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Need a maternity or newborn session? Radiant photography founders and owners, Scott & Breanna, would love to be a part of it! Here’s some of the work they’ve done!

Vincent – A Baby Story Video

“Video? Wait, aren’t you guys Radiant PHOTOGRAPHY?” Why yes, yes we are. However we also have Canon’s 5D Mark II cameras that happen to have amazing video capabilities and we also both happen to love the art of film! So because of those two strong coincidences, we decided to do a little experimenting!

When Pete and Allison called us while they were pregnant to schedule their newborn photo session (which was very smart of them because the best time for newborn photos is within 10 days after birth) we proposed a new idea for them to consider.

Not only did we want to do their newborn photos, but we also wanted to use video to tell their story as they excitedly awaited their little one!


Thanks to Pete, Allison, and Vincent for being so patient as we worked through the kinks of our new project. You guys were all very brave for letting us experiment with you!






Ashley and Mark introduce us to the brand new little Wyatt.

When Ashley and Mark (a past bride and groom of ours who’s wedding was over 4 years ago) called us to do newborn photos for their brand new little one, we were super excited! And when we found out that they had just been waiting for a good excuse to call us again, we were even more stoked!

Lucky for them, we’ve been studying up and practicing our baby photographer ninja skills… so we were ready and waiting to go by the time they called us!

(A decal on the wall in the baby room… awesome!).

So we packed our gear, which included things that we’re still trying to get used to being a part of our equipment like a bean bag, blankets, and a soundtrack called “sounds of the womb” and headed over to meet little Wyatt.

He was only 6 days old (the ideal time to do a newborn session by the way… she called us when she was still pregnant so we could block off time around her due date) and he already looked like such a perfect little man!

Little did we know he was actually a perfect little angel as well!  This baby just chilled and let us do our thing for several hours!  He didn’t complain… or even poop on our cute little blankets… even once!

OK, maybe he complained once… but you try sitting completely still while a stranger twists and turns your head and gets way past the line where your personal space bubble stops. He did amazing with it all and his patience with us seemed endless.

It was like he knew that his mom and dad are new at this so he was like, “don’t worry guys, I’ll go easy on you with this one”.

So thanks Wyatt, for letting us do our thing (even if it wasn’t always your FAVORITE thing), your mom and dad are already very proud of you!

(Mark and Ashley are from Canada, so needless to say, hockey is going to be a big part of little Wyatt’s life).

(This is Wyatt in the amazing bassinet his grandpa made for him!).

Thanks guys, we can’t to see what little Wyatt grows up to be like! Congratulations!

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Brittany, Brandon, and baby boy

Brittany’s back… and she’s bigger than ever.  No, I’m not just cruel.. I’ll have you know that she happens to be pregnant this time around!

We have had multiple photo experiences with Brittany (and her husband, Brandon) and every time we work with her, we are reminded of how much we L-O-V-E working with her!  How could we not?  I mean, look at her…she’s perfect!

(This is a pose that Brittany wanted so she could have a similar photo to one that Scottie took at her trash the dress session.  So now she has matching photos… only in one she’s wearing her wedding dress and in the other she’s wearing a maternity shirt!).

Not to mention, she’s totally flawless and smooth in front of the camera (she claims she feels awkward at times, but I don’t see it).

I know by now that most girls out there are probably beginning to feel a little jealous of beautiful Brittany, who’s totally cute even when she’s very pregnant. Just wait girls, it’s about to get worse because Brittany is not only gorgeous but she’s also one of the coolest people around!

(Her and Brandon made that piece of art behind her! See? So cool.).

(I mean, how many girls do you know who want to do jumping shots in their maternity session? I told you… it’s the coolness).

Not to mention she will kill you with her genuine kindness.  I mean it!  We went out to dinner after the session and our waiter was… well, kind of an a-hole.  But by the end of the night he was laughing and talking to Brittany like she was his best friend!  He went from being super uppity and aloof to her biggest fan in the span of one dinner… just because Brittany was being lovable Brittany!

