Tina and Martin’s Classy Engagement Session (by Scott & Breanna)

You don’t have to know Tina and Martin for very long to realize that they are a classy sort of couple.




So it only made sense to do an engagement session that could at least TRY to be as classy as Tina and Martin themselves are! I say “try” because really, who or what could out sophisticate these two??


The only way to even attempt to have an environment as classically classy as these two are, was to go to a couple of Martin’s friend’s houses to capture some of the timeless beauty that Los Angeles has to offer.


So we started off at an estate in Bel Air where we captured the couple in their more casual moments as they strolled through the garden (while pretending that it WASN’T raining!)….


… as they cuddled up on an awesome stair case that reminded me of something from the jungles of an Indian Jones movie….


… and posed for a moment to capture the beautiful cloudy sky that loomed over us as it continuously threatened to put a quick end to our session!


Luckily the clouds were just joking and they kept off long enough for us to head over to our second location. We went to the home of one of Martin’s other friends who lives in the Hollywood Hills and has THE most gorgeous view of Los Angeles that either Scottie or myself (Breanna) have seen since we moved here.


This was the ultimate moment for Tina and Martin’s sophistication to shine.


Or not.


As you’ve seen, Tina and Martin can class it up with the best of them, but they won’t ever let their fabulous style get in the way of having a little bit of fun!


Since we are in the business of communicating who people are through photos, we couldn’t let this session go by without showing a bit of the goofy side that these two have when they’re together!


Martin and Tina, you guys are such a perfect couple! We love that you can look drop dead amazing and also throw in some hearty laughs at the same time so you don’t take yourselves too seriously. It’s the perfect balance and you guys seem to bring that out in one another.


I’m sure your wedding will be an amazing balance of both fun and sophistication, showing off how you perfectly balance one another. I think it’s going to be an fantastic day!



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