Susanne and Greg’s West LA Engagement Session

At the mention of coming to Los Angeles for their engagement session, I saw Susanne and Greg’s eyes light up.  At the mention of the fact that they’d come over to the Westside of LA where we’re at, our eyes lit up.

We finally get to do a photoshoot in our neck of the woods… or side of the beach as is the case here (don’t worry Phoenix fans, we commute back and forth regularly so we’ll still be able to shoot your wedding, senior session, or whatever… we’re just working in both places now)!

(Checking out the ocean view on the other side of the PCH).

The original thought was that we’d wander all over west LA to get some of the art culture of Venice (where we actually live), mixed in with the carnival fun of the Santa Monica pier, and adding in a little Malibu cliff side beach magic to top it all off.  However, once we sat down and really started talking about it, we realized that we could get more different looks in Santa Monica alone if we just stayed in that area, so we did.

(That’s the Santa Monica Pier in the background there).

We started off at the Santa Monica Promenade to get a little alleyway action…

…crowded people shots…

…and then some of the normal happy couple pictures that we absolutely HAVE to get… especially with this couple…

…they were extra happy and cute together! 😉

We then moved onto the Santa Monica Pier… or at least we tried to, it was a raging madhouse of people down there that day!  The best we could do was to get a picture above all the chaos and it turned into a shot that I absolutely love!

We stayed up in the park area that overlooks the beach, and even then it was hard to keep from having too many people in the background! It was a busy weekend around there!

But that wasn’t a huge problem because Susanne and Greg seriously stole the show!

I’m not kidding, they are PERFECT for each other and just absolutely adorable together. Which is proof that eHarmony works people!

I especially loved watching how sweet and gentle Greg was towards Susanne, he definitely treats her like a princess… which should pan out well on the wedding day since that’s exactly how every girl wants to feel on her big day (and on ANY day actually!) so Susanne will definitely get  her princess fix in!

(On the bridge over the Pacific Coast Highway, and under the sign for Santa Monica Blvd).

We finished up the session down on the beach just in time …and I do mean JUST in time…. we were almost running in the sand to get there. Especially me because I’m a slow sand walker (seriously, everyone makes fun of me for it).  But we made it (even me) in time and got some beautiful shots from it all!

Seriously, aren’t they so cute together?!

(I love the funny faces they’d make at each other whenever Susanne got her little itch to let her funny side show for the camera!).

I can’t wait to see what they’re like on the wedding day!  All we had to do was let them interact together and forget posing entirely because they did their best when they were just allowed to act as in love as they really are.

So beautiful.

Thanks guys!  We can’t wait to hang out with you on your big day and see what kind of awesome style and magic you bring to it! It’s gonna be AH-MAZING!!!!  Can’t wait!!!!

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