I’ve known her long enough that I should no longer be surprised by amazing Brittany feats involving winning the hearts of everyone around her, but I can’t help it… it’s still so awesome to watch!

So if you were a little jealous before, put it to rest because even if you try to hate her for being so wonderful, she’ll win you over in a matter of minutes. (Oh yeah and did I mention she’s super talented and extremely creative as well?! You should see how cool her house is!).

Her husband, Brandon, knows he totally scored when he married Brittany, and he’s still very much in love with her.

In fact, we caught some great loving moments between the two of them.

They have so much fun together and they seem really happy with their life (which makes me happy just to witness!).

We were so honored to work with this great couple yet again and we look forward to meeting that baby one day!

Thanks guys, we had a great time with you and we are seriously so excited for you to experience this new stage in life!

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Heather and James have a new addition!

When I got the email from James and Heather to do baby pictures for them, it took me a second to realize where I recognized their names from.

Oh yeah!  We worked with them through Apartment Life awhile ago!  If you haven’t heard of Apartment Life, well then just keep reading because I’m going to tell you about it!  Apartment Life is an organization that trains up teams and pairs them with apartment complexes where the team lives and plans community events  as a way to assist the management and get to know the residents, with the ultimate goal of extending help and care to the residents in whatever way they need it at the time.

We made so many good friends through Apartment Life and Heather and James are 2 of them! Scottie and I were a team at an apartment complex in Mesa and Heather and James were a team at the same time as us at a complex just down the road.

The reason we got to know them as well as we did is because their complex was very similar to ours (low income families) with similar challenges so we did a lot of idea sharing back and forth with one another.

Scottie and I fulfilled our commitment awhile back and the only contact we’ve had with Heather and James since then was in the Facebook realm (they’re big fans of Radiant’s page) so we were totally excited when we got their email asking us to take pictures of their newborn (whom we didn’t even know existed!).

Their baby was beautiful!  She was a great little model too since she mostly just laid their all cozy on her blanket…

… with the occasional screaming.

Which is not a big deal because I’m pretty convinced that babies have a secret code of honor amongst each other that says they have to cry for a certain amount of time on picture day… it’s just the law.

I always like to sneak in a few photos of crying babies anyways just because that’s part of life and it’s something parents will never get to see again once their kids are grown up!

(Treasure this moment guys, ha ha!).

But for the most part, she was an angel…

…and she was even patient while we sat around in the middle of her session, talking with her parents to get caught up on life!

Heather and James, it was great to see you… congratulations on your new baby girl!

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April & Ryan let their bellies hang out.

When I started taking pictures, one thing I never even thought about was how deep it would take me into people’s lives!  There are only so many “jobs” (if you can call the fun we have work!) that allow you to watch families begin, bond, and grow… and we’re lucky enough to have one of those jobs!

It’s so fun to meet a couple before their married and start taking pictures of them all the way from their engagement, to their marriage, into their pregnancy, and the birth of their babies… as well as everything after that!  That’s the track we’re on with April & Ryan and family!  We met them after they were already married so we missed the first part, but we’ve been along for the ride since before their first child was born and now we’re on to their second child!

We first took photos for April & Ryan when they were preparing to have their first baby.

The next time was when they wanted to show off their newborn, Emily, to the world!

We then visited Emily again when she was 6 months old…

… and again at her first birthday party!

Now April & Ryan have their second child, Callie and… yep, you guessed it… we took pictures of baby Callie as well!

I call this little series “The many faces of Callie”…

Of course not to be out done by her little sister, Emily has many faces as well!

But these I think this is by far my favorite face…

The ” meltdown recovery” faces are pretty good too though!

These crying pics were actually inspired by a lady I used to babysit for who had GIANT, super close up pics of all 3 of her kids crying when they were little, all framed in a row on her wall.  I thought it was pretty fun and definitely unique!  As much as you hate those faces while they’re actually happening, I’m assuming that there’s some sense of nostalgia when you see a photo of it once the kids are older.  Ever heard that cheesy country song “You’re Gonna Miss This“?  That stupid song makes me cry every time, despite my stubborn refusal to cave to country sappiness!  Anyways, I’m not a parent, but I’m assuming it’s kind of like that.  If I really wanted to mess with your heads I would tell you to start over in this blog and listen to that song while you look at the rest of these photos… by the 3rd photo you’d be crying that ugly, gross, snotty kind of cry!  Ha ha!

