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Top Voted Radiant Wedding Photos of 2012

All of you Radiant fans have spoken… and you have been heard! The results of our “Best of 2012: Weddings and Unique Sessions” contest are in!

Out of 80 photos in the album on Facebook, these are the photos that received the most votes (click here if you want to see all the runners up).

So please sit back and enjoy….

“The Top Voted Radiant Wedding Photos of 2012″

The top 10 (in random order):

So this first photo is most definitely NOT in random order because this one beat all the rest by a huge margin! So this amazing, beautiful, vineyard wedding ceremony is the ultimate first place winner of, “Best Radiant Wedding photo of 2012″!!! Congrats Ashley and JT! I’m especially excited about this win because JT was the wedding photographer for Scottie and my OWN wedding! See photos from our wedding as well as more from this gorgeous vineyard wedding, here!

A 2012 Radiant bride who came to vote on her OWN wedding photos said, “even though this isn’t my wedding I LOVE this moment and photo so I have to vote on it”! See more from Ross and Megan’s wedding with a view.

Words like “chaps”, “staches”, “Movember”, aren’t often associated with weddings… but voters DID use them for this photo! See more photos from Ashley and JT’s gorgeous vineyard wedding.

Officially this photo wins because of the number of votes it had. But it wins in my (Breanna’s) heart because I actually had to translate one of the comments into English which I thought was awesome (FYI Facebook does that for you!)… and because the preacher called himself a hottie. See more from Clarence and Shanya’s very fun wedding.

The voters were big fans of how the bright colors contrasted the rustic background on this photo. See more photos from Ashley and JT’s gorgeous vineyard wedding.

The comments on this photo between family members, especially between the bride and her father, are so beautiful that you just have to go see them for yourself. See more of Ashlee and Jason’s Elegantly Rustic Wedding.

This photo of the guys praying before the wedding was a photo Scottie knew he HAD to get since it’s a duplicate of one of his favorite photos that JT (the groom here) took when he was the photographer at our own wedding! See the photo from our wedding that this one is based on as well as more from Ashley and JT’s beautiful vineyard wedding, here!

One voter declared this one “winner, winner, chicken dinner”. Looks like he knew what he was talking about! See more of Susanne and Greg’s Gorgeous Golf Course Wedding.

It looks like voters can’t resist the kind of manly groomsmen photo that Scottie’s famous for, anymore than I can! See more of Amanda and AJ’s delightfully detailed wedding.

It was said that this photo was a perfect capture of Ashley and JT’s personality. See more photos from Ashley and JT’s gorgeous vineyard wedding.

The rest of the winners (in random order):

Michelle, I’d like you to know that you were called a supermodel in this photo! See more of Michelle and Derek’s Creative Surprises wedding.

This picture of these little girls and their great grandpa is one of my favorite photos we’ve EVER taken! See more of Amanda and AJ’s delightfully detailed wedding.

As much as I’d like to think it’s my photo that won here, I think it’s Fawn’s dress that voters thought was the real winner.  See more from Fawn and John’s vintage charm wedding.

Capturing one of the many genuine emotions felt by all on this wedding day! See more of Melissa and Kevin’s emotional, vineyard wedding.

What says America more than this?! See more from Fawn and John’s vintage charm wedding.

I love that the grandmother of the bride who wore this dress told someone to cast a vote for her since she’s not on Facebook! See more of Amanda and AJ’s delightfully detailed wedding.

The bride pointed out that this photo is extra special to her because one of her bridesmaids lives in Slovakia and she didn’t expect her to be able to make it. So the fact that she DID come and got to be in this picture is an amazing memory for the bride. See more of Christine and Marc’s perfect wedding day.

I absolutely loved the bride’s comment on this one: “I love everything about this photo, it was shortly after the wedding and everything still felt like a dream. This is my dream come true captured in one photo. So blessed to be married to this guy and I’m so glad you guys captured the beauty of our day.” See more of Ashlee and Jason’s Elegantly Rustic Wedding.

The bride tagged this photo as: #stillcan’tbelieveImarriedthemanofmydreams. See more of Melissa and Kevin’s emotional, vineyard wedding.

Voters loved this bride’s sass as much as I (Breanna) do! See more of Christine and Marc’s perfect wedding day.

Now THAT is what I call a view… and voters agreed with me! See more from Megan and Mark’s Marvelous Maui Wedding.

