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Radiant Love Supports…. The Crisis Pregnancy Centers (Feb. ’09)

The Crisis Pregnancy Centers of Greater Phoenix, Inc. (CPC) was founded in 1982 with the vision of serving the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of women and families who are in crisis because of an unplanned pregnancy.
Since that time, CPC has grown to become one of the largest crisis pregnancy centers in the nation, with five centers in the greater Phoenix area, an influential prevention education program, and has a strong, engaged, and dedicated group of state-wide supporters.
The teens, men, and women served through CPC’s trained support team are offered education regarding pregnancy, abortion facts and risks, and alternatives, to name a few. Clients also receive education about healthy relationships, the risks of sexually transmitted infections (STIs and STDs), and positive, healthy life choices.
CPC is a non-profit organization whose mission is “saving lives and protecting futures.” Their goal is to impact the community by offering programs and services that boldly speak the truth in love while offering choices, support, and hope.

The Crisis Pregnancy Centers of Greater Phoenix, Inc. are happy to provide the following individualized and confidential services either free of charge or at a very low cost:

* Pregnancy verification and viability through ultrasound
* Counseling and education to women and families in crisis as a result of an unplanned pregnancy
* Testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs/STDs)
* Counseling for those who test positive for sexually transmitted infections
* Counseling for birth parents and their families who are exploring the option of adoption and   ongoing support for those who choose adoption
* Healing and hope to those who have experienced abortion (abortion recovery counseling)
* Parenting education
* Options education
* Education and counseling regarding healthy relationships and positive life choices
* Referrals to and collaboration with other agencies

CPC’s goal is to present medically accurate and up-to-date information in order to empower men and women to make informed, healthy choices that will serve to save lives and protect futures. CPC is proud to be Phoenix Metro’s number one resource for sexual health services, education, information, and community referrals.

For more information, please contact CPC’s friendly and knowledgeable staff at one of their Arizona centers. or if out of state visit:

To find out more about our Radiant Love Supports program click HERE.

Our friends, Kari & Collin.

Work doesn’t get much better than when it gives you an excuse to hang out with old friends!  Scottie and I have both known Kari & Collin since before we even knew each other!  We had a blast and we were laughing… mmm pretty much non-stop!

They were super easy to shoot not only because they were comfortable with us, but also because they were super comfortable with each other!  We didn’t have to give them any posing directions because they cuddled up and got all lovey with each other all on their own.  All the shots that look really natural, truly are!

arizona engagement photo

arizona engagement photo

arizona engagement photo

arizona engagement photo

Ryan & Becca + The Tempe Arts Center

We’ve had this random phenomenon happen in our lives, where everyone that Scottie was friends with in New Mexico, moves to Arizona!  We seriously have around 20 friends that he knew in college who now live here!  So weird.  And Ryan is another one of those old school NM people!

I myself had never met either Ryan or Becca before the engagement session, but they were so easy to get along with, I felt like I had!  We met up with them at Rula Bula (an awesome little place in Tempe, Arizona) before their photo shoot, so I got to get to know them a little bit before hand which was nice.

We went down to the new Tempe Arts Center, which is quickly becoming my favorite place to shoot at.  The architecture on the building itself is incredible, then you add in the edgeless pool running into the lake and the amazing details all around the place… and you have perfection!  Another really fun session, thanks to Ryan and Becca!

Tempe Engagement Photo

Tempe Engagement Photo

Tempe Engagement Photo

Tempe Wedding Photography

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Scottie + Breanna= Love forever

We had the best Valentine’s Day this year (I vote it should officially be changed so that it’s always on a Saturday every year)!  We’ve been so busy with Radiant lately that we’ve kind of let holidays just slide by.  We’re wanting to fix that soon but we still weren’t ready to stress and plan a huge V-day.  So it wasn’t that we did anything super spectacular.  It was just that we had a great time hanging out together and relaxing.

We decided to start the day by making a fancy breakfast (which we never do because we both have strange cooking complexes and usually eat like college students).  So we made delish lemon-blueberry scones with some avacado/bacon scrambled eggs and some fruit/honey/granola concotion.  We just listened to records and enjoyed our beautiful meal with a few hot pink candles lit on our table. Oh yeah and my cousin surprised us with some Kona coffee when he came back from Hawaii so instead of buying individual Valentine’s Day gifts, we decided to just get ourselves a nice coffee maker so we could really savor the Kona (the one we registered for when we got married doesn’t even pour let alone make good coffee).  So our coffee extraordinare was the perfect finishing touch… especially since I my favorite mug is a Valentine’s Day one.  I was happy.

After that we handed out Valentine’s Day Candy Grams to people who sent them to their family and neighbors in the complex.  If you’re confused about why we did this…. we work for an organization that allows us to plan community activities in our apartment complex in exchange for free rent!  So we put cute little cards in the front office for people to personalize and then we attached bags of candy and hand-delivered them around to everyone.  My favorite was one sent from one tiny child to another that said (written by mom) “I haven’t seen you at the park lately, happy Valentine’s Day!” complete with a picture of who knows what on the back.  It was so cute.  The ones from parents to child were really sweet too.  It was really nice to see people caring about one another and planning a special surprise for their loved ones.  It made for a really nice touch for our Valentine’s Day.

Those were the highlights for us, we also split up for awhile to buy each other cheesy Valentine’s memorobilia (so lame that we were too busy to buy each other presents!!) and went to see a flick.  So it wasn’t a  good day because of what we did necessarily, but it was just such a fun, chill day.  It gets so easy for us to begin to treat each other as roomates or business partners, this day kind of reminded us that we are best friends and that we really like hanging out together!