Are you all done crying now?  Mascara wiped up?  OK good, now we’ll move onto some fun pictures so you have a chance to recover before going back to your own life again!

My recent photo inspirations lately have all had to do with allowing “imperfection”.  I’ve noticed more and more public, professional photos that are out of focus, showing people’s wrinkles, are grainy, etc., etc.  And I LOVE them!  I think it makes you think “wow, that picture has mistakes… there must be something really special about what it’s capturing for them to allow that one in”. So I’ve been trying to work my way towards accepting that it’s OK for people to know I make mistakes and focusing more on capturing emotion than on being a perfect, technical photographer.

(They make lens hoods that are designed to prevent sun flares from sneaking in, but I think the trend towards allowing them in now shows people’s desire for pictures to actually represent reality again!)

(People have stopped being impressed by how perfect you can make a photoshopped picture look.  Now they want things that look REAL!  I think that’s why the trend has moved towards old and worn looking photos where you actually add in grain and imperfections!)

I believe that truth and beauty go hand in hand and I REALLY value honesty, so I’m holding my breathe and including the photo on the left!  I totally missed focus (unless you count the 3 bubbles that are actually in focus!) but I am in love with what the picture is communicating.  So it’s a keeper, and now you all know that I’m not perfect. I’m flawed and I’m not a magic photographer… just a normal one who makes mistakes.

(I’ll admit right now that all the cool coloring in this photo only happened because the original coloring was pretty bad.  It was definitely a flawed picture that I chose to make look great even though it wasn’t. Sorry Scottie, I hope you’re OK that I’ve decided to tell the world that you’re not perfect either since this is your shot!).

It’s like when Lauryn Hill talks about how we all need to exhale and let our bellies hang out so we can walk around looking at one another and say “oh you have one too!?” and feel free! By the way if you haven’t heard this, listen to it NOW (I’ll wait to continue until you get back) it’s super freeing and inspirational (she rambles a lot but keep listening, there’s good stuff in it)!  The entire CD is the same way actually… just pure genuine, reality which is a big deal coming from Ms. Diva and she took a lot of crap for saying this stuff… so go buy it and support people who are done being slaves to their perfect image!  I know you guys can handle her rambling because you sure do a great job following mine!  Ha ha!  Now back to the topic at hand!

(Random topic transition photo!)

I love the idea of talking about genuineness (wow, spell check says that’s a real word!) in a blog about family.  In our culture, “family picture day” typically means wearing clothes you never wear in real life, making sure the only emotion you capture is happiness, and working your butt off to get your kids to behave in a way that will enhance the perfect image you’re going for in these pictures.  It’s ridiculous!  The definition for family should (in my opinion) always include intimacy and intimacy means emotion, whether it’s messy or clean emotion.

(I’m not sure what emotion this is, but I think it falls in the messy category).

(And I’d say this is one of the clean ones).

Intimacy also means going through a variety of experiences together.

And sitting and smiling in front of a camera shows such a small sliver of what life is really like for a family.

We want to communicate who a family really is… which for every family means imperfection.

(Sometimes being a family means getting bubbles in your eyes).

And that’s why we’re so thankful to April & Ryan for letting us take pictures of their child crying!  Thank you for being humble enough to allow us to tell the true story of your family.

I know our blog readers and facebook fans appreciate it too!  No one connects with fake families, that’s why everyone throws away the pictures that come in frames when you buy them!  People love seeing families that look like their own and remind them of what’s really important in life.

So thank you April & Ryan for taking us with you through all the major events in your life and allowing us to share these special moments in your world with all the friends of Radiant who value human emotion and real life.  You’ve blessed us all immensely by letting us observe your beautiful family changing and growing together! Click to see the rest of the photos from this family photo session!