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Ghostbusters, the science of love, and a giant pumpkin cake… the story of Tiffany and Ed’s wedding

I tried about 10 different titles for this blog before I finally settled on one.  Tiffany and Ed’s wedding had so many interesting things about it that I had way too many creative options for this title!

What I mean to say is that the details at Tiffany and Ed’s wedding RULED!

(Notice their wedding date on the back of her shoes!).

Or they rocked, killed it, were sick… insert whatever random phrase you use to describe things as “the best” and you will know what Tiffany and Ed’s wedding looked like.

Leading up to the wedding we were hearing bits and pieces about this wedding that we didn’t quite know how to put together.  Things like, “ribbons for the guests to wave”, “unity candy” (I thought Scottie had meant to write candle on the notes sheet… but candy was actually correct), and “chemistry beakers for toasts” were all thrown and out there and left us scratching our heads.

Basically, when we arrived at the Arizona Science Center on the day before Halloween with our cameras in hand, ready to shoot Tiffany and Ed’s wedding we had no idea what we were about to walk into…

…and what we found, took our breath away.

Their wedding had a theme that was a cross between science and Halloween, and somehow Tiffany and Ed found a way to make Halloween elegant and science romantic!

If Martha Stewart had walked into this wedding, she would have realized that the quality of this work makes all of her work look like a complete failure and she would have run away crying! Yes, that’s how good all of the decor, details, and handmade items at this wedding were!

As we wandered between the ceremony and reception site (passing guests along the way who were happily learning about gravity and relativity in the science center), we were awestruck at how beautiful and completely unique everything was!!

There were the science details such as each table being named after scientists both real and fake (that’s where I got the ghostbusters part of the title)…

…the beakers they drank their champagne out of that said “Mr.” and “Mrs.”, and of course all the things that naturally sat around the science center like little science facts on the wall behind their head table!

In fact, science was such a major part of their wedding that it was the major topic of their ceremony.  Their officiant gave a very poetic and elegant talk -that was simultaneously very intellectual and factual- all about string theory and how the universe brought Tiffany and Ed together.

I am still impressed that she was able to make science sound romantic… but she really did explain the science of love very beautifully!

She adjusted a quote from Casablanca to introduce string theory saying, “out of all the candy stores in all the towns, in all the world, he walks into mine” (they met at Fuzziwig’s candy store.. hence the unity candy that they poured together during the ceremony and the nerds/smarties favors they had for all the guests at the tables).

Aside from having their wedding in the “hallowed house of science” (as Ed put it)…

…there was another thing that was very important to Tiffany and Ed that was well represented at this wedding… Halloween!

(Check out her orange bling!).

The elegant touch of the Halloween theme was brought in through the avenue of “fall”.  Fall leaves and colors coated everything, with big leaves and little pumpkins added into the beautiful bouquets of orange and red, and large pumpkins with classy decorations on them as the centerpieces.

The black chairs, the white pumpkins with “Mr.” and “Mrs.” painted on them and most of all – the unbelievable pumpkin cake…

(Yes, that is a REAL cake!  I had some myself just to make sure! And of course, it was pumpkin flavored).

…made this wedding not only unique, but also very stunning!  One of my favorite details were the little balls with fall leaves and candles inside that looked like they were hanging down from the sky… SO cool!

I’m totally stealing that idea for my next party!

It’s OK though because they “borrowed” the idea we used at the bridal show of having photos on a chalkboard wall with frames drawn around them!  We were honored that they liked our idea so much and we felt like we got to put a little piece of Radiant into their wedding decor!

(Click to see our version).

I seriously could go on and on about the details here.  Every little nook and cranny was covered with time and thought that represented Tiffany and Ed’s personalities oh so well! You will just have to check out the rest of the photos to see more!

We did venture out of the Science Center some to explore the area around the little historic district that we were in.

Tiffany and Ed did their reveal moment outside of one of the old houses (that they made us give a “donation” to in order to take pictures in front of!!)…

… and then we hung around the area to get some pics of the entire bridal party!

(Like our Facebook page to tag yourself in some of these photos!).

Check out their shoes… just another great detail that Tiffany dreamed up!!

Tiffany and Ed, your wedding was definitely freaking cool and we loved every part about it!

The ceremony, the decorations, the people, and the dancing (something I haven’t even mentioned yet but was amazing as well)  was all wonderful!  I hope you guys had as much fun as you seemed to be! We are so glad you booked your fall themed Unique Session in Sedona (photos from it coming soon!) because we are so happy to have more than one opportunity to work with the two of you!

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Growing Your Business With Facebook (Video 5)

This is the final piece in learning how to draw new people in to “like” your Facebook page (see the other parts here).  Now that you have all the info, it’s time to work on thinking up creative ways to apply it all to your business… so go for it!  We hope to see you guys start bringing in the masses!

Next week we’ll jump into a new category where we’ll talk about how to maintain your page.  So as always… stay tuned!

“Get fans… by buzzing”

Photography for a photographer: Valeria’s Senior Session

There is no way to start this blog out other than to just straight up say that Valeria is AWESOME!

Cool clothes, fantastic red hair, and the kind of smile that I’m sure earns her compliments daily… she’s just a dream for photographing!

Of course, she’s awesome in ways that still motion photography can’t capture too! I (Breanna) had the greatest time talking to her between shots… so much so that I think Scottie got a little impatient a couple of times while he waited for me to finish so we could continue with the picture taking!

We have a lot of similar interests… when I was in High School I was in the same club as she is now (and neither one of our clubs ever actually did anything), she’s in the same 2 art classes I took (photography and ceramics), and she’s constantly overdressed for things (and judging by the cute shoes I wore- that sort of matched hers- which were way inappropriate for me to be attempting to work in… I think it’s a safe assumption that we share this trait as well)!

