pregnant Doris. And Doris, I have to say, I was VERY impressed with how well you kept up with your little girl, even when you were carrying around an entire additional child in you! You didn’t miss a beat.

And neither did Jon, who apparently has been trained in the ancient art of holding the attention of a 3 year old, because he can hold on to that valuable resource with the best of them!

(Seriously, that’s one committed dad!)

Is there anything that can make a family as precious as this one, even more wonderful?!

Well I do know of one thing….

When baby boy Alton made his appearance into this world, this family went from great to greater.

I mean, look at this guy! He’s already using his awesome expressions to communicate his little personality to his family!

Doris, Jon, Jaime, and Alton…. we are so happy we got to spend so much time with you all over the past couple of months and we are so excited to see how you guys settle into your new roles with one another to create an even more amazing family than you’ve already been over the past years.

Congratulations on this major event, we are so happy we got to be a part of it!

P.S. Good luck at being the great big sister we know you can be, Jaime!

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April 4, 2013 - 4:09 am

patty - thank u for lovely photos i wish always happy and best for you all

April 17, 2013 - 7:28 pm

Caitlin - Yes, I am on my lunch break and yes, I am browsing your blog like a crazy person. I really hope you get the chance to photograph every baby our small group ever produces because the photos of this little boy are adorable.

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