Tiffany and Ed’s Orange and Yellow Unique Session

Did you see Tiffany and Ed’s wedding photos?

If not you need to go back and check them out because this Unique Session was basically a part 2 to their wedding!

The reason I say that is because they were able to plan a Unique Session that went right along with their wedding theme, which is a way we’ve never thought to do it before!

The theme for their wedding was a combo between science, fall, and Halloween.  Now you definitely have to go back and read their wedding blog, just to see how they made those words fit in together with the word “wedding”… it’s freaking cool I promise!

Of course, Halloween is now over (silent tear), so we tossed out that part of their wedding theme for  the Unique Session…

(Except we kept the socks and the creepy tree roots).

…and aside from all the jokes made that day that I (Breanna) didn’t understand (Scottie got them because he’s a regular old Bill Nye), the science area of the theme was ignored for this session as well. So we headed into the fall aspect from their wedding, full force at lightning speed when we were planning the Unique Session (there, that’s the closest I get to a science joke and it’s not even really a joke or very scientific… I tried).

Since we live in Phoenix where we only have 2 seasons (hot and not hot), we headed up to Sedona in hopes of finding some pretty foliage and a few red rocks to match.  When we got there, we were not disappointed!  It was BEEEAAUTIFUL!

And I have to say it was pretty nice to get away from all the cactus backgrounds we’ve become so used to!

Everyone had a few ideas about the specific areas to go shoot at- which didn’t really end up mattering too much because even the side of the road is beautiful in Sedona at this time of the year…

(You can see I mean that very literally!).

…so we decided to take our time and drive around exploring different spots along the way.

Despite all the smart phones (and smart people) we still managed to have quite the adventure during our explorations that consisted of far too many U-turns (the party responsible for being our tour guide shall remain nameless at this point!), but once we finally made it to our final destination, we decided it was worth all the extra time it took us to get there because it was just spectacular!

Thank you Sedona for adding that extra bit of beauty to the very deserty Arizona!

And thank you Tiffany and Ed who were smart enough to think to go up there to capture all that non-deserty beauty as a conclusion to their fall wedding story.

It was a great ending!

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