Trailer trash wedding or just a really, really awesome wedding? Check out more from Fawn and John’s vintage charm wedding and you’ll have the answer!

While one sentimental voter said they were walking off to live a beautiful life together, the groom clarified that he was just heading that way to see what was on the other side!;-)See more of Melissa and Kevin’s emotional, vineyard wedding.

Even though your vote could only count once on each photo, the bride loved this photo of her sweet groom and ring bearer so much that she found a way to like it 4 times! See more of Melissa and Kevin’s emotional, vineyard wedding.

This was by far the voters’ favorite 2012 Radiant wedding location! See more of Marah and Shawn’s Elegant Wedding day.

One voter said this photo “captured all the happiness of the day!” I agree, there’s a happiness explosion going on here! See more of Kim and Tru’s Genuine Wedding.

Oh, is that the most beautiful field you’ve ever seen?! I’d hardly noticed it! See more from Megan and Mark’s breath taking Maui Unique Session!

The incredible style at this wedding didn’t just come from tablecloths and centerpieces… the people themselves maintained an unstoppable cool factor! See more from Fawn and John’s vintage charm wedding.

Oh, is THIS why people like going to Hawaii to get married?! I think yes. See more from Megan and Mark’s breath taking Maui Unique Session!

His mom thinks he’s a winner (as do many others apparently!). See more from Fawn and John’s vintage charm wedding.

Chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool. See more from Fawn and John’s vintage charm wedding.

I love our more classy and astute voters, like the guy who pointed out that “this guy is f’ing happy”. Haha I love it.  See more from Clarence and Shanya’s very fun wedding.

One voter loves this photo so much that she’s extremely proud that her very own shoulder made it into such a masterpiece! See more of Melissa and Kevin’s emotional, vineyard wedding.

We have some nature fans out there who LOVED the background of this wedding! See more of Jen and Kenyon’s Countrified Fairytale Wedding.

Black and white wins every time! See more of Susanne and Greg’s Gorgeous Golf Course Wedding.

Congratulations to all of the couples in our winning photos.  Your win is a testament to you putting a lot of hard work, thought, and time into your photos and to you planning amazing weddings and Unique Sessions… thanks for making our portfolio amazing!  We can honestly say we love you all and we feel so blessed that we get some of the best couples around.   We regularly get comments on our Facebook page and blog telling us how cool our couples are… and we SO agree!

Thanks so much to everyone who voted.  We had so much fun reading all the comments and you were all a major encouragement to us (see the nominee photos and the voting comments here).  Thanks to all your kind words we’re all refreshed and psyched out of our minds to blow it up in 2013! Here’s to a fantastic 2013!

Katie and Michael’s Chilly Engagement Session (by Josh & Kelley)

Hello Radiant readers, friends, and fans! I (Kelley) have some new wonderful people that I’d like to introduce you to.

Meet Katie and Michael.

They’re pretty sweet together aren’t they?

Let me tell you, their sweetness factor only increases when you see them in person!

Even with two giant cameras in their faces, on the day of their engagement shoot they were full of laughter, hugs, kisses, and kind words for each other.

I also have to point out the fact that these two are absolute troopers!

If you’re in the Phoenix area, you know that we’ve recently been having a “cold snap”, which is completely out if the ordinary for us desert dwellers.

Wether you’ve been enjoying this cold weather or not, you can’t deny that spending an hour outside while temperatures are in the 40s would get rather chilly…

Add in the fact that Michael was in shorts (a true Phoenician man, Michael only owns one pair of full length pants!) and Katie was donning a (completely beautiful) dress, and you’d think they would have been all shivers and goosebumps.

But no, these two didn’t seem to notice the cold at all. They were just happy to be together.

Katie and Michael, thank you so much for toughing out the cold and giving us the honor of recording this special time in your lives! We can’t wait until your Sedona wedding this June! I promise that it will be much warmer.

Click to see the rest of the photos from Katie and Michael’s Chilly Engagement Session.

An Extra Special Newborn Session (by Josh & Kelley)

This is a newborn session that’s extremely close to my (Kelley’s) heart.

Want to know why? See that cute baby girl? I’ve known her from the very first second she was born.

She’s my sweet little niece, Audrey.

(My sister’s friends each made Audrey a little block during my sister’s baby shower! Aren’t they adorable?!)

Yup, that’s right, I get to hold and cuddle this little one as much as I want. Try not to be too jealous.

In addition to getting lots of cuddles, I think it’s also safe to say that she’s going to be photographed A LOT!

