Take a peek at Pam and Kyle’s big day!

As a general rule, we love shooting weddings at Ancala Country Club, but to have a fun couple like Pam and Kyle makes it even better!

There were so many good things at this wedding, I don’t even know where to start!  We’ll start with Pam (why? because it just makes sense to start with the bride, right?).  Pam had the freaking coolest dress and I couldn’t stop looking at it and taking pictures of it.

I did refrain from touching it because that would make me the creepy photographer that her and her friends talk about for years to come at reunions… but the ruffly shininess was definitely tempting!  As you can see from the tons of pics I have of them… her flowers were another irresistible force for me!

I think there’s this little girl part inside of me that believes (after years of being told this on Valentine’s Day) that red roses make you special and beautiful.  Add that to the whole “diamonds are a girls best friend” thing and I’m hooked.

(oh and by the way, it didn’t actually come with a diamond ring in it.  Although that’s probably the only thing that could’ve made it better than it already was. Ha).

So not to revert to my subconscious too much, but I’m pretty sure Pam’s flowing dress and bling bouquet captured my “little girl wanting to be a princess on her wedding day” psyche perfectly.

You know they are made for each other, because as Pam fully represented girly wedding day dreams, Kyle was the epitome of guy coolness as he threw on his shades and slapped down a few chips for this poker game before the ceremony.  What guy doesn’t want a photo of himself looking this awesome!?

Here’s another one with Kyle in all his awesomeness…

Pam and Kyle decided to veer from the traditional wedding day superstitious practices and see each other before the wedding.  So we set up a “reveal moment” on the golf course for them.  We try to do pre-ceremony reveal moments whenever we can because we LOVE the fact that a couple gets to have some intimate time alone together on the wedding day (the rest of the day is filled with craziness, a little chaos, and mobs of family and friends rushing them at all times).

Having a reveal moment is the perfect chance to freeze a moment of time together to cling to when they remember their wedding.  Pam and Kyle said multiple times that they are so glad they did a reveal moment because it took a ton of stress off the wedding day schedule since we got all the photos done ahead of time so that once their day got going, they were able to just hang out with their guests and go with the flow without an hour of interuption for photos.

It also helped Pam a lot to have a reveal moment because she was very nervous to walk down the aisle in front of so many people and as soon as she saw him, she relaxed a ton and felt like they were more together in all of this. It was awesome for them to get to really feel and express their true emotions the first time they saw each other, instead of feeling like they have to be all reserved in front of a bunch of people during a formal ceremony.

We see a lot of brides who are either stressed or very nervous and then relax as soon as they are with their groom (which we love because it definitely shows how good they are for one another), but for a lot of them this doesn’t come until after the ceremony so the brides spend a good chunk of their day trying to handle these crazy emotions all on their own.  It was so beautiful to watch Pam and Kyle come together on their wedding day in a private moment that was meant for the two of them to step back from the insanity of a wedding day and just be in love for awhile.  Awesome.

I mentioned earlier how much we love shooting at Ancala Country Club… and that’s SO true!  The coordinator for weddings there, Dawn, is AMAZING at what she does!  We’ve done quite a few weddings there, and while the location is beautiful (just check out the photo below), the biggest reason we like it is because we love working with her! She is super professional, but she’s also the kind of person that I can totally see sitting down with a bride and just going back and forth in girl language, getting more and more high pitched as they BOTH get super excited while going over all the details that the wedding entails!  She’s a planner who knows what she’s doing, but she’s also your friend in the way that she loves talking about your wedding and she’s very easy to relate to.  You can have a blast with her even during a formal meeting!  So thanks to Dawn and all the staff at Ancala for helping to create another beautiful wedding for us to capture! Here are some shots that speak volumes about this amazing location!

As you can probably tell by now, Pam and Kyle were an easy couple for us to work with because one of our main goals is to capture genuine emotion… and they were awesome at putting it out there for us to catch!  They were so fun and super expressive.  Here are just a few of their great expressions that we got (check out the rest of the photos to see more)!

(I love how he’s looking at her in these).

(Trying so hard not to cry… she almost made it too!)

As you can see, they were just as expressive about the fun stuff as they were the serious stuff… and their guests were the same way.

(The groomsmen are winning millions on the lottery tickets the bride and groom gave them as a wedding favor… so do Pam and Kyle get a cut of everyone’s winnings?!  I wonder if traditional wedding etiquette has an answer for that. Ha ha).

(The bridesmaids are ready to get the party started!)

Their reception was a fantastic party!  They had their DJ go crazy with fun games and events!

Of course there was all the usual fun dancing time as well!

I had the hardest time choosing which pictures to use for the blog, I love them all (Click to see the rest of them)!  Here are a few more on my giant list of favorite pics from this wedding…

Pam and Kyle, thank you so much for choosing us to be the ones to have the privilege of shooting your wedding. I know that sounds cliche, but I really do mean it and there’s not better way to say it because we really do consider it an honor that you trusted us to get the photos on your once in a lifetime day!  You guys are SUCH a fun couple and we really loved your wedding.  Congratulations!  Click here to see the rest of  Pam and Kyle’s Scottsdale, Arizona wedding photos!

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  • Kathy JacobsonFebruary 13, 2010 - 3:13 pm

    WOW, what awesome pictures!! Makes you really wish you had been there. Congratulations Kyle and Pam!!ReplyCancel

  • pat conwayMarch 2, 2010 - 7:52 pm

    Kyle and Pam, These are the best pictures! It was such a beautiful and fun wedding and I was so honored to be a part of it. LOVE YOU!
    Auntie PatReplyCancel

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