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Molly & John’s “Playing in the Park” engagement pics

Have you ever tried to work with people who are so fun that you’re afraid you’re never going to get anything done?  We were a little bit worried about that with Molly and John!

I can’t believe we’ve ever been able to pull ourselves away from them because every time we’re together we have so much fun!

As it turns out, having people who like to spend as much time in their lives playing around as they do, is a great thing for a photo session!

We were definitely able to capture the play time!

(They desperately wanted to do a cheesy prom pose.  I think we got it)!

Which is great because we’re quite content with people that look nothing but happy (and really, really ridiculously good looking of course) in their pics!  Let me just say right now that there are no limits to how many Zoolander quotes a photographer can use.

Not wanting to leave her out of the fun, Molly and John brought their cute little dog, Wrigley, to the session as well! Who was very well behaved I might add!

As you probably already know, most of us girls dream about our weddings (and now engagement pictures) from the time we’re little. In the midst of those fantasies, the word “love” tends to pop up a lot! 

So of course when Molly saw this statue in some engagement pics awhile back, she decided it was a must for her photos!

We wanted to make sure to keep these photos unique from others you see from that area, so we did our best to shoot the statue from different angles than most do (in other words we decided not to have them climb to the top of the “o”… it’s a little scary anyways!).

While we were in the Scottsdale Civic Center Plaza (which is overpopulated with photographers) we decided to search for some new areas to once again, make sure this shoot stood out from the others taken around there.

(I’ve definitely never seen a pic like this from a Civic Center engagement session before!  It’s not really what one might call “romantic”!)

(And most people don’t make it down to what we called “bum alley”! I know it doesn’t look like a bum alley, but that’s ’cause Scottsdale bums are much cleaner than others.)

John and Molly told us that they love both beautiful views and hiking.

Lucky for them, we live in Phoenix where there are mountains galore right in the middle of the city!  So we headed on over to Camelback in hopes of stumbling upon a beautiful sunset. And we found it!

Thank you so much Molly and John for not being afraid of being yourselves in front of the camera and for making sure we had a great time during our “work day”.  And thanks for being adventurous explorers who were willing to wander into the depths of downtown Scottsdale with us (I know, it’s so terrifying isn’t it?!).  We’re looking forward to seeing what other “wig shop” type of shots we’re going to get on your wedding day!

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Chris and Jillian’s night on the town… and engagement session!

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love, LOVE this session!

Chris and Jillian took us seriously when we told them we really wanted to do something creative with their engagement session.

Jillian is hooked on all kinds of bridal blogs and she’s seen a lifetime’s worth of engagement sessions since she’s been engaged. When you’ve been looking at that many sessions, it becomes very difficult to think up something you haven’t seen before (or 10 times before even)!

Jillian had been seeing a lot of bohemian type of sessions out in natural looking fields so she went rebel (as I sense is her natural bent anyways) and did the opposite.  A fancy night out on the town was their final decision.

We were a little nervous at first because we’ve never done 90% of a session in the dark, outdoors.  Even weddings usually have some day light before the reception.  Not to mention at a wedding, we can set up some lighting equipment since our location is a little more permanent than it is when we’re wandering the streets, following people around on an engagement session.

Lucky me though, I happen to be married to a lighting master!  I joke with Scottie at least once a week about how he’s a lighting guru.  So this session was his time to shine!

Armed with a MacGyver (I’d say McGruber but he always blows himself up) type of set up including umbrellas, rubber bands, and a human light stand (that would be me), Scottie had a recipe for success!  And succeed he did!

Although I’m really loving this Urban Outfitters-esque photo I took during the same time period…

Chris and Jillian met at Rula Bula on Mill and they had their first kiss there too!  So we headed over there to reenact their first meeting…

…and their first kiss…

… on location!

We kept telling Chris and Jillian that the more creative they got with their session, the more creative they push us to be (which is one reason we hopped on the lightrail)!

And the more you challenge our norms, the more likely you are to see us have a break through and find something new that we’ve never tried before!  And that’s exactly what happened!

(As proof of what I just said, this is one of my favorite pics that I, Breanna, have ever taken!)

(Oh while I’m at it, I’ll keep bragging and show you a few more of my favorites of all time that I’ve taken… since so many of them happen to be from this session!)

So take note that if you show up to a session with us and we look a little nervous… it’s probably a good sign!

And if we show up to your session and see you wearing cool Ray Bans like these, we’ll know it’s a good sign as well!

Thanks Jillian and Chris, I don’t know what to say other than you guys rock. Period.

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Lots of laughs at Dave and Sarah’s engagement session

When you live with someone you get to know them REALLY well.  Well enough to know how crazy they’re willing to get in a photo session.

So when Scottie’s old roommate Dave, called us to shoot pics of his wedding for him and his soon to be wife, Sarah, we were psyched (do people still say “psyched”?  Oh my gosh I feel like I’m turning 90 tomorrow)!

Not only were we excited to get to work with a friend and meet this girl who’s special enough to be “the one” but we were also excited because we knew we’d have a blast together on picture day!

Knowing that Dave is a ridiculously fun guy, we weren’t going to let him escape with standard “smile at the camera” type of pictures… we decided to force him to show his true colors in his pictures!