I mean how could I possibly help myself? She’s pretty much the most adorable model ever!

When my mom came into town to meet and visit with Audrey, I decided it would be the perfect time for her very first photoshoot: a newborn session.

I shared my idea with my sister, and she was camera ready and on the scene in just a couple of hours.

Technically, little Audrey is already a month old (a little older than some of the newborns we photograph).

You see, she was born right around Christmas time, and had some jaundice issues for a while. After she started feeling better, Phoenix started enjoying some rainy weather. Then, when my mom came in to town, we finally had a perfect day to shoot.

We got some sweet shots of baby Audrey…

Lots of photos of momma and baby time…

Pictures of Audrey with her dad…

And we made sure to snap a few grandma snuggle shots as well.

It was so awesome to be able to take photos of my sister with her very first newborn baby, and know that these will be photos that our family will cherish for years to come.

It’s not very often that I get to be on the receiving side AND the photographer side of important family photos. For me, the experience really helped to reinforce the importance of the work that photographers do.

I’m so happy you came to join our family little miss Audrey. And I can’t wait to share these pictures with you again when you’re a little less small.

Charlie and Jackie’s Super Wonderful Engagement Session (by Josh & Kelley)

Jackie and Charlie met in Sunday school as youngsters. Now they’re all grown up and excited to be planning their wedding, which will be taking place in the same church in which they met.

Jackie and Charlie are a pretty popular couple, so it’s likely that quite a few of you readers are seeing these photos and shouting, “I KNOW them!” at your computer screen.

For those of you that may not be quite as familiar with these two, let me tell you a little bit about them.

This illustration may work best if I (Kelley) give you a mental image to work with… Picture Superman and Wonder Woman getting married… Yes, I think that pretty much sums up the amazingness of Jackie and Charlie. For real, not only are they awesome to be around, but I’m pretty sure they both have super powers of some kind.

While Josh and I were chatting with them during their engagement session, Jackie mentioned that Charlie had gone for a little run the day before. But no big deal, it was only 20+ miles at an average pace of somewhere around eight and a half minutes per mile…

Wait WHAT?! I’m pretty sure that’s the speed at which Superman flew around the globe! And over 20 miles of running? I think it’s safe to say I would keel over after about five miles.

Jackie made me and Josh feel a bit better by admitting that she finds it difficult to finish a one mile run. However, later on when I was “hinting” at Josh that he was a little too close to the water for me to feel comfortable, Jackie revealed her super power.

“Don’t worry, if he falls in, I can save him.” Turns out Jackie is on the swim team at Grand Canyon University. So while Charlie has been running around, Jackie has been jumping into OUTDOOR pools in the middle of the WINTER and swimming like a fish!

I think those examples are proof enough of the amount of determination and hard work that these two are going to be putting in when it comes to wedding planning.

Congratulations on your engagement Jackie and Charlie! I have to say, Josh and I are both looking forward to your wedding, and we’re sure that it’s going to be a “Super”, “Wonderful” day!

Click to see the rest of the photos from Charlie and Jackie’s Super Wonderful Engagement Session.

Vicki and Franz welcome their new family member! (by Scott & Breanna)

Raise your hand if you’re still exhausted from the busy holiday season! OK I know that most of your hands SHOULD be up but you’re actually still too exhausted to physically hold them in the air! Sure we’re all worn out, but I really think that Vicki and Franz beat us all!

They had all the holiday fun to participate in, plus they bought a house, AND had a baby! Now that is a whirlwind of major events.

They not only survived the chaos that major events inevitably bring, but they enjoyed every second of it!

So when it came to picture time for their new little baby, what better place to do it than at their new house with all the things they love surrounding them!?

(quite a view from their porch, isn’t it?!)

As you can see, their 2 dogs are definitely a part of the family, and once you meet them it’s easy to understand why! They were some awesome little pups who NEVER got in the way during the photo session… well, OK, maybe just a couple times, but they were just making sure we got some great shots of them too!

And what would a newborn photo session be without a ride in a car? Wait…what?

At least that’s the case when your parents met while designing cars together! So of course we had to get one or two in there with cars involved!

Overall, it was a beautiful session, on a beautiful day, with a beautiful family, in their beautiful new home.

Thanks to the 3 of you (well the 5 of you, counting the dogs), for helping us have a great session together. I hope the rest of this new year, full of new things, goes as well as your photo session to commemorate them all went!

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