By the way Valeria, I thought your clothes for the session were perfect… but I know that’s not much coming from another self-proclaimed overdresser!

Oh and also, her red hair was the exact shade I spent most of my college years trying to obtain… but I gave up that dream after way too many orange and purple experiences.

All of our talking paid off though because it gave Scottie time to think… and when Scottie thinks, greatness is sure to follow!

He set up some of the coolest lighting during one particularly focused conversation and got some freaking cool shots out of it!

We went to a location that we’ve gone to in the past, but I feel like during this session we found an entirely new way to look at this area!

Both of us felt like our creative wheels were on a roll and we kept shooting, and shooting, and shooting!

Once we get going, it’s hard to get us to stop. Usually the sun going down is the sign that we’re done, but with all the cool lighting Scottie had going on, the sun was no object.

We finally finished and went back to meet up with Valeria’s mom (whom I thanked for not calling the cops to come searching for us since we were out so late) and after we said our goodbyes Scottie and I headed back home, talking all the way about how awesome that session was!

So thanks, Valeria, for being so easy to work with and for trusting us and giving us the freedom to do our very best work! Good luck with college… I hope you love it!

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Growing Your Business With Facebook (Video 4)

And the Facebook madness continues!  We’re back with our 4th video in our series about Growing your Business with Facebook.  And this is the second of three that is about the important topic of getting people to “like” your page.  This time we’re telling you how to use tagging to get new fans. (click here if you watch to catch up on the previous videos).

We hear constant complaints about how you can’t tag people from your business page unless you are friends with them on your personal page.  Yeah we know… and we’ve found a way to do this that we think works even better than the traditional way people use tagging!  Once you’re a tagging pro, watch next week’s video when we talk about using buzz to get new fans.

And now for this week’s video: “Get fans…. by tagging”.

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Jennie and John’s uber creative wedding

It’s no secret to the friends and family of Jennie and John that they are both very artistically inclined…

…which is why it was only appropriate for them to have their wedding at The Tempe Center for the Arts!

We were very excited when we heard this was going to be their venue of choice because the outside of this building is one of our favorite places to do portrait sessions at and we’ve been itching to get inside and see what kind of grandiose photo opportunities were awaiting us there!

We satisfied our curiosity and were not at all disappointed with what we found there!  And it’s now officially one of our favorite wedding venues in Arizona!

And as is fitting for an art center (and for Jennie and John) this place had a huge variety of creative details and backgrounds. So of course we were VERY thankful that Jennie and John gave us a ton of time for photos of the two of them (about 2 hours!) so we felt like we were really able to focus on our photos rather than on the seconds hand!

Thank you both so much for planning out your day around us so well and for being so patient with us as we were both foaming at the mouth to keep shooting around the arts center for as long as we could!

Even with all the scenery that was provided by the arts center, majority of the cool details at this wedding were courtesy of Jennie and John themselves!

To start with, Jennie made ALL the flowers at their wedding (bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces) out of origami flowers!

I was really excited to see them when she first told me about it, but I never would have guessed just how amazing they would actually be!  I can’t even imagine how much time this took her, but in my opinion, they looked so cool that it was well worth it!

John also put his special touches on the big day.  To start with, he has great style in clothes on even a normal day, so he pulled out all the stops for his wedding day!  He was looking around at tuxes and found a photo of one that Brad Pitt wore to some premier so he began scouring the world (literally) for a tux like that one!

It turns out the only one he could find anywhere had to be hand crafted from India and flown in (which is less expensive than it sounds since it’s from India) so he went for it!  It was a good decision I’d say!

As you can tell, her dress was freaking awesome too… love the flower!

John is officially the first groom we’ve ever had who created a brand for his wedding!  He does graphic design so he pulled together all his mad skillz to create some amazing details for their wedding!  To start with, he designed a logo for their wedding, complete with a color scheme and an entire feel that flowed throughout much of the wedding.

(The yo-yo favors with the logo on them).

The invitations, the programs, the favors, and even the cake… all matched and set a great tone for this wedding!  But John and Jennie weren’t the only creative ones around. The cake was decorated by a friend of theirs (and it looked awesome!) while the cake toppers were designed by another friend.

They told him to make toppers that looked like them and then just trusted him to do a good job with no further input from them!  They turned out perfectly!! I loved them!

In case you’re wondering why their favors were yo-yo’s…  it’s because John is a world traveled yo-yoer!!

He seriously has traveled all over the place putting on yo-yo performances for people around the world!

So obviously, yo-yos are a huge part of his life… and his social circle.  Tons of his friends are yo-yoers as well so we had a lot of fun watching these guests play with their new toy that they knew how to use quite expertly!  They even put on a little show for us!

(Like our Facebook page to tag yourself in some of these photos).

Not to mention, at the end of the night, they made an arch of overhead yo-yos that Jennie and John ran under on the way out to their getaway car.  Now, you know they’ve got to be good if Jennie and John trusted them enough to throw wooden yo-yo’s right past their heads!!

I was a little worried Jennie would emerge from the tunnel as a beautiful bride with a black eye (or a concussion!), but she looks pretty happy!  They came out safe and headed off to enjoy their new life as a married couple!

Thanks again to both of you for being so easy to work with! We feel like we really clicked with you guys and we’ve grown to love both of you in a very short amount of time. We are excited to see where you go from here and we wish you the best in all you do!

Thanks for trusting us enough to give us not only your valuable wedding day time, but also creative freedom and control so that we were able to truly do our best!  We hope you guys love your photos as much as we do!!


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