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I always have more to say, here’s as much as Scottie let me put on our blog!

Michelle and Derek's Surprise Wedding (by Scott & Breanna)

OK I’ll admit it, the title of this post was a bit misleading. Sorry I tricked you. It just so happened that was the shortest way to word what I was trying to say AND I knew it would make you want to read it.  But I’m glad it worked and that you’re here because you’re going to be so happy you came once you see how incredible Michelle and Derek’s wedding was! These pictures will make up for my swindling, I promise!

The real reason I titled this post like I did is because everyone involved in this wedding was crazy about surprises! Good thing too, because if someone loves surprises and the person they are surprising doesn’t, bad things can happen! Luckily all the surprises at this wedding were very welcomed and only good things came from them!

Of course you had the normal wedding day surprises, like the groom seeing the bride in her dress for the first time during the reveal moment, the bride seeing what all the ideas in her head really look like when they’re all put together, and it’s always a surprise to see just how drunk uncle Benny can get (just kidding, I don’t even know if they have an uncle Benny, but if they do…so sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you)!

But aside from the regular surprises, there were some really special and unique ones as well! For one, no one expected the cake design to actually match the bride’s dress! The cake was INCREDIBLE and it captured the guests’ attention all night! Every time I looked over, there were people standing around it. And it was more than just stunning, the cake was also sentimental too since Michelle’s grandmother’s brooch put the perfect finishing sparkle on it.

The special thoughtful details that were included in this wedding (like the brooch on the cake) were a surprise in general to us all. There were so many adorable things like the black and white lollipop table cards…

…photos of loved ones who had passed on were hanging on Michelle’s bouquet so she could feel like they were there with her…

…and the general beauty of their wedding venue, Inspirador, that tied all the special little details together, shocked and awed us all.

But the guests weren’t the only ones experiencing surprises on this day. The bride received a couple herself… but don’t worry, they were the kinds of surprises that a bride WANTS to get on her wedding day!

One big surprise in general came from her dad. He knew Michelle would be beyond thrilled to have a mariachi band at her wedding so he secretly hired one to come serenade her at dinner! Michelle was floored and moved to tears by her dad’s thoughtful gift.

But her father’s surprises didn’t end there! In his Father of the Bride speech he brought out props, along with a very special gift to help him give a meaningful speech that was complete with wisdom he wanted to pass on to his daughter and her new husband. Another tearful moment courtesy of her dad’s love of surprises and his daughter!

It’s a good thing Michelle was raised by a man who loves surprises because he prepared her for the new man in her life, who loves them just as much as her father does! The surprise that best showcased Derek’s talent for the unexpected was when the groomsmen spontaneously performed an elaborate choreographed dance, that the groom at first pretended to know nothing about, but jumped in like a pro and showed that it was his plan all along.

To give you an idea of how amazing this dance was I’ll tell you that it was done to a Justin Timberlake song, involved roses, and led straight into the garter removal in the slickest way possible. Good job guys, we were thoroughly impressed!

But unknown to Derek, Michelle had a surprise up her sleeve as well! After their very impressive cake was cut, ANOTHER cake was brought out that was just for Derek! This groom’s cake was based on the video game Minecraft. Derek was SO excited about this surprise.

I have to say, that with the amount of surprising going on at this wedding, I don’t think any of it would’ve worked out as well as it did without someone who was very organized, not only knowing all about the surprises, but executing them all while the couple relaxed and enjoyed their day. Lucky for them, Michelle and Derek realized this was the case so they found a wedding planner who was the best of the best and who was fully capable to make their day that was full of the complicated secrets that surprises bring, come off without a hitch.

They hired Shannon Smith from Sassy Soirees, and if their smooth and beautiful wedding day was any indication, I’m sure they’re very happy they did! As always, Shannon winds and unwinds all the complicated details and pieces that have to flow together into one smooth string, and she did it in a way that seemed completely effortless and allowed the couple to just sail through their day as all the beautiful and wonderful pieces of it just “magically”happened all around them.

Good choice guys, because Shannon, you really do blow me away with your mad wedding skillz every time! By the way, Shannon’s husband, Mark, was also the caterer and whoa… all I can say is that Michelle and Derek have incredible decision making skills and know how to choose the best every time!

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As you can see by their very thoughtful and customized back and forth surprising, Derek and Michelle know each other well! I’m sure their marriage will be full of fun, wonderful and unexpected surprises… some planned for one another and some that neither one of them expect!

We absolutely loved working with them, and not just because they gave us an incredible abundance of photography time…

…or because they were so excited about photos that they planned time for some cool and experimental night shots…

…well OK, those things DID make us like them even more! But we loved working with them because as you can see by all their well thought out surprises, they are such incredibly thoughtful people.

They treated us like good friends who just happened to have cameras in our hands (even though we didn’t know them before they hired us), They also took great care of us and made sure we had everything we needed both from them in order for us to do our best, as well just what we needed to be comfortable and happy ourselves on the wedding day!