Dave has done quite a bit of acting in his day and he has some great faces that he’s perfected for his craft.  We asked him to give us a special performance that included a couple of special faces.  He obliged and he even let us take pictures of the faces! The one I’m going to show here is the face he used to give when rude customers approached him while he worked in a fancy retail chain.

(I really like Sarah’s face in this pic too! ha ha!)

True story!  He would actually make this face at snotty old ladies and they would quickly decide they could figure it out on their own!  (He gave me permission to share that story by the way!).

Turns out… Dave is not the only one who likes to laugh….Sarah is just as fun!

(We always joke about people riding the mountain lion, but not many people actually do it!)

So we worked to capture her craziness right alongside his in these photos!

(This was her spinning her way into a kiss… so cute!)

Okay, okay, I’m sure their families will want to see at least a couple normal pictures of them!

And at this point, Dave and Sarah might be at their max of embarrassment and are ready to see some “lookin’ good with a capital G” kind of shots as well!

They do have other fantastic qualities aside from being so much fun… we just decided to focus the most of the fun part since that works well for pictures!  So here are a few other sides to them…

….here they are smiling big as the happy couple…

… here they are being in love…

… and of course, here are a few more of them having fun together as they so often do! (OK, so they have even more sides to their personalities than that!  But you’ll just have to check out the rest of the photos to see some of those!).

Thank you Dave and Sarah for being such fun loving, happy people who also happen to look great in pictures!

We are so SO very glad we get to work with friends (by the way Sarah we love you and are so happy you’re marrying Dave!) and we can’t wait to live it up and have a great time while snapping away at your wedding!

Congratulations to you both on finding each other!!!

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Play time at Brenna and Nate’s engagement session

As soon as I found out that my friend, Leeann had been the one who told Brenna and Nate about Radiant, I was ready to shoot their wedding!  Anyone who’s friends with Leeann has to be cool!

Then when Brenna and Nate told us they wanted to ride around on their beach cruisers for the engagement session, our suspicions about their coolness were confirmed!

So we went over to Tempe Town Lake for a nice cloudy morning bike ride/photo session.

It seriously was the perfect day for that kind of session.  It felt more like San Diego rather that Phoenix, so we all just relaxed and pretended that we were on vacation (or at least I did… maybe everyone else likes to live in reality more than I do)!

(I call this the “yay, we’re on a pretend vacation!!” pose).

It didn’t take us very long to figure out that these 2 were very much at ease in front of the camera.

Nate’s had enough band pictures taken to know how to do the tough guy stance (not quite angry, and just enough cool) and Brenna has done her fill of acting/modeling to know how to do things like stare off into the distance without looking like she’s gone into a trance.

All I had to say to Brenna were things like “do that one thing where you look like a super tall runway model who just threw her back out” or “look like you’re day dreaming in a world where dogs can talk” and BAM she’d pop into position!

OK, maybe I didn’t say those things exactly, but I did feel like they were that random and she still knew what I meant right away!

(By the way, check out Nate’s band, Seconds to Breathe… they’re good enough to share a stage with Incubus so they’re good enough for me!).

Once they got on a roll, we pretty much stopped even attempting to pose them!

(This pose is a Brenna and Nate original)!

It was around that time that we realized that we were just beginning to see the REAL Nate and Brenna coming out!

We loved it so much, that we decided to keep on shooting even once we had plenty of pictures because we didn’t want to miss a minute of their craziness!

Seriously, I felt like I couldn’t even take my finger off the trigger for an instant or I’d miss something like this!

Brenna and Nate, thank you SO much for planning a fun engagement session and for being willing to be yourselves and have fun throughout it!  We really did feel like we were on vacation instead of working!  We can’t wait to come enjoy ourselves (with our cameras ready at all times of course) at your wedding!

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Meg and Mark: engaged and in LA

“You want to take us to LA for the weekend, all expenses paid?! Sure we’ll shoot your road trip engagement session!”, was my first response when Meg and Mark asked for what they called a “favor” (we called it “awesome”).

So we packed up the car and headed off to our great adventure!

We planned out a few different locations to shoot at and stops along the way (working around Meg’s job interview and they wedding they were attending that weekend) but other than a few vague plans, we were up for anything!

That “anything” included… staying in a new place that we were all a little iffy about (it ended up being awesome), almost getting thrown out of the Farmers Market…

…making our way through crack town, nearly breaking Meg’s ankle (I don’t think she signed up for that part)….

(2 seconds before the ankle injury… that curb that looks non-existent is actually huge and it’s there just to trick you!)

…. and of course making a pee stop at the homeless men’s bathroom that we waited for over 30 min. to use (when you gotta go, you gotta go…whether you’re in the middle of downtown LA or not!).

Throughout all our minor mishaps, we had such a fantabulous time!

We not only got the chance to capture Meg and Mark in what we now know is their future home since Meg got the job (no, they’re not moving to crack town), but we also had the opportunity to explore LA with our cameras in hand along with people who were up to do pretty much anything for a good shot!

Thank you Meg and Mark for taking our instructions seriously when we told you to be creative with your engagement session!

You guys definitely think outside the box and we love it!

We had a blast hanging out with you both (as usual) and we are so glad you chose us to be your photographers so we get to be the lucky ones to go through these amazing experiences with you.  We can’t wait to see you on your big day!:-)

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