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Ashley & Don Get Married in Mesa!

When Ashley and Don found out they were competing with another couple who wanted to book us for the same day as their wedding, they went ahead and dove in head first no questions asked.  So when we finally got a chance to meet with Ashley and Don I think all of us were relieved at how well we got along and that it did seem like we’d be a good fit for their wedding day!

(He’s a cop… hence the handcuffs!)

If you can’t tell by her veil blowing around in these pictures…

…it was a pretty windy day! But somehow Ashley managed to look amazing through the whole thing!

Look at her… not a hair out of place.  Definitely a beautiful bride!

When we first heard that Ashley and Don were getting married at Tre Bella in Downtown Mesa we were a little skeptical.  Mostly because we live 10 minutes away from there and we had never seen a wedding venue in that area!  Once we made the trip to go check it out, we were amazed!

By glancing at their store front exterior, you wouldn’t think much of it… but once inside wow! Tre Bella has a great modern look that many of our brides have a hard time finding in AZ, not to mention they have a huge selection of linens, decor, etc and it’s really cool stuff!

Of course being right in Downtown Mesa has it’s perks… the cool alleyways and brightly colored walls are just a few of many!

We loved working with Kim at Tre Bella as well.  She works her butt off to make sure all her brides have the perfect day!  And I think it’s safe to say that she succeeded in her goal with Ashley and Don’s wedding… it was amazing.

While a great location, beautiful decor, and cool little details add a lot to a wedding…

(the feather details on the cake fit right in with the decor at Tre Bella!)

… those things alone are not enough to make a wedding as wonderful as Ashley and Don’s. You have to add in all their amazing family and friends to make it complete!

(Make sure you guys all fan our Facebook page so you can tag yourselves in the photos!)

We bonded with their family immediately and they all treated us like one of them rather than just as “hired help” or something like that.

We were talking and laughing it up with all the people involved in the wedding so much that it didn’t feel like we were working at all!

You can’t help but love a group with such cute kids!

(See, after looking at all those kids, I know that everyone reading this loves this group of people now too!)

So thank you to all of Ashley and Don’s family and friends who were kind of enough to go above and beyond in making us feel loved.  You guys are all great! 🙂

And of course  a special thanks to Ashley and Don who let us be a part of one of the most important days of their lives… such an honor to us!  Thanks for being such a breeze to work with and for being kind and fun… and all those wonderful things that make you both the great people that you are!  Congratulations, we wish you the best!

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