The Work Family and their hilarious world.

Ah the Work family… how could you not love them?!

They are one of the most hilarious, loveable bunches ever!

We had the opportunity to  get to know this family last year when we did Ted’s senior photos. So we know from past experience that as soon as this family comes together, they turn into a hilarious goofball comedy team that makes doing anything but laughing (including taking pictures) practically impossible!

(Ted’s on the left).

Seriously, this family is so much fun to be around that when they called us to do a family session in their backyard, we couldn’t wait!

And then the rain came.

Luckily, it stopped raining just in time for us to run out and grab some shots of the stunning scenery that makes up the beautiful view they wake up to everyday.

Not only did we have a gorgeous landscape to work with and really fun people but we had their AWESOME cats too!

I’m pretty sure this was the first time I’ve ever touched a hairless cat before and it was definitely the first time I’ve ever taken pictures of one… let alone two!

To my pleasant surprise, their lack of hair makes all their other features stand out that much more… their eyes specifically!

So take the Work family’s fun personalities, their grand backyard view, their fantastic modern style and decor (which I have to mention because I really loved what they’d done with the place), and their unique little pets… and you have the recipe for an exceptionally wonderful family shoot.

Thanks to the Work family for bringing us into your fun little world, we were thrilled with it! We hope you love the way we captured it all and told the story of your family.

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