The Christmas Extravaganza of a Lifetime…

If you saw these photobooth pictures on our Facebook page, you were probably left with quite a few things to ponder…

Like… how did we get Buddy the Elf to make an appearance?


Can she eat her candy cane costume?


Why is Santa showing his butt off… and doing the Macarena?


What exactly is… that? A person? A faun? Someone distantly related to elves?


Why do those elves look slightly intimidating?


Why did they invite a zombie to the party?


Is this a wanted kiss?


Is he jumping or just really that tall?


While we probably can’t answer any of those questions.  We can tell you a little bit more about what was going on here.  The High School Ministry at Scottsdale Bible church asked us to bring our photobooth to their Christmas Extravaganza party!  And really there is no better word than “Extravaganza” to describe the goings on at this particular party! (Fan us on Facebook so you can tag yourself in the photos).


In case you were wondering, yes, there was an ugly sweater and a costume contest.

img_7360(Ms. Candy Cane here one the costume contest)!

This was the first time we didn’t really need the props we bring for the Radiant Photobooth!


The theme of the party was “Techno Christmas” so everyone had a bunch of glowsticks and at random times they’d turn out the lights and turn up techno renditions of Christmas songs for everyone to boogie down to.  This was all complete with a fog machine and red and green spotlights. It was equal parts insane and awesome!

They had a bunch of performances including… 3 grown men dressed as elves doing an interpretive dance, Buddy the elf singing a hilarious Chrismas Medley, and a Christmas music video competition (the Seniors won).


img_7537(There was also a skit in which this group made up a family… of some sort).

And all of this was complete with tons hot chocolate, egg nog, cookies, and general sugar all round.  It was the Christmas experience of a lifetime.  I vote that it should definitely be televised next year.  It’d be a better Christmas special than Dick Clark, Jay Leno, Ryan Seacrest, or any of those guys put together could do!


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