Suzanne and Lee’s Engagement session!

If there’s some kind of secret sign or code that people who ride motorcycles have, either I don’t know it or Lee doesn’t use it because when I first met him I saw nothing to indicate that after Suzanne, his motorcycle is his second love!  In fact, riding around on their Harley is one of their favorite activities to do together!  That’s why we decided to include it in their engagement session!


The other thing they enjoy doing together is talking walks around the beautiful lake in their neighborhood!  So we met them at their house and shot around the areas they spend a lot of time at.


We wanted to catch them doing the things they normally do together so that their photos really represent them both as individuals and as a couple.  We figured that having them sit around in the park they spend so much time walking through would help them feel comfortable so they could relax and be themselves in front of the camera.  I think it worked!

003500340050(They’re taking dance lessons for the wedding, so we had them practice some of their moves for us!).


Lee and Suzanne, thanks for inviting us to your home and for spending time hanging out with us!  We are so excited for your wedding with a view! 🙂

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