Susanne and Greg’s Colorful Star Wars Wedding

If you would’ve told me it was possible to pull off a Star Wars themed wedding with class, I would’ve laughed in your face.

But it looks like I was indeed wrong as Susanne and Greg managed to do just that!

It was definitely a subtle theme (I mean they weren’t dressed up like Star Troopers saying their vows to one another or anything!). They kept the SW world limited to the table names at the reception…

…the garter (to Greg’s great surprise)…

…the cuff links…

… the music as they entered the reception (another surprise for Greg courtesy of his loving new wife), and the music during the garter toss. Oh and I do believe there was a light saber in the hand of the tiny groom on top of the wedding cake! See? That’s a pretty low key theme, not nearly what you pictured when you read the title I’m sure!

The best part of the theme was that it was used to enhance the rest of the wedding, rather than detract from it (like it would have if they had say… decided to make the bridesmaids wear gold bikinis).

(See, very normal bridesmaids dresses!)

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They used just enough to represent one of Greg’s all time favorite things in the world (besides the Los Angeles Lakers and the Red Hot Chili Peppers… see their engagement session). Which also happens to be one of the things Susanne has grown to love because she loves her man.

(Seeing each other for the first time that day during the first look).

(Seeing each other for the first time during the ceremony as she walks down the aisle towards him).

Greg has also had his heart turned towards things that Susanne loves… Converse shoes being one of them! Susanne had her pretty teal heels of course…

…but once the formal part of the day was done, they both changed into matching converse to finish out the party with, because Susanne is known for being the Converse Queen! I’m sure Greg never thought in his wildest dreams that the first time he’d ever put on a pair of Converse shoes would be at his wedding! 🙂

As you can see, these two really do give a lot to one another and do their best to appreciate not only their similarities (which eHarmony knew they’d have a lot of) but also their differences.

I was already a believer in eHarmony, but since meeting Susanne and Greg I have even more confidence in the match maker! Because seriously, these 2 are absolutely perfect for each other!

Every move they make towards one another makes that more and more obvious even to someone who’s just met them! The people who’ve known them the longest are convinced as well! It seemed like everyone at the wedding, couldn’t be happier for these two.

They’d been through a lot trying to find the “right one”, as I heard tales of during the speeches, and their friends were with them through it all. And once they found each other, their friends didn’t need any convincing that Greg and Susanne were going to be making a great decision in choosing to spend the rest of their lives with one another.

It’s so much fun to be at a wedding where everyone is just so absolutely overjoyed about the match! I think it’s safe to say that these two have the kind of strong support system that will help carry them through anything… what a gift.

And now that they’ve found each other, I think they pretty much have everything they need to have a wonderful life filled with so much joy! They’re just so beautiful to watch together!

Congratulations you two, I meant every word I said about what a great match you are for each other!

I hope to hear that years and years from now, you guys are still as happy together as you were on your wedding day.

I think that’s a reasonable expectation for the two of you! Cheers to a wonderful day today and an even greater tomorrow!! 🙂

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