It was so great to be a part of such a beautiful event that not only was happening between two people who were so obviously perfect for one another, but that was also happening between two people we loved spending time with!

So thank you, Derek and Michelle, for letting the wonderful things that make so many of your friends and family love you so much, spill over onto us. Your day was a wonderful experience for us and the only thing about it that makes us more excited about the pictures we got, is the fact that the two of you will get to spend the rest of your lives together as a result of it! Congratulations!

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Ty’s fire and ice senior session (by Scott & Breanna)

When we first heard the ideas Ty’s family had for his senior session. The first reaction we had was to say, “YESSSSSSS”! We love, love LOVE when people come to us with their own creative ideas for a session that reflect their own stories and experiences perfectly. Especially when those ideas happen to be the kind that look incredibly stunning in photos!

First, we started out getting some normal senior photos that just captured who Ty is at this momentous stage in his life. You know the drill, smiling at the camera…

sitting, standing…

…baseball fields, a freaking amazing car…

…OK so maybe even our beginning photos weren’t so average after all!!

Nothing about this session was average and everything about it was SOOO Ty! We loved it!

As I was saying, we spent some time getting shots of Ty with his car that he loves and was super happy to get some photos of.

Then we moved onto some of the crazier parts that I was telling you about….

Oh, what? There’s FIRE in the background? OK, maybe just sparks, but STILL! Yeah, that’s right! Like I said, Ty’s family gave us some amazing stuff to work with! They own MacDermid Design Ltd. in Phoenix (so of course I know all of you will be going there for all your metal fabrication needs!). The shop has been a huge part of their lives and Ty himself works there, so what better place to get a more than AMAZING background for his senior photos!

Besides the absolute coolness of this session, I think my (Breanna’s) favorite part about this session was that it was more than about Ty at this time of his life, it was about him and his family at this time in their lives! His mom was there to help style Ty, while his dad was there to make sparks fly!

Of course as parents do, they were both there to ooh and awe over him during photo time (of course as teens do, Ty pretended he didn’t hear this).

Just when we thought we could put our cameras away because we didn’t think the session could get any better, Ty told about another idea he had to incorporate his car into some cool night time shots.

Once we started taking these photos, once again the only thing we could say was, “YESSSSSSS”! Of course Scottie also muttered “sick” under his breath after every incredibly cool shot he took (the good kind of sick you know).

(this is what gave me the fire and ice title for this post… we had the warm fire shots and the cool blue HID car headlight shots!).

OK, I know I already said that the family involvement in the session was my favorite part… along with the sparks and car photos… but I lied because I have ANOTHER favorite thing (Scottie always tells me I have too many favorites). My other favorite thing was that Ty’s mom decided several years ago that we would be the photographers for her son’s senior pictures and she’s been waiting for this day ever since.

We did senior pictures for a family friend of theirs, Valeria, and Ty’s mom bookmarked our blog and has been following us ever since, just waiting for the day when her son was ready for his big moment.

She showed Ty our site and he quickly agreed that her instincts were right and he’d like to have us as his senior photographers. I can’t even tell you what it meant to us that they’ve been waiting for this day for so long and that they’ve been excited that whole time to have US be a part of it. OK, so this was probably my favoritest favorite thing about the session.

It’s also probably one of the reasons that we felt so comfortable with Ty and his family that we felt we’d known them for a long time. They’ve been connected to us for years now and even though we didn’t know it, there was just some sense of immediate camaraderie that was established immediately because of it. Soooo cool. It’s just another reminder how honored we are to get to be a part of all the milestone moments in people’s lives. That said, Ty, we are SO happy we got to be the ones to take your senior photos, we hope you love them as much as we do!

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Ashlee and Jason and their elegantly rustic wedding (by Scott & Breanna)

Hometown Elegance. Vintage charm. Ranch beauty. All of these were working titles I had all lined up for this blog about Ashlee and Jason’s wedding. Of course in the end I went ahead and used a sort of made up word (elegantly? is that really a word?) as is my typical stylishish.:-)

As you check out the photos, you’ll instantly see why I had such a hard time nailing down the perfect title… there’s just so many ways to describe the crazy beauty that this wedding had!

(Jason, as he anxiously waits to see his bride for the first time that day during their reveal moment!)

For starters, Ashlee and Jason got married at Tubac Golf Resort and Spa. Unless you remember the last wedding we shot in Tubac, I’m betting you didn’t even know there was such a place as Tubac, AZ. I lived the first 28 years of my life in AZ and didn’t know that existed until a few years ago!

But now that we’ve found out what a great wedding location Tubac is, we’re never looking back. I mean, on what other golf course can you find cattle just roaming around? And where else can you get married in historical buildings (including an incredibly cool chapel) that are rumored to have ghosts in them!? Only in Tubac, AZ of course!

Ashlee and Jason went with the vintage theme… as well as completely contradicted it! Ashlee chose some of my all time favorite bridesmaid dresses for her girls to wear that were so creamy beautiful that they were quite risky considering the dirty, I mean “rustic” feel around them! Such a worthwhile risk though because just look at the contrast these dresses provide with the background around them! Gorgeous!

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Of course Ashlee’s dress was incredible as well! I found out later that my favorite part of the dress (the brooch and ribbon) were additions that Ashlee and her mom made to the dress… good call I’d say! They just make the dress, don’t you think!?

As I mentioned in the final title, the feel of this wedding was elegant, elegant, elegant. But of course because the elegance was set up with the rustic background, it had the perfect level of elegance without being too stuffy. Classy and chill elegance is what it ended up being. Enough to be stunning yet fun, gorgeous yet personable.

And of course there was plenty of fun there!

The lantern send off that night was one of my favorite fun AND elegant moments!

(time elapsed photo of the lantern send off)

If you can’t tell already…. I loved the overall feel that Ashlee and Jason were able to pull off by combining all that Tubac had to offer with their own personal style.

It was all such a perfect combination. Which reminds me a lot of 2 people I know…. hmmm…. who was that again?! Oh yes, Ashlee and Jason themselves!

Like their wedding, these 2 are the perfect complimenting team! We’re so happy you two found each other. We hope the rest of your marriage is as beautiful as your wedding was! Congratulations you two!!!

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A Baby Story VIDEO: Hayden (By Scott & Breanna)

Yes, that’s right! Radiant Photography has done our second ever Family Video! This one is another Baby Story (see our first here)… and we couldn’t be happier with it.

When Jill and Morgan called us about doing a Baby Story for their soon to be here son, Hayden, I (Breanna) spent several hours on the phone with Jill learning about their family so we could begin working on a story line for their video.

One of the first things I learned was that music IS their life.

Both Jill and Morgan consider music to be one of the finer things in life so when they first started dreaming about what life with their little one would be like, they knew without a doubt that music had a place in there.

(I love these pictures where it looks like he’s rocking out!)

The other thing they unquestioningly know is that little Hayden will be a 49er’s fan by blood. Morgan already has big plans for what football Sunday’s will be like in their house and Jill smiles wide as she watches her husband dream about life with their son.

When we showed up to shoot our final video footage, we got to meet Hayden. And just as we expected, the little guy was already pretty happy with the life he had.  His parents couldn’t be happier to have him around, and he was pretty cool with that.

Alright I’m done telling you about all the things you’re about to see, so now it’s time for the main event… the video. If you want to see more photos you can check them out here.



***********Here it is, our Baby Story: Hayden***************

Fawn and John’s real unreal wedding (by Scott & Breanna)

Wow. Just wow is what I said when I heard about all the different aspects that were going to be a part of Fawn and John’s wedding at Condor’s Nest Ranch in Pala, California.

Let me get this straight, your venue has an old barn…

…a very retro trailer…

…old trucks…

…farm animals…

…a green house…

…rickety old store fronts…

…an incredible view…

…a vintage pool area..


…and a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright?


Um, I don’t believe you.

That’s just too perfect. Even as I’m looking through the photos again now, I have to pinch myself so I know I’m not dreaming.

Luckily I decided to believe that Fawn and John weren’t pathological liars and were in fact telling the truth, because as you can see I would’ve been eating my words had I argued that such a perfectly vintage and adorable wedding location couldn’t possibly be in existence.

Condor Nest Ranch is definitely a real place, even though you feel like you’re in a dream world when you’re there. Everything moves in slow motion (so you know exactly how significant the moment is), the light is just a bit more glowy to make it feel like a dream from a 90′s TV show, and the people there laugh just a little bit hard and for a little bit longer than in reality (but not in a creepy way).

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But of course that’s how it felt, it was Fawn and John’s wedding after all! At such an incredibly amazing event, there’s no room for reality!

Not only was the location a product of fairy dust, but the details themselves looked like they were designed with a little help from a fairy godmother… or at least someone with a few spells for mixing perfection and burlap up their sleeve!

As you can see, it was incredible!

Despite the perfection of this wedding, Fawn wasn’t putting in unnecessary stress to make it that way. She was cool as a cucumber as she wandered through the real version of that dreamy world she’d pulled out of her head.

John and Fawn never panicked, freaked out, or any of those scary terms that are often associated with wedding days.

They just hugged, laughed, and danced through it all. It was so wonderful to watch them as they truly enjoyed every single second on their wedding day.

Fawn and John, we can’t tell you how excited we are to see a couple as obviously perfect for each other as you guys are, get married on such an incredible day.

Your wedding was beautiful, your joy was contagious, and the amount of love that your family and friends have for you was evident everywhere. Bottom line, both you and your wedding rocked. Rock on love